PMC Elite Dangerous - Bounty Hunting

How To Bounty Hunt

Bounty hunting tips:

- find a system with an asteroid belt for mining (Resource Extraction Sites)
- buy viper
- fit your Viper with laser weapons and a Kill Warrant Scanner
- fly down into the asteroid belt and scan all the ships around you to check if they're wanted

Occasionally you will come across a wanted Anaconda. You must always check to see if there are more than four (or maybe even three if you're brave) NPC ships shooting at it. If so, scan him with your Kill-Warrant Scanner to check his bounty (sometimes you get ones with like 300 bounty, which is not worth the trouble). Wait for the NPCs around you to take it down to approximately 50-35% hull. If you wait for any later than this, the Anaconda can sometimes just go from 30% hull to 0% hull in a second, and you lose any chance at killing it. Once it's low, you can just keep at almost the maximum range away and fire at it. It will eventually die, and you will almost certainly get 100,000 to 150,000 credits in bounty.

Sidewinder only give 2000-6000 bounty. Cobras always give 13,000 to 20,000 CR in bounty.

Snakes tips

Get Kill Warrant Scanner (KWS) to your ship. Every time you are interdicted or encounter an enemy ship, scan it with KWS as its the only way to find out if the ship/cmdr has bounty on other systems.

Only shoot WANTED ships on policed systems, only system where you can summarily shoot anyone is anarchy.

Resource extraction sites are located in planet rings, there you usually encounter miners, police (if its not an anarchy system) and pirates. Please be careful when you shoot ships here as if they are not wanted, you will get bounty on yourself if the system is policed.

Nav Beacons are pretty decent place to find wanted ships, again remember to KWS scan them and make sure not to shoot clean ships.

A Lavigny-Duval Bounty Hunting 20% Passive Bonus

This power gives 20% passive bonus (no need to pledge to power) for bounties.

How to find it?
Open galaxy map, select powerplay -> a lavigny-duval -> control (systems). Now you can see all the systems where you get 20% increase to all bounty hunting kills.

List of A Lavigny-Duval systems with RES:

Cerni; pristine reserves. cerni 1, metal rich, res + low intensity res. cerni 3, rocky, 4 x haz-res + res + low intensity res. cerni 2, 4 and 5 has nothing.

CD-49 3617; major reserves. CD-49 3617 1, rocky, res + haz-res. CD-49 3617 3, rocky, low intensity res + haz-res, conflict zone. CD-49 3617 2 and 4 has nothing.

Jura; pristine reserves. Jura 7, metallic, res.

HIP 16607; pristine reserves. HIP 16607 2, rocky, low/high intensity res, low/high conflict zones. HIP 16607 1, metallic, haz-res + res + high intensity res + low intensity conflict zone.

General Pristine Reserves Info

CD-49 3617 3 major reserves rocky haz-res was very poor with combat ranking ships, I never saw elite ranked wanted ship and rarely even deadly ranks.

Jura 7 pristine reserves same ranked ships but bounties were like doubled compared to major reserves RES.

HIP 16607 pristine metallic same ranked ships but bounties were like doubled compared to major reserves RES.

Zeta Horologii has high/low RES, RES and HAZ-RES. May Port is also a high tech station so they have most types of equipment for sale.

A Lavigny-Duval system pristine reserves, did not detail scan yet so dont know what types, medium pads only: Tiburnat