PMC Elite Dangerous - Beta 3

Beta 3 information portal

Beta 3 on October 28th, 2014.
- multiple ships feature. any number of ships "parked" at any number of shipyards. There are no restrictions on the number or type of ships you can have or how you outfit them other than the credits you need to buy them.
- Imperial Clipper ship:
- mining (mining laser and an extraction module).
- interdictions:
- volume of 868,744 cubic light years, containing 2,406 star systems, including 4,181 stars and 24,918 planets.
- dropship:
- B class star, and there are also three class five gas giants ? super hot planets with clouds of metallic vapour in their atmospheres.
- two rare terrestrial planets with a silicate vapour atmosphere ? they are incredibly hot!
- Starting positions haven't been changed for beta 3. everyone starts in Eranin.

Arcturus, Altais and Iota Cephei - The 3 Largest stars in the Galactic Pill. I have currently only visited Arcturus, which has a radius over 25 times that of the sun.

Perendi - Most Populated System in the Galactic Pill with a population of 3.5 billion. Has 4 stations and 1 outpost.

Theta Draconis and CR Draco - Two neighbouring systems which together seem to have most of the weapons and upgrades available for our ships. Also a great place to do missions as they always have plenty of missions for each other.

Exbeur system thrs 3 ringed planets with 3 extraction sites on each

- beta guys on final game release you also get the Elite: Dangerous Mercenary Edition, loaded with digital extras.
- release date to be announced november 7th, 2014.
- Access to the Beta will be closing on November 22nd, 2014.

Beta 3.9 News:
- final Beta 3.9 build is incoming Thursday, Nov 20th. "As its name suggests, this is a significant step forward"
- There will be a wipe at 3.9 and another at the start of gamma.
- There will be some new features, but also a hell of a lot of fixes, tweaks and improvements.
- countless fixes, tweaks, improvements and optimizations
- You now progress to that exalted status of Elite via Trading and/or Exploration and/or Combat, rather than Combat alone
- You can also now gain ranks with both the Federation and/or Empire as you work on their behalf.
- a further step forward in the ongoing changes to the mission system
- significant overhaul of Unidentified Signal Sources, giving increased variety and added mission related context
- You can now barter with other players in deep space, by transferring non-stolen goods to them.
- Ship outfitting and Galaxy map have both had major overhauls
- open-mic voice communications between up to 6 players in a group has been added