PMC Elite Dangerous - Commodities Market

List of all the items available in Commodities Market.

Trading Tips

Use EliteOCR to grab market data then export it to EDDN. Every station you visit, once a day (when you hammer a trade route, there is really no point of updating one station except once maybe twice a day). Register to and fill in stations that are missing for landing pad size and distance to star data. Finally use TradeDangerous as trading tool to search for profitable trade routes. Ignore other sites/tools, they are waste of time.

1000cr budget for commanders who just bought the game:

Uh dunno, do some bulletin board missions where you get nice credits (without credits and with starter ship) and then upgrade your sidewinder to Hauler, then Cobra and then Lakon Type-6 to get good sized cargo hold, them move to the 10 million budget princible. There really is no point in trading with sidewinder, even with hauler its wasted time. Cobra start to have somewhat decent (for small budget) cargo capacity but the first real trading ship is Lakon Type-6.

10,000,000cr budget for veteran commanders:

Do not ever trade anything below 1000cr profit per ton.

Time is credits, your time is valuable, trading comes to time... there is no point of making 1700cr profit per ton if you spend 30 minutes traveling. Trade route needs to be max 2 jumps and the distance to star Ls for stations need to be absolutely less than 1000Ls, preferably less than 250Ls.

Old tips part hehe

You should use the TradeDangerous Tool to help you trade more successfully. This is NOT a cheat, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, this is just the same as 1984 when we used piece of paper and pen.

Any other tool that this one is not worth your time, this is the only one which gives your good results easily. However if you must use local program to get trading info, use Theo20185's Elite Dangerous Trading Assistant, which works ok with the only drawback that you have to manually input ALL the data.

Beginner's Trading Guide

Beginner's trading starter kit.

Agri-Medicines from Aulin -> Eranin (hyperjump to ibootis, then eranin), (buy 653, sell 1086, four unit profit 1732cr)
Fruit and Vegetables from Eranin -> Ibootis (buy 178, sell 305, four unit profit 508cr)
Fish from Ibootis -> Aulin (buy 389, sell 769, four unit profit 1520cr)

Generic Trading Info

Here is some generic good trade runs, usually just one hyperspace jump distance to keep it simple.

Dahan -> Beagle 2 Landing (Asellus Primus); tantalum unit profit 493cr
Dahan -> Beagle 2 Landing (Asellus Primus); indium unit profit 419cr
Beagle 2 Landing (Asellus Primus) -> Dahan; resonatingseparators unit profit 939cr
Aulin -> Beagle 2 Landing (Asellus Primus); terrainenrichmentsystems unit profit 653cr
Aulin -> Beagle 2 Landing (Asellus Primus); progenitorcells unit profit 539cr
Aulin -> Dahan; advancedcatalysers unit profit 739cr
Aulin -> Azeban; terrainenrichmentsystems unit profit 714cr
Dahan -> Ibootis (chango); titanium (buy 663, sell 1082, unit profit 419cr)
Ibootis (chango) -> Aulin; fish (buy 389, sell 769, unit profit 380cr)

10-25-14 elite trading check:
1250cr - LFT 1421 (Volkov Plant) -> Bolg (Moxon's Mojo): Indium
1245cr - LFT 1421 (Volkov Plant) -> CR Draco (Bruce Terminal): Indium
1242cr - LFT 1421 (Volkov Plant) -> Ovid (Bradfield Orbital): Indium
-> Rakapila (Stone Enterprise)
-> Cuages (Wundt Holdings)
-> Poqomathi (Aitken Station)
1048cr - 44 Chi Draconis (Ferguson Platform) -> Bolg (Moxon's Mojo): Indium
1039cr - Alderamin (Sullivan Port) -> Ovid (Bradfield Orbital): Superconductors
-> Cuages (Wundt Holdings)
-> Poqomathi (Aitken Station)
-> MCC 858 (Harbaugh Vision)
1036cr - LP 1-52 (Budarin Outpost) -> Bolg (Moxon's Mojo): Tantalum
1032cr - Cuages (Wundt Holdings) -> Tun (Tun's Wart): Marine Supplies
1024cr - V1090 Herculis (Low Landing) -> Ao Qin (Volterra Refinery): Consumer Technology

Gold trade route:
LP 64-194 (Longyear Survey) -> Bolg (Moxons Mojo); gold unit profit 1535cr
Bolg (Moxons Mojo) -> LP 64-194 (Longyear Survey); mineralextractors unit profit 290cr

Beta 1 highest profit with Lakon Type-9 full load 440 units of Gold was 2215cr per unit (total 975,000cr).

List of Commodities

Hydrogen Fuel,0,0
Mineral Oil,0,0
Consumer Technology,0,0
Dom. Appliances,0,0
Animal Meat,0,0
Food Cartridges,0,0
Fruit and Vegetables,0,0
Synthetic Meat,0,0
Atmospheric Processors,0,0
Crop Harvesters,0,0
Marine Equipment,0,0
Mineral Extractors,0,0
Microbial Furnaces,0,0
Power Generators,0,0
Water Purifiers,0,0
Basic Medicines,0,0
Combat Stabilisers,0,0
Performance Enhancers,0,0
Progenitor Cells,0,0
Advanced Catalysers,0,0
Animal Monitors,0,0
Aquaponic Systems,0,0
Auto Fabricators,0,0
Bioreducing Lichen,0,0
Computer Components,0,0
H.E. Suits,0,0
Land Enrichment Systems,0,0
Resonating Separators,0,0
Natural Fabrics,0,0
Synthetic Fabrics,0,0
Chemical Waste,0,0
Battle Weapons,0,0
Non-Lethal Wpns,0,0
Personal Weapons,0,0
Reactive Armor,0,0


Only the good stuff :)
Consumer Technology,0,0
Performance Enhancers,0,0
Progenitor Cells,0,0

Top Trades

URCIA/Mikulin Dock -> LOMBI/Xin Hub: Gold 1412
Duamta (Polyakov Station) -> Groombridge 1618 (Gernsback Terminal); beryllium 1398
-> power generators: 233

python3 run --cr 10000000 --cap 532 --ly 12.02 -vvv --pad l --ls-max 10000
BD-02 4304/Durrance Station -> SUESSETANI/Gutierrez Orbital (score: 1471413.601280)
Start CR: 10,000,000
Hops : 2
Jumps : 4
Gain CR : 1,470,980
Gain/Hop: 735,490
Final CR: 11,470,980

Load from BD-02 4304/Durrance Station (8.2Kls/star, No/bm, Lrg/pad):
532 x Palladium 12,585cr each, 6,695,220cr total, data from <1 hr vs 3 hrs
Jump BD-02 4304 -> ELEU -> SANTJALAN
Unload at SANTJALAN/Cantor Terminal (452ls/star, No/bm, Lrg/pad) => Gain 903,336cr (1,698cr/ton)
Load from SANTJALAN/Cantor Terminal (452ls/star, No/bm, Lrg/pad):
532 x Resonating Separators 5,506cr each, 2,929,192cr total, data from 3 hrs
Unload at SUESSETANI/Gutierrez Orbital (8.22ls/star, Yes/bm, Lrg/pad) => Gain 567,644cr (1,067cr/ton)
Load from SUESSETANI/Gutierrez Orbital (8.22ls/star, Yes/bm, Lrg/pad):
532 x Superconductors 6,523cr each, 3,470,236cr total, data from 3 hrs
Unload at SANTJALAN/Cantor Terminal (452ls/star, No/bm, Lrg/pad) => Gain 460,180cr (865cr/ton)
Load from SANTJALAN/Cantor Terminal (452ls/star, No/bm, Lrg/pad):
532 x Reactive Armour 1,894cr each, 1,007,608cr total, data from 3 hrs vs <1 hr
Jump SANTJALAN -> ELEU -> BD-02 4304
Unload at BD-02 4304/Durrance Station (8.2Kls/star, No/bm, Lrg/pad) => Gain 304,836cr (573cr/ton)

eddb trades:
Smith Landing Amber -> Stillman Station Kachatrimih: beryllium
Austen Town Station (Arque) -> Marshall Dock (Riedquat): gold

Meskenga (Meskhenga ???) and Drahuek (Dharuek ???). Tobacco one way for 1000cr, and Marine Equipment the other way for 1000cr. Meskenga to Oleleuts with gold for up to 1400cr (1200 now that I fished the hell out of it), but the best return route is ore for about 500cr.

12:23 <Jonny-V> AYMIFA-Hunziker Orbital Gold buy 8812 sell Fawaol Suter Hub 1474 cr profit
12:23 <Jonny-V> return with ADv Catalisers 860 profit and repeat

BD-02 4304/Durrance Station -> SANTJALAN/Cantor Terminal: Palladium 1,698cr
-> Reactive Armour

Rare Goods

Rare commodity list:
Aegaeon,Schweikart Station; Chateau De Aegaeon
Alacarakmo,Weyl Gateway; Alacarakmo Skin Art
Altair,Solo Orbiter; Altairian Skin
Any Na,Libby Orbital; Any Na Coffee
Bast,White Hart Lane; Bast Snake Gin
Belalans,Boscovich Ring; Belalans Ray Leather
CD-75 661,Kirk Dock; CD-75 Kitten Brand Coffee
Chi Eridani,Steve Masters station; Chi Eridani Marine Paste
Damna,Nemere Market; Damna Carapaces
Delta Phoenicis,Trading Post; Delta Phoenicis Palms
Eleu,Finney Dock; Eleu Thermals
Eranin,Azeban City; Eranin Whiskey
Eshu,Shajn Terminal; Eshu Umbrellas
Esuseku,Savinykh Orbital; Esuseku Caviar
Ethgreze,Bloch Station; Ethgreze Tea Buds
Epsilon Indi,Mansfield Orbiter; Indi Bourbon
Goman,Gustav Sporer Port; Goman Yaupon Coffee
Hecate,RJH1972; Live Hecate Sea Worms
Heike,Brunel City; Ceremonial Heike Tea
Helvetitj,Friend Orbital; Helvetitj Pearls
HIP 41181,Andersson Station; HIP Proto-Squid
HR 7221,Veron City; HR 7221 Wheat
Jaroua,Mccool City; Jaroua Rice
Kamitra,Hammel Terminal; Kamitra Cigars
Karetii,Sinclair Platform; Karetii Couture
Kongga,Laplace Ring; Kongga Ale
Lave,Lave Station; Lavian Brandy
Leesti,George Lucas; Leestian Evil Juice
Leesti,George Lucas; Blue Milk
Njangari,Lee Hub; Njangari Saddles
Orrere,Sharon Lee Free Market; Orrerian Vicious Brew
Rapa Bao,Flagg Gateway; Rapa Bao Snake Skins
Rusani,Fernandes Market; Rusani Old Smokey
Tanmark,Cassie-L-Peia; Tanmark Tranquil Tea
Thrutis,Kingsbury Dock; Thrutis Cream
Toxandji,Tsunenaga Orbital; Toxandji Virocide
Vanayequi,Clauss Hub; Vanayequi Ceratomorpha Fur
Wuthielo Ku,Tarter Dock; Wuthielo Ku Froth
Xihe,Zhen Dock; Xihe Biomorphic Companions
Yaso Kondi,Wheeler Market; Yaso Kondi Leaf
Zaonce,Ridley Scott; Alien Eggs
Zeessze,Nicollier Hanger; Zeessze Ant Grub Glue
Uzumoku,Sevrdup Ring; Uzumoku Low-G Wings
Haiden,Searfoss Enterprise; Haidne Black Brew

The rare goods trading route ASP:
Ethgreze,Bloch Station (???t) -> Chi Eridani,Steve Masters (fuel stop at, asp none) real 139.21Ly
Chi Eridani,Steve Masters (912t) -> Jaroua,Mccool City (fuel stop at, asp none) real 145.74Ly
Jaroua,Mccool City (278t) -> Belalans,Boscovich Ring (fuel stop at, asp none) real 116.38Ly
Belalans,Boscovich Ring (16t) -> Hecate,RJH1972 (fuel stop at, asp none) real 154.95Ly
Hecate,RJH1972 (56t) -> Heike,Brunel City (fuel stop at, asp none) real 150.76Ly
Heike,Brunel City (220t) -> Lave,Lave Station (fuel stop at, asp none) real 154.47Ly
Lave,Lave Station (80t) -> Bast,White Hart Lane (fuel stop at, asp none) real 157.56Ly
Bast,White Hart Lane (44t) -> CD-75 661,Kirk Dock (fuel stop at, asp none) real 140.42Ly
CD-75 661,Kirk Dock (15t) -> Thrutis,Kingsbury Dock (fuel stop at, asp none) real 207.60Ly
Thrutis,Kingsbury Dock (112t) -> Tanmark,Cassie-L-Peia (fuel stop at, asp none) real 135.55Ly
Tanmark,Cassie-L-Peia (50t) -> Any Na,Libby Orbital (fuel stop at, asp none) real 152.05Ly
Any Na,Libby Orbital (76t) -> Xihe,Zhen Dock (fuel stop at, asp none) real 150.63Ly
Xihe,Zhen Dock (57t) -> Rusani,Fernandes Market (fuel stop at, asp none) real 155.55Ly
Rusani,Fernandes Market (65t) -> Aegaeon,Schweikart Station (fuel stop at, asp none) real 118.82Ly
Aegaeon,Schweikart Station (21t) -> Toxandji,Tsunenaga Orbital (fuel stop at, asp none) real 166.13Ly
Toxandji,Tsunenaga Orbital (30t) -> Delta Phoenicis,Trading Post (fuel stop at, asp none) real 162.43Ly
Delta Phoenicis,Trading Post (31t) -> Eshu,Shajn Terminal (fuel stop at, asp none) real 137.88Ly
Eshu,Shajn Terminal (17t) -> Njangari,Lee Hub (fuel stop at, asp none) real 144.21Ly
Njangari,Lee Hub (74t) -> Damna,Nemere Market (fuel stop at, asp Meiri,Tognini Dock) real 286.43Ly
Damna,Nemere Market (111t) -> Rapa Bao,Flagg Gateway (fuel stop at, asp Ye'Kuana,Howard Station) real 240.53Ly
***Rapa Bao,Flagg Gateway (30t) -> HIP 41181,Andersson Station (fuel stop at, asp Capo,Mccaffrey City) real 275Ly (532k Ls away HAH!)
HIP 41181,Andersson Station (t) -> Eranin,Azeban City (fuel stop at, asp none)

Chi Eridani,Steve Masters (good stock) -> Thrutis,Kingsbury Dock (fuel stop Marduk,Port Sippar) 145.74Ly
Thrutis,Kingsbury Dock (bad stock) -> Chi Eridani,Steve Masters (fuel stop Marduk,Port Sippar) 145.74Ly

Elite Trading Week

01-13-15 to 01-21-15 One week trading, 10 million a day == 70 million total :)

Start with 21.2 million

01-13-15 earned 12.7 million, expenses 1.9 million, total balance 32.0 million
01-14-15 earned 11.0 million, expenses 1.0 million, total balance 42.0 million
01-15-15 earned 12.5 million, expenses 2.3 million, total balance 52.2 million
01-16-15 earned 11.2 million, expenses 1.1 million, total balance 62.3 million
01-17-15 none :( searched for like 3-4hrs for a new traderoute, traded few runs, then went to gym, ran out of time to play elite :(
01-18-15 earned 10.5 million, expenses 1.9 million, total balance 70.9 million (traded only few hours, the most)
01-19-15 earned 7.0 million, expenses 0.7 million, total balance 77.2 million <- evening was cut short ufc event watching/boredom/tired ;)
01-20-15 earned 12.9 million, expenses 1.4 million, total balance 88.7 million

Conclusion: earned 77.8 million, expenses 10.3 million, total balance 88.7 million.

Conclusion: it wen well except on day 5 when I took ASP and went to look for better trading routes, that took way way too long time, almost all day. I did trade few runs but then went to the gym and after that was too tired to play. Day 6 wasn't that great either, but with the previous days earnings (which I didn't document hehe) it came to planned ten million. Day 7 was purely bad because got bored and tired so I went to relax mode and watched some tv rest of the night. Day 8 was nice then with great enthusiasm as I found new trade route, but didn't really do that much trading for example if compared to first day. Overall nice trading week, perhaps bit too long (extra day btw so over week) so boredom is real factor, but nice experiment as well. Now at least I have nice budget to buy Python :)