PMC Elite Dangerous, Expansion Seasons

Elite Dangerous, Expansion Seasons

Comprehensive history of Elite Dangerous seasons of expansions. Year, versions, names etc, its all here. You can review detailed release dates and times from history page.

2014, Season 1 - Elite Dangerous v1.0

v1.1: Community Goal's

v1.2: Wings

v1.3: Powerplay

v1.4: CQC

v1.5: Ships

2015, Season 2 - Elite Dangerous v2.0 Horizons

Landing on planets, driving surface recon vehicle (SRV) on the planets surface terrain, collecting materials, synthesis, planetary surface settlements and ports.

v2.1: The Engineers

Everything changes. Introducing an expanded mission system and game-changing loot. Craft exotic weapons and modules for your spacecraft and build a ship unlike any other.

- brings new missions
- galaxy / system map bookmarks
- community goal icons on galaxy / system map
- srv leaves tracks on planet surface
- Huge Beam Laser
- Huge Pulse Laser
- Huge Multi-Cannon
- Large Multi-Cannon
- performance enhanced size 2 and 3 drives (smaller ships)
- galaxy map state (war/famine etc) filter
- new types of terrain surface point of interests
- major re-vamp of Unidentified Signal Sources (USSs), seek specific locations using the discovery scanner
- scanning the nav beacon which gives exploration data for the system
- pilots federation ships sensors allows USSs to be scanned while in supercruise
- enhanced AI ships
- ice mining
- starport traffic controller

v2.2: Guardians

(Mid October 2016) Take what comes and strike back with double. Bring a second ship to every combat encounter with Ship-Launched Fighters and defend your passengers against the deadliest threats in the galaxy.

- passanger ships beluga video
- passenger missions bulk video
- passenger missions VIP video
- route plotter, apply filter to route video
- ship launched fighters, 6 or 8 per bay, manufacture new from materials, paint jobs
- variations to starport interiors
- planets surfaces upgrade, geology
- port variant refinery video
- port variant tourism video
- david braben interview 1 video
- ship launched fighters basic video
- ship launched fighters combat video
- passenger missions tourist spot video
- taipan paint job video
- federal fighter paint job video
- empire fighter paint job video
- port variant agriculture video
- port variant tech video
- hiring an AI crew for ship launched fighters
- AI crew and crew fighter video
- david braben interview 2 video
- CQC architecture buildings
- brand new capital ship docks (not available for docking)
- system map actual rendered objects video
- starport services menu redesigned
- neutron star and white dwarf new graphics
- shipyard tranfers from starport to starport
- shipyard selling by remote
- outfitting module storage
- hyper jump destination star visible during jump
- shady contacts in (anarchy/low security?) starports to pay fines or cash in bounty vouchers
- david braben interview 3 video
- port services video
- capital ship dock video
- hyperspace video
- anaconda paint job video
- asp paint job video
- fer de lance paint job video
- python paint job video
- srv paint job video
- viper mk iii paint job video
- ship transfer video
- AI crew and switching fighter video
- david braben interview 4 video

v2.3: The Commanders
Apr 11th, 2017.

- commander creator
- multi crew
- ship naming
- dolphin ship
- camera suite (highly improved debug camera)
- asteroid base type station (including air traffic controllers)
- 32 asteroid bases in various deep space locations
- increased the credit values of exploration data for scans after this release.

2.4: The Return
Thargoids are back.
- galaxy map route plotting increased to 20,000 light years
- galaxy map route plotting is much faster
- added new player vs player murder bounties
- hull / canopy repair limpet controllers
- there is now an option to make use of neutron star boost when plotting routes
- an icon is displayed on the route to show the last scoopable star before running out of fuel
- music system is completely replaced! existing music should behave exactly as before. it is now much more maintainable and enjoyable to use

2018, Season 3 - Beyond

v3.0: Chapter One
- engineering - to make sure that every upgrade you craft with engineers will be an improvement on what you currently have
- crime and punishment - teeth to system authority ships response to better support meaningful consequence for criminal activities
- trade - improve trade data information to let you make more informed decisions when trying to buy low and sell high
- materials trader - providing players the ability to hand in materials in exchange for others at set exchange rates based on grade and material type.
- wings - challenging wing missions you will be able to take on with your friends
- planetary tech improvements - overhaul of the surface material system for the rocky, high metal content and metal rich planets.
- continuing narrative - from update 1 in the beyond series you'll see all of the current story threads continue to develop.
- galnet audio - a new way to enjoy the narrative threads of elite dangerous. galnet audio will read the news to you as you explore the galaxy in your ship
- new ship: Krait (didnt make it to the v3.0 release)
- new ship: Chieftain

v3.1: Chapter Two
- new ship: challenger. a modified version of the alliance chieftain, the alliance challenger has been envisaged as a frontline combat vessel.
- new ship: krait mk ii. the krait mkii is a reimagining of the krait lightspeeder, which was originally manufactured by faulcon delacy in the 3100s.
- wing mining mission.
- installation interactions. in a similar fashion to the megaship interactions, which were introduced in chapter one, commanders will now be able to scan and interact with space installations.
- tech broker. there are now large variants of weapons available at guardian tech brokers and human tech brokers.
- new thargoid scouts.

v3.2: Chapter Three
- new weapons
- new ship Crusader. Latest member of the Alliance ship group. A medium sized ship based on the Alliance Chieftain, with the additional space to carry a fighter bay.
- new Guardian sites added
- engineers in colonia
- galaxy map, renamed some systems that had duplicated names

v3.3: Chapter Four
Dec 11th, 2018.
- squadrons - players like working together. you'll be able to create your own squadron with tools to manage its hierarchy and membership. squadrons will be able to purchase a fleet carrier, giving members a mobile base of operations where they can restock, refuel and respawn.
- mining - we want to make the processes of mining more involving and satisfying. it needs to be more than just lasering an asteroid. we want to expand the ways in which you detect and extract resources, give you a tool set, variety and choice in how you mine. importantly, we want invoke the feeling of wild west prospecting: jeopardy from crises and challenges out in the void, and the potential for striking it big finding the mother lode in special asteroids. our goal is to make mining a fully-fledged career, something that you can progress and work on.
- planetary tech improvements - leading up to the q4 update we'll be making improvements to our lighting model, our scatter rock system, improving ambient effects, planetary phenomena, volumetric effects and vapour. these techniques will combine to create richer environments to explore in our q4 update. these are important steps in our ongoing planetary development.
- exploration - we're going to significantly improve and build on exploration. the exploring flow will be more involved, more efficient and more satisfying. these new mechanics will also improve the experience for anyone searching for something, be that a mission or a particular resource. to support exploration we're adding the codex, an archive that logs your exploration achievements and acts as a repository for game lore. there will also be new phenomena, anomalies and other exciting things to discover.
- Discovery Scanner upgraded to include access to the new Full Spectral System (FSS) scanner mode
- Players use the FSS Mode to discover stellar bodies, stellar phenomenon, USSs, scenarios, distress calls, mission targets and more
- There is now only one Discovery Scanner available in game, which is based on the basic variant. Commanders that have purchased either the intermediate or advanced scanners will receive a credit refund
- Detailed Surface Scanner upgraded to include access to brand new planet probes
- Players can fire probes at bodies to gather data that can be sold.
- Players can also use these probes to pinpoint places of interest on landable planets as well as uncover lucrative places in planetary rings to mine (mining tools will be available at a later Beta release)
- Each body has a "probe efficiency" target; if the player maps 100% of the body using either the same or less than the target, they are awarded a bonus
- Added "First Mapped By" tag - the first commander to 100% map a stellar body and sell the data at a port will be named for everyone to see
- Players will be unable to map Sol, Achenar or Alioth as these systems are already fully mapped
- Revamped look of the bonus popup when selling data
- A credit bonus will be awarded for players that get either 100% first discovered or 100% first mapped in a system
- Added new things to find!
- Orrery view added - players can access the schematic orrery view of systems from the system map
- Codex added to the ship's internal (right hand) panel
- Codex Logs important player statistics
- Codex Session Log records important game events for players review
- Codex Archive holds all text and audio logs taken from the numerous narratives from across the galaxy
- Codex Audio logs can be added to the improved Playlist feature
- Codex Contains either rumored, reported or discovered entries from across the 42 different galactic regions
- Codex Discoveries are broken down in to 3 categories (Stellar Bodies, Biological and Geological, and Civilisations)
- Codex Various articles from the rich history and lore of the Elite universe, from the history of the Super Powers, to important characters and corporations
- Codex Each article is narrated and can be added to the improved Playlist feature
- Added new megaships and installations
- Applicable megaships will move location, on a weekly tick
- Added new scenarios with voice over direction and feedback, and on screen choices and objectives
- Scenarios come in the form of USSs, Megaship, Installations and Conflict Zones
- Conflict zones are now round based; players battle to win a round which then feeds into the war state
- Side objectives can appear, and if the player completes them, they are awarded a points boost
- Once a round has finished, a new one will begin after a short pause
- Combat specific ambient chatter added.
- Ambient chatter now is now in place throughout the entire game and not just around stations.
- 3000 + lines of NPC dialogue added to support scenario driven gameplay.
- Added new lighting model, using dynamic exposure
- Colour grading applied to various situations in the game, improving the look and feel of the game world
- Added a new 'Night Vision' mode to Ships, Fighters and SRVs, to allow players to navigate dark sides of planets, rings and other areas of the game
- Combined 'clear filters' option with the 'set filters' option on the Navigation panel
- Added filters to the Transaction tab
- Added context sensitive, quick action button to contacts (such as 'Request Docking' when targeting a port)
- Combined sub-targets and inventory into a new 'Target' tab, with filters
- Reordered the tabs
- Added support for combining channels in to one main chat channel, or set them as separate tabs
- Options added to give the player the ability to combine chat channels in to a tab, or split them out
- Added the ability to select any Commander in a chat channel to interact with them (incl. invite to wing, invite to crew, voice comms, invite to squadron, block, report, direct comms, and view gamercard where applicable)
- Added a binding to select a different chat channel in the input field
- Combined invitations and multicrew tabs together in to a 'Social' tab
- Multicrew (find crew, join a ship)
- Friends invites
- Wing invites
- Online friends
- Squadron feed tab added
- Added a new 'Home' tab that replaces the previous status tab
- Includes new buttons to launch various features (holo-me, squadrons, codex, powers, Galnet etc)
- Also include better Playlist feedback
- Replaced fire groups "1, 2, 3..." with "A, B, C..." to avoid confusion between group and fire buttons
- Added new contextual 'Ship' tab that replaces the 'Functions' tab and includes sections for 'Ship Preferences', 'Pilot Preferences' and 'Ship Stats'
- Inventory tab now has icon filters instead of text filters, increasing usable screen space
- Improved refinery layout that includes the ships cargo capacity
- Updated 'Status' tab to now include local faction information, Super Power and Powerplay status, a Session Log digest, info on Finances and acquired Permits all in a more legible way
- New Playlist feature that replaces the GalNet player, allowing players to queue and manage several types of media (GalNet news articles, codex articles, inbox audio logs etc.)
- New star system wide text chat now available
- Profanity filter added, with a toggle to turn it off
- Players can now create a Squadron (for a credit fee), or browse existing ones to join from the right hand cockpit panel
- Play style tags can be used when creating a Squadron, and as a filter when browsing existing ones
- Squadrons can be aligned to a Superpower, Power and a Faction
- Squadron allegiance page allows in depth data on chosen Faction
- Squadrons can take part in the various leaderboards, and compete for the top spot
- Squadron feed tab in the Comms panel lists certain events, as well as Public and Internal posts
- Squadron management tools (applicable to certain ranks):
- Invite Commanders to join
- Kick lower ranked members
- Promote/demote lower ranked members
- Change lower ranked privilages
- Create posts
- Accept applications
- Set if the Squadron is accepting new members
- Join in the Leader text chat channel
- 3 new mining processes added (in addition to the standard mining laser process)
- Surface Deposits - material deposits that can be found on the surface of asteroids
- Sub-surface Deposits - material deposits that can be found below the surface of an asteroid
- Fissures - setting the correct 'Seismic charge' into fissures will split the asteroid apart, allowing the deep core materials to be mined
- Added new high value materials
- 4 new mining tools added to outfitting
- Pulse wave Analyser - a scanner used to pinpoint asteroids that support the new extraction processes
- Abrasion Blaster - used to break off surface material deposits from asteroids
- Sub-surface Displacement Missile - Allows recovery of sub-surface material deposits from asteroids
- Seismic Charge Launcher - Allows recovery of deep core materials by splitting the asteroid apart
- new ship Krait Phantom (Faulcon DeLacy)
- new ship Mamba (Zorgon Peterson)
- Display a notification icon to indicate new bindings are available to the player
- Starport contacts now displayed as a grid, rather than a flat list
- Added icon to info panel to show players if their ship or SRV lights are on
- Audio Options screen:Added “Wavescanner Autoducking” option. Disable this to hear the SRV wavescanner more clearly at high speeds
- Audio Options screen:Audio Options screen is reorganised for more clarity and ease of use
- Audio Options screen:Restore defaults button added
- Audio Options screen:The default position on the Audio volume sliders is now indicated.
- Audio Options screen:The child volume sliders can now be boosted above the default value.
- Audio Options screen:Important note: your volume sliders will be reset to default position when you first run 3.3.
- This update includes well over 2000 fixes for various issues that have been discovered and investigated during the development process.

v3.?: Chapter ?
Apr 23rd, 2019.
Main Menu
- Main menu layout updated to make screens and options clearer and to allow room for descriptions
- Added Commander details to the top right corner
- Added a news carousel that can display GalNet headlines, store releases and/or community announcements
- Hints/tips are displayed during the loading screen
- Players current main ship is displayed as the background on the main menu. Note: this will always be your current 'main' ship; fighters/SRVs will not be shown
Commander Creation
- Updated the new commander flow to make the process more informative and engaging
- Ship selection screens now display more information on the ship, and also includes an image of the ship itself
- Players can now choose to start in the Dromi system (in a permit-controlled area administered by the Pilots' Federation) or in the standard package location
Pilots' Federation District
- The Pilots' Federation District is a collection of systems designed to offer a regulated area for new Commanders
- Outfitting in these systems offers a basic level of equipment, and Shipyards offer a range of entry level ships
- Missions offered in the district are aimed at early stage players
- These systems are also marked with a special icon in the navigation panel and galaxy map
- Once players have gained a rank in Combat, Trade or Exploration, they are offered a 'graduation' mission, which directs them out of the district. If they choose to complete this mission, they cannot re-enter any of the district systems. This also means current, experienced players cannot enter any of these systems
New Modules
- Advanced Docking Computer - The Advanced Docking Computer provides cutting edge guidance control to the ship's computer, offering a further launch option alongside the assisted docking function.
- Supercruise Assist - The Supercruise Assist module allows the ship's computer to regulate the approach towards a set location within the current system and to disengage the drive at the appropriate time . This module can also be used to enter orbit around a planetary body.
- - Planet side targets are excluded - instead they will engage the planetary orbit function of the computer, and Commanders will need to manually guide the ship to the ground destination
- Added a new 'Flight Assistance' section to the Ship tab on the right hand panel. Here players can toggle various options on or off (if fitted with the correct modules):
- - Flight Assist
- - Auto Dock
- - Auto Launch (requires Advanced Docking Computer)
- - Rotational Correction
- - Hyperspace Dethrottle (requires the Supercruise assist module. If switched on, throttle will automatically set to zero on entry to a new system)
Navigation Tab
- Plotted route information is now displayed along the top of the Navigation tab
- The popup box for each entry in the Navigation tab now includes extra information (where applicable) and various quick links to other features/areas of the game:
- - Lists any activities available at the selected location, with links to the relevant pilots handbook article(s)
- - Links to system or galaxy map where appropriate
- - Highlights threat levels when the threat is higher than your combat rank (and lists if it is human or xeno)
- - Displays various data on ports or nearby systems, such as allegiance, economy, has appropriate landing pad for your ship, relationship, state, security level galactic region
- - Maintains all previous actions such as lock target, and bookmark location
Pilot's Handbook
- New section added to the Codex that contains articles detailing activities and features of the game:
- Mining
- Exploration
- Piracy
- Trade and Smuggling
- Mercenary Work
- Bounty Hunting
- Xeno Hunting
- Salvage and Rescure
- Maps
- Crime and Punishment
Training Simulation Access
- Training simulations are now accessible from within any ship cockpit, from anywhere
- Note: if you attempt to start a simulation whilst in danger, you will be subject to the standard 15 second delay before proceeding
Commodity Market Interface
- Separated 'Buy' and 'Sell' screens, to make it clearer to the player what data they are looking at
- Added filters
- Added 'Suggested' markets to the comparisons popup, and populated it with nearby data that the player owns
- - Also added the mission icon to systems that the player has active missions in
- The 'Help' button takes the player to the relevant Pilots Handbook article
- Updated the supply and demand icons and added a description of it to the right hand side of the screen, to make it clearer to the player when to buy or sell
- Highlight mission related and rare goods on the buy screen, with a key to icons along the bottom
- Clarified what the comparison column is telling the player:
- - On the buy screen - the profit if selected commodity is sold at selected market/galactic average
- - On the sell screen - the profit if selected commodity is bought at selected market/galactic average, and sold at current market
- - By default the column shows the 'Galactic Average' until the player selects a market to compare with
- Added local market data to the right hand side for quick comparison
- Buy screen shows Galactic average and price per unit on right hand side and Sell screen also includes profit if sold
- Buy/Sell popup includes more information and quick links
- - Local market data for quick comparison
- - - Selecting a market takes the player to the system on the galaxy map
- - View commodity on galaxy - takes players to a filtered version of the map
- Added more detail to the popup box when selecting any commodities in the players inventory, as well as a quick link to the galaxy map with the correct filter applied
Player Journal Updates
- FSDJump event – now includes “Body” info about the arrival star
- Don't write a spurious “FighterRebuilt” event after docking SLF back in the ship
- ApproachSettlement” now includes body info
- The “Loadout” event:
- - no longer includes spurious ammo stats for energy weapons
- - now includes UnladenMass and FuelCapacity info
- - now written when docking SRV back in mothership
- - now includes CargoCapacity, and MaxJumpRange
- Module item names are now consistently lowercase
- Status.json:
- - include LegalState
- - includes info on nearby planet, and 'AltFromAvgRad” flag
- Scan: include a star's subclass
- Location: include DistFromStarLS
- Add Conflicts data in FSDJump and Location
- Include Vehicle ID for SLF/SRV (LaunchFighter, LaunchSRV, FighterRebuilt, FighterDestroyed, DockSRV, DockFighter, SRVDestroyed, CrewLaunchFighter)
- Add info in Scan event to show if the body was previously discovered or mapped

v3.?: Chapter ?
Sep 18th, 2019.
New Starter Experience
- Added a curated experience for new players that will guide them through the basics of ship control, combat, travel and docking
- The experience has localised voiceover in all supported languages
- Certain UI elements are highlighted at key points during the flow
- Players are given a mission once the flow has been completed, that introduces them to the mission board (with voiceover)
- Added the experience to the 'Training Simulations' list, accessible from the internal cockpit panel
- Updated the throttle UI to better show the players current direction of travel (the rectangular blocks are now chevrons, and added a subtle pulse animation)
- Pre-flight checklist is now off by default when starting a new game (it can be turned back on)
- Added new option to the Flight Assist tab to allow the Supercruise Assist module to control the throttle automatically
- Supercruise 'Safe to Disengage' message has been updated to include the binding that will disengage Supercruise
- ARX is the new currency that takes over from Frontier Points and real money transactions across all platforms
- Players purchase a pack containing a number of ARX that are then used to purchase in-game cosmetic items (Game Extras) for their ship, SRV, fighter or Holo-Me
- Players can purchase ARX from in-game links that direct either to an external Frontier Store or site
- Any outstanding Frontier Points will be converted to ARX the first time the player logs into the game after the update
Rewarding ARX
- Players can earn ARX through standard gameplay (up to a 400 weekly cap) based on in-game activities within Combat, Trade and Exploration and more!
- Players are notified of their previous session earnings on the main menu
Livery Update
- Refreshed livery layout
- Icons denote the different categories (general, decals, cockpit decorations, etc.)
- Updated vessel selection screen
- Separate UI for ship name and ID
- Preview mode that reduces the amount of on-screen UI, giving a clearer view of the chosen item
- Players now purchase items, with ARX, directly from livery, without being redirected to an external store
- Players can now access livery from the main menu
- Players can now purchase items, with ARX directly from the Holo-Me section, without being redirected to an external store
New Store
- Added a new customisation store
- Players can browse the entire catalog of customisation items for any available ship
- Preview Mode allows players to see any cosmetic items on a vanilla version of any ship, as well as use camera controls to view it from different angles
- The store is accessible from either the main menu or major starports in-game
- Players purchase cosmetic items directly from the store, without being redirected to an external site
Player Journal
- New SAASignalsFound event with bio/geo signals on planets and hotspots in rings
- SAAScanComplete: add SystemAddress
- Scan: add StarSystem name and SystemAddress
- FSDTarget: add RemainingJumpsInRoute
- CodexEntry,Touchdown,Liftoff: add NearestDestination
- StatusFlags: add flags fsdJump, srvHighBeam
- ShipTargeted: add powerplay info

v3.?: "January Update"
Jan 14h, 2020.
- alternative solution to help mitigate the long delay when scanning planets with geological/biological sites

v3.7: Fleet Carriers
Jun 9th, 2020.
- Fleet Carriers are massive ships used as a mobile base of operations, offering multiple landing pads and various services.
- Fleet Carriers cost 5 billion credits.
- Players can purchase a Fleet Carrier from starports with a Fleet Carrier Vendor contact.
- Fleet Carriers come with 16 landing pads, 8 large, 4 medium and 4 small.
- Fleet Carrier owners can manage docking permissions to determine who can land on their Fleet Carrier.
- Fleet Carriers can jump up to 500ly.
- Fleet Carriers use the new commodity, Tritium, to perform a jump.
- Owners can install a variety of services on a Fleet Carrier to support their play style.
- Fleet Carriers have a weekly upkeep cost which must be maintained to keep the Fleet Carrier running.
- Fleet Carriers have player controlled commodity markets which the owner can use to buy and sell goods.
- Fleet Carrier owners can also set tariffs on some of the services they offer to help pay their running costs.
- Fleet Carriers can be customised, similar to regular ships, with items purchased from the Livery.
- Fleet Carriers take 15 minutes to prepare for a jump, and have a 5 minute cool-down after.
- Universal Cartographics is an optional service on Fleet Carriers.
- Fleet Carrier owners can store their ships and modules aboard their Fleet Carrier by default.
- When decommissioning a carrier you will receive a full refund.
- Voluntary decommissioning will incur a fee equivalent to 50% of the Debt Threshold.
- When cancelling the decommissioning of a Fleet Carrier, the owner will receive an inbox message to confirm the cancellation.

2021, Season 4 - Odyssey

v4.0.0.100: Odyssey Official Release!
May 19th, 2021.
- Added 400,000+ settlements
- Added 8,000+ planet ports
- Updated memorials
- 9 new Engineers added to the Bubble
- Added cost by manufacturer to weapon and suit mods
Settlements (new for odyssey)
- Increased unique Settlement count from 10 in the Alpha to 28. Themes include Agricultural, Extraction, Industrial, Military, Research and Tourism across a variety of sizes
- Added new plants at Agriculture Settlements
- Added new rotating 'growlab' prop at Agriculture Settlements
- Added pipes under floor grilles
- Added a dirt and scratch overlay pass to the explosive canisters
- Added two new variants of the shower and toilet in Habitat buildings
- Added new Agricultural Settlement clutter assets
- Additional detail added to interior hanging lights
- Added Manticore plasma weapons to game: Tormentor, Intimidator, Oppressor, Executioner
Social spaces
- Added Detention Center
- Added some distortion to the glassware seen in bars to improve and help visibility
- Added pipes under floor grilles
- Added suit and weapon customisation
- Added log notifications when other players board or disembark the vessel you are in
- Added better tracking of the cause of death and hostility reasons across the whole game, but specifically for on-foot deaths, in order to display better info on the death report screen
- Added a fines panel to Interstellar factors
- Added title to low oxygen warning notification. Also fixed the missing icon for out of oxygen alert
- Added new icons for pilot's handbook sections
- Add clear stolen authority option in item wheel
- Added new icons for vessel and humanoid store on the main menu
- Added a new icon for generic news
- Added the new controls icons to the separate controls menu
- Added a walk toggle button binding
- Added criminality chances to some dead AIs - this allows certain corpses to be flagged as criminals, displaying the criminal symbol on their nameplate
- Added addition personal space warning lines for physical contact
- Added additional blocked warning line for a final warning
- Added special personal space warnings for interrupting conversations
- Added the 'requirements' panel to mission details screen
- Added reward digest to mission listings for depot and completion
- Added calls to action for completed missions and progress to the depot
- Added a partial complete button to partially completed missions
- Added a new 'Professional' assassination mission which tasks the player with taking down harder-than-normal targets
- Added a new 'Clean' assassination mission which tasks the player with taking down targets without causing any collateral damage
- Added in a new walking animation for NPCs in social spaces
- Added sway to weapons hip fire, ADS, and in/outs of transitions
- Added in more variety to NPC faces/heads
- Added rank progression decals and skins
Conflict zones
- Added victory animations for the winning team
- Added 'cheer bark' to conflict zone celebration behaviour
- Added alternative greetings and global cool-down for conflict zones
- Added livery module slots to every suit item
- Added the new shoulder decal model items to the relevant models
- Added the ability for players to free-look whilst using the terminal. Players can also look away from the terminal to break interaction
- Organics added with details and reporting structure
Fixes / changes / improvements
- Converted the Shop Hangar materials to be PBR compliant
- Re-enabled ARX purchasing
- Fixed the mix (particularly weapons) sometimes going muffled unexpectedly, particularly in conflict zones
- Fixed a low drone in the galaxy map and other mix improvements
- Fixed the excessive landing pad touchdown ‘clunk’ in social spaces
- Fix for reverb being too audible during vessel transitions
- Fixed some engineer and bar area ambience issues (too many high frequencies)
- Improvements to planetary and settlement ambiences
- Improvements to the mix when engaged in a conversation with a vendor or NPC
- Mix improvements on lockers
- Various mix improvements on ambiences
- Improvements to landing area announcers
- Improvements to landing area reverbs
- Improvements to turrets
- Improvements to skimmers – should be less static and persistent and should be softer when stationery
- Helmet deploy and stow sounds and mix changes (mix goes muffled for a moment on deploy and goes bright for a moment on stow)
- Improvements to the mix inside your helmet
- Mix improvements on jump assist
- Various mix improvements on NPC speech and conversations
- Mix improvements when interacting with a console at social spaces
- Improved the ship rumble when inside a building, as it could be overpowering sometimes
- Tweaks to panels and glass rattles when ships fly over buildings/social spaces
- Improvements to settlement mining drills
- Improvements to reverbs generally
- Improvements to vessel transitions
- Improved interplay between planet, settlement, and external building ambiences
- Improvements to suit ventilator audio behaviour
- Boosted volume of many Odyssey sounds to be more in-line with the existing ED mix
- Numerous social space mix tweaks
- Mix improvements to organics
- Weapon Improvements
- Fixed overpowering LFE on supressed weapons at distance
- Fixed various issues with broken audibility on rocket explosions
- Numerous weapon, explosion and ‘whizz-by’ mix improvements
- Plasma crackle ‘sweetener’ added to plasma weapons
- Improved audibility of long range weapons at distance
- Made weapon reloads less ‘thumpy’ to other players and NPCs
- Fix for social space consoles triggering a persistent ‘hum’ in the cockpit panel
- Fixed various issues where some weapon sounds would retrigger on entering vanity cam
- Fixed numerous issues with the audio options, volume sliders and mute buttons
- Fixed various issues with reverbs not working correctly in surround sound speaker configurations
- Fixed the mix often being broken in smaller ships, caused by the changes made to the cargo bay for the conflict zone deploy sequence
- Fixed various mix and audio on the various types of player death and asphyxiation that can occur
- Fixes for various issues with external building spot sounds
- Various audio fixes and improvements on the vendor interactions and dialogue flow
- Reverbs should remain audible for the sounds you can hear, rather than being faded out with sound effects slider
- Turrets have movement audio
- Improvements to social space announcer implementation
- Improvements to pipe ambient sounds
- Improvements to capture point audio
- Fixed broken audio on agricultural grow wheel in settlements
- Improvements to oxygen replenishment gasps
- Improvements to reactor sequence
- Some fixes to adverts to ensure that they sync properly, rather than playing different ads at once
- Laser weapons now produce ‘whizz-bys’
- Added continuous Apex and Frontline ads at their booths/banners
- Settlement terminals now have unique ident audio per faction
- Audio added for big broken fan
- Audio added for cargo canister rack interactions
- DTS headphoneX feature (in audio options) should now work with some on-foot sounds
- Improvements to internal and external building alarms sounds & behaviours
- NPCs ‘call for backup’ voice lines now audible at distance over radio comms
- Improvements to radio comms voice treatment to be more effected and feel less dry
- Improvements to settlement voice
- Removed some repetitive social space crowd sounds
- Improvements to combat crowd, when small numbers of combatants present
- Replaced various lines on the legacy 3.x COVAS Russian and Spanish localised voices, as flagged by the community
- Fixed some stealth music with incorrect intensity
- Fixed the conflict zone victory music sting always playing twice in succession
- Fix for the social space music sometimes wobbling in rotating starports
- Music score audio replaced with ‘final mix’ for on-foot music suite
- Improved various music transitions in the on-foot music suite
- Set up in-world music at settlements (bars at tourist settlements, and the music tablets at various settlements)
- Set up music interaction and mix behaviours so the non-diegetic music score does not clash with in-world music emitters in settlements
- Turbo lift music is less full range and should not hard-pan as much on headphones
- Turbo lift music should random seek, so we no longer always hear the start of the music tracks
- Improved the way the music fades during important dialogue
- Should now get tension music if observing (but not participating in) a combat scene
- Fixed issues with jump animations
- Fixed issue in third person where players would pop between crouching and standing
- Fixed issues with all weapon animations
- Fixed issues with all tool animations
- Improved stair climbing animation
- Improved conserving momentum when airborne, so that releasing the sprint input or relaxing the directional inputs does not slow the player mid-air
- Updated head look on NPCs
- Updated eye look on NPCs
- Shortened shield break animations
- Updated certain facial expressions
- Shortened NPC dodge times
- Balanced eye textures
- Updated all engineer clothing
- Codex Discoveries
- New Organic life has been added to worlds with tenuous atmospheres
- Players can report and confirm new organic lifeforms using the Composition Scanner just as they could in Horizons
- Improved Organic Placement for v3 planets
- Organic Colour Variants introduced and will be driven by the environment they are found in
Conflict zones
- Fixed issue where AI would remain aggressive at the end of a Conflict Zone
- Improved AI control point awareness
- Improved AI prioritisation of targets in capture zones
- Disabled watch behaviour for AI, post conflict zone
- AI will no longer leave their team at the end of a Conflict Zone
- Increased control point capture credit reward bonus to 3,000cr
- Reduced kill and control point capture reinforcement damage to 5 and 50 points, respectively
- Idle vessels no longer count to the team count in on-foot conflict zones, and only humanoids count during the final phase of the conflict
- When in the shuttle booking planetary map, selecting conflict zones should now give a more descriptive reason for why the ‘book’ button is greyed out
- Prevented melee attacks from dealing any damage against Ships, SRVs, and anything that is not a humanoid
- Restricted personal space warning to physical contact, post conflict zone
- Fixed issues with items remaining previewed in store/livery
- Fixed an issue with the flight suit for its default black look
- Fixed vendor suit images
- Fixed incorrect avatar settings on the flight suits
- Fixed incorrect materials that were in engineer avatar settings
- Rebalanced emissive values on cosmetics to fit with new shaders and lighting
- Bobbleheads adjusted so they are brighter
- Cosmetics are now available for suits and weapons
- Suit livery changed to go through the object refresh rather than the cosmetic
- Previewed items are now added and removed as expected in the suit livery/store
- Updated the customisation visualisation system to be able to deal with being used in both the livery and loadout browser
- Removed the lighting rig from being attached to the camera in the vessel store
- Store packs are now initially sorted alphabetically
- Removed shoulder pads from the base exploration suit
- Removed resetting the camera when in main menu and exiting the store
- SRVs can now spawn and be viewed in the game store
- Fixed an issue where, while reloading a weapon, the AI would get stuck
- Fixed an issue where collisions would reapply their damage for every frame they were colliding (resulting in instant death if two ships rammed each other)
- Fixed an issue where dying humanoids would be treated as environment objects and deal huge amounts of damage to colliding SRVs
- Fixed an issue where certain NPCs detectable by humanoid sensors did not show their nameplates
- Fixed an issue where AI would not perform their ‘death bark’ when being tazed
- Fix for a rare Kinematic crash
- Fixed some situations where AI would incorrectly think they had weapon line of sight when close to nearby obstacles
- Fixed an issue where Humanoid corpses and certain NPCs did not have their nameplate attached to their head
- Fixed erratic weapon aiming when AI were very close to their target
- AI will now engage vehicles at a longer range
- Improved AI behaviour when their combat target is a long distance from a settlement
- Improved AI behaviour when their combat target is in an unreachable location
- Various improvements to ship AI
- Various further improvements to combat AI
- When seeking cover, AI will no longer hide behind their ‘friends’
- AI vision cones are now correctly tied to the third person model
- A rework of the AI's ability to utilise grenades and the frequency thereof
- Improved AI grenade throwing so that they will now flush targets from rooftops
- Non-physical contact personal space warnings are remembered in the area around them, preventing multiple AI talking over each other
- Personal space vocalisation cool-downs are now remembered between behaviours
- Reworked the cool-downs for personal space warnings
Stability: fixes changes / improvements
- Fixed a crash when the cargo bay is not available when attempting to enter the cargo depot
- Fixed an issue where player ships bounced when landed
- Fixed an issue where if you book a shuttle and then cancel the booking before the shuttle goes live, the pending shuttle object would remain
- Fixed a crash whenever a player died while participating in CQC
- Fixed a crash when another player in your session disembarks from their vessel
- Fixed a crash in the on-foot tutorial when opening the system map (also disabled access to the system and galaxy maps from the navigation panel)
- Fixed a crash caused by adding suit modules to the loadout
- Fixed a crash in visualising a new loadout
- Fixed failures seen in the carrier fuel contact
- Fixed a crash when the UI is not being shown
- Fixed a crash if the player gets a fleet carrier update while on the main menu
- Fixed a crash when upgrading laser ship weapons at an engineer
- Fixed a crash caused by getting shot by a Guardian sentinel
- Fixed a potential crash when trying to turn suit shields off when entering a social space
- Fixed a crash when loading in at a particular planet
- Fix for error when setting 3D mode to Anaglyph in VR
- Fix for error when changing 3D mode from "Off" to "Anaglyph", "Side-by-Side" or "HMD" in VR
- Fix for an error often seen when accessing the System Map
- Fix for an error seen when filtering by ship type in Inter Astra
- Fix for an error occasionally seen when entering supercruise
- Fix for an assert seen when fading planetary rings, based on whether they're seen through atmospheres
- Fix for a crash often seen when in a Dropship
- Fix for an error seen when exiting the livery
- Fix for crash seen when changing resolution
- Fix for crash occasionally seen on load up
- Fix for crash sometimes seen when using terminal
- Fix for a crash seen on occasion in social spaces
- Fix for a crash seen when closing the game via the "incident report screen"
- Fix for a crash occasionally seen on start-up
- Various data port fixes - now ensures the game closes without crashing
- Put a safety check around the commander data when declining applications to prevent a crash
- Improvements to how corpses handle their physics skeletons
- Avoiding crash for old or non-existent resources sent to us by server when someone's inventory is very out of date
- Stopping data transfer on death to avoid upload crash
- Fixed floating rocks outside of the Long Sight Engineer Base
- Fixes and polish to the engineers donation flow, and some adjustments to how on-foot engineers are displayed in the Known Engineers UI
- Fixed an issue where Engineers would animate in the wrong place
- Fixed an issue where Engineer progression was not being set correctly
- Improved height map for Felicity Farseer Engineer Base
- Balanced Engineer pad holograms to use the same brightness settings as the other landing pads
- New engineers focus on applying modifications to suits and handheld weapons
- Each new engineer will specialise in certain types of modifications
- A requirement must be met before commanders are invited to dock at a new Engineer’s base (just like existing Engineers)
- When invited to dock at a new Engineer’s base, commanders will be able to engineer with them right away
- Completing a certain task for a new Engineer will have them refer you to another Engineer that focuses on different types of modifications
- Existing Engineer Bases updated to allow commanders to disembark and meet them in person
- Increased Resistances Suit mod should now immediately come into effect when applied
- Applying mods now consumes credits
- Prevented players from disembarking at Engineer bases they do not have access to
- Prevented players from interacting with the Engineer if they do not have access
Detailed Surface Scanner
- Fix for organics sometimes appearing incorrectly in highlighted areas of the Heatmap overlay
- The DSS Heatmap no longer displays with "hot" or "cold" areas, but with an overlay where organics/geologicals highlighted should appear
- Emissive properties of DSS Heatmap rescales based on light/dark side of the planet to retain visual fidelity in all light conditions
- The 'All Filter' for the DSS Heatmap has been removed
- Sampling Organics
- Genetic Sampling will no longer require the player to complete a timing-based interaction - sampling will be an automated process
- Sampling an organism now adds a marker to the Commander's compass
- Different types of life will require the commander to sample subsequent specimens at a different distances from a previous specimen
- Commanders can view the typical range of an organic colony in the codex - this is how far Commanders may need to travel to find a specimen, genetically diverse from what they have sampled
- Rewards for logging organics with Vista Genomics greatly increased
- ‘First Logged’ bonus for being the first to log an organism with Vista Genomics greatly increased
System and galaxy map
- Fix for System Map acquiring a grey overlay on planets
- Visual improvements and removal of visual artefacts in the System and Galaxy Map
- Changed name of Eskimo Nebula to NGC 2392 in alignment with NASA's official change
- Planet icons have been updated in the ship radar so that they are now much more visible
- Sol planets updated to more accurately reflect real-world data
- Adjusted sale prices of some Goods, Data and Assets to the Bartender
- Adjusted recipes for Upgrades, Suit and Handheld Weapon Engineering
- Improved negotiation balance and feedback in the UI
Fleet carriers
- Fix for the skybox becoming increasingly over-exposed with every Carrier jump
- Fleet Carrier colour schemes work with new shaders
- Fixed an issue which sometimes resulted in AI spawning in spawn cupboards at abandoned settlements
- Fixed an issue where locked lockers would display an ‘interact’ prompt when they could not be interacted with
- Fixed a number of settlement assets that were not visually powering down at Offline and Offline Damaged Settlements
- Implemented a number of changes to ensure ‘cuttable’ panels fall outwards more consistently when cut
Lighting and vfx
- Fix for Shuttle Cockpits appearing overly dark
- Fix for broken suit thruster lens flare
- Fix for the player flashlight
- Fix to prevent overly orange-tinted social spaces and removal of "cone" effect seen above area
- Fix for incorrect placement of Apex projection light
- Fix to balance the organic scan VFX as well as the motherlode asteroid scan VFX
- Fixes and improvements to reflection probe placement in Settlement rooms
- Fix for the Life Support asset not turning light off when powered down
- Fixes for lighting seams observed in some rooms
- Fix and visual improvement of framing for weapons and humanoids in livery
- Fix for light leaking outside of specific room
- Fix for lighting of specific room not turning off when the Settlement if offline
- Fix for station exterior lighting changing as the player approached
- Fix for visual artefact caused by over-bright fire VFX
- Fix for an effect caused by Thargoid probes
- Fix for visual artefact caused by over-bright grenade explosion VFX
- Fix for steam VFX clipping through box in specific Settlement room
- Visual improvement to the chimney VFX
- Visual Improvements to lighting at all Station Lobby Types, including Engineers
- Visual Improvements to lighting at Legacy Engineer Bases
- Visual Improvements to lighting at Odyssey Engineer Bases
- Visual improvement to lens flare that can be seen when navigating down to a Settlement
- Visual improvements to the appearance of other ships whilst in supercruise
- Visual improvements to lighting in Engineer Bases
- Visual improvements to lighting in all turbolifts
- Visual Improvements to lighting for all "Under Repair" hangars
- Visual improvements to lighting for Damaged Stations
- Visual Improvements to lighting for all inner docks and hangars
- Visual improvements to Ship Exterior lighting
- Visual improvements to lighting of full body commander portraits
- Visual improvements to lighting in selected buildings and Settlements
- Visual improvements to livery lighting
- Visual improvements to exterior lighting of all Megaships
- Visual improvements to all ship lens flares and emissives (VFX)
- Visual Improvement to the VFX of hyperspace sequence
- Visual improvements and further balancing of all human weapon bullet impact decals
- Visual improvements and additional balancing of all ship weapon and skimmer weapon bullet impact decals
- Re-balancing of the Thargoid Portal VFX for the new lighting scheme
- Atmospheric VFX (steam) added back into hangars
- Updated lighting for Thargoid structures
- Weapons thumbnails updated to frame correctly in Outfitting view
- Canopies at Settlements now have working lights
- Dim light mode setup for use in the livery as the "Lights off" mode
- Reduce flashing on exterior of damaged stations
- Improvement to ship shield material and VFX when hit with a humanoid weapon
- Trails of DSS Probes have been re-balanced for new lighting and will now rescale to various lighting conditions, so they are always visible to the player when probing a planet
- Fires now cast more light in rooms
Localisation and text
- Fixed government type not being localised properly on the conflict zone vendor panel
- Updated localised string on the on-foot CZ death screen from "Killed by" to "Defeated by"
- Replace hard coded "RANK" with the correct rank string for ‘wingmates’ when on foot
Memory and optimisation
- Fix for memory stomp when generating planetary nebula information
- Fixes and stability improvements to the portalling system
- Correction of the video memory streaming budget to prevent Out of Memory crashes
- Multiple improvements and fixes to reduce memory spikes
- Replace excessively large and wide spotlights with something more visually fitting, and which is more performant
- Additions to the portalling system (Kinematics) that further increases performance
- Optimisation for shadows as directional shadows now included in the portalling system
- New Ident created
- Split up the control binding menu into 4 parts: general, ship, SRV and on-foot - each part can be set to its own preset.
- Fix for ice asteroids changing colouration when being detonated
- Fixed a softlock in the mission board
- Fixed the conversation camera snapping abruptly at the end of conversations
- Adjusted how modified micro-resources are added/removed to/from the locker or backpack by missions to prevent errors
- Updated mission-giver mission counts on the mission board, depending on the number of missions available, removed text that could become incorrect due to this value changing
- Made illegal missions display purple in mission-giver details panel (to match narrative panel)
- Disabled mission help button on mission board, except in specific panels (the mission details panels)
- Odyssey missions no longer always fail if the player is critically injured
- Missions that do not have specified locations no longer fail on critical injury
- If the player is at the location where the mission takes place then being critically injured will cause the mission to fail
- If the player is heading towards the mission location, or has successfully completed the objective and then left the mission location, a critical injury will not cause the mission to fail
Mission payout balance changes
- Missions will now correctly appear in the incident report when relevant
- Missions now apply fines if an item they entrusted to you for the purpose of that mission is not then used to complete the mission
- Harder missions have had their pay-outs increased - this mostly affects missions that require the player to perform illegal actions or adhere to a strict condition
- When a mission rewards an item, the value of the items or quantity offered should now more closely scale with the value of the mission's credit reward
Negotiation balance changes
- Mission negotiation is now slightly easier when requesting the smallest option
- Negotiating on a mission that rewards an item should now more consistently result in higher quantities of that item
- Very successful negotiations can now result in up to twice as many items being offered as a reward
- Resolved some networking issues that would cause a mission from one player to update or block progress on another player's mission when they were both performing similar missions in the same instance
- Poor negotiation attempts will now cause more of an impact on your reputation with that faction
Text changes and fixes
- Fixed various items of text failing to translate or translating incorrectly
- Improved some wording on HUD objectives
- Improved the feedback and clarity of several missions' transaction panels
Other fixes
- Fixed depot-related missions in Dromi, Matet, and Otegine not opening the depot immediately
- Fixed some instances where a mission could be abandoned to either dodge or increase influence unfairly
- Fixed some passenger missions at damaged starports being inaccessible
- Donation missions no longer display high threat levels
- Fixed physical multicrew role icons not displaying correctly for players not in instance
- Changed players in physical multicrew passenger roles (idle or gunner) to use the multicrew icons
- Restored behaviour where outfitting and livery are only disabled in ships when you have people aboard your ship: not the whole time you have a crew
- Fixed several instances where transferring cargo between your ship and your SRV could cause the client's inventory to become out of sync with the server
- Killing humanoids in multiplayer sessions should no longer leave apparently living humanoids in the ragdoll state for some clients
New player tutorial
- Fixed the "Disembark" button not working at planet port at the end of the on foot tutorial
- Fixed the starter package details location display to show the correct location instead of just Matet
- Change icons for tutorial start flow buttons
Organics / geologicals and scatter
- Fix for rocks snapping into position on terrain as the Player travels towards it
- Fix for bullet decals not displaying correctly on some organic types
- Fix for ‘Legacy Organics’ canning incorrectly
- Fix for mineable objects not appearing on some Organics
- Hitcheck fixes and improvements for all organics and geologicals
- Geologicals frequency of firing update to be able to change based on planetary conditions (e.g. volcanic conditions)
- Update and improvements to how organics and geological receive colouration, based on in-game planet and star parameters
- Multiple Visual improvements to the organics billboards seen at distance
- Large amount of improvements & additions to the organic and geological shaders for new assets
- Large amount of improvements & additions to the ‘Legacy Organics’ and Geological shaders, including Thargoid Barnacles
- Large amount of visual improvements to organics and geologicals - including texture changes, model tweaks, LOD improvements and colouration improvements
- Visual improvements to Thargoid Barnacles
- Improvement to the weapon decals able to spawn on scatter rocks
- Efficiency improvement to the organic billboards seen at distance
- Geologicals and organics all updated and balanced to respond to all wind strengths
- Organics no longer clip into scatter rocks
- Scaling changes for some organic types
- New Fumerolas updated to have spouting VFX
- Modules browser: Replaced Filter button with sort dropdown
Point of Interests
- Fixed some hitcheck issues on the Crashed Type 9 POI
- Wrecked Sidewinder model updated so the doors at the back are closed
- Wrecked SRV model updated so there is no longer a hole behind the large salvage panel
- Player collision fixed for the wrecked Federation Fighter POI, to prevent players getting stuck
- Adjusted milestones for on-foot Mercenary and Exobiology ranks
- Added 5 new ranks (Elite Stars) for all ship and on-foot ranks
- Removed the zeroing out of Rank Progression points for Combat and Mercenary Rank when killing an enemy a given number of ranks below you
- Players will always contribute to their combat and mercenary ranks when killing enemies
- Fixed the lighting when the turbolift finishes its journey
- Fixed an issue where the wrong grenade would render in the hand
- Fixed for the ‘cut’ section of the cutting panel appearing when the player first interacts with it using the cutting tool
- Fixed artefacts appearing in the visor when the player was in close proximity to an asset
- Fixed star lens flares occasionally changing shape and appearance
- Fixed artefacts that would appear onscreen when using Vive
- Fixed surfaces so that they can receive bullet impacts
- Fixed wind on atmospheric planets to sync with player movement; additional fixes and improvements for the wind
- Fixed compression artefacts occasionally seen with lens flares
- Fixes for multiple fog types displaying incorrectly, both exterior and interior
- Fixed weapon reticule rendering over the top of the player character
- Fixed cursors being cut off in the Galaxy and System Map at certain ultra-wide aspect ratios
- Fixed UI elements in the FSS Scanner becoming over-bright
- Fix for chairs being visible in VR and non-VR when in FSS Mode
- Fixed over-exposed humanoid thumbnail images in various UI locations
- Fixed bright light that would appear after exiting outfitting view
- Fixed visual artefacts that could appear in the glass shader
- Fixed VR changing resolution when disembarking or boarding a ship
- Fixed shoulder decals not applying correctly to player shoulders
- Fixed players and AI receiving decals
- Fixed Player/AI eyes appearing dark under spotlights
- Multiple fixes and visual improvements for the player visor, including fixes to the light calculation and condensation
- Multiple fixes for the scatter system
- Improvements to culling efficiency when looking between buildings
- Improved the logic that determines whether the player can see outside
- Removed old occlusion manager
- Humanoid weapons now scale when impacting with ship shields – for example, small bullets will not cause disproportionate VFX on the shields
- Emissive properties of multiple assets updated to work with new lighting
- Visual improvement to lighting and transition of hyperspace sequence
- Tweaks to shield effect during tutorial to optimize player flow
- Various fixes for card-specific NaN visual artefacts
- Various fixes and visual improvements for player and AI hair rendering
- Multiple changes to balance the cockpit UI and brightness levels to prevent over-exposure at different times of day, and in different levels of lighting
- Additional improvements to the calculated lighting values between day and night to reduce any over-blown lights or lens flares at different times of day
- Improvement to avatar skin rendering (and fix for them occasionally spawning in without normal maps applied)
- Players who stand in extremely close proximity to another will now "dither fade" - this will prevent players being able to see inside other players, and prevents players from griefing those trying to use a terminal in a social space
- Multiple improvements to the shadow priority system - this should improve stability and visual fidelity
- Inner dock lighting now generates correctly when the player is outside the station
- Modes added for different quality settings (low/medium/high) for optimal setup
- New material for use in Settlement windows that will now fade based on player distance
- Update for Thargoid and Guardian shaders to use the new PBR versions
Settlements (new for odyssey)
- Fixed Agricultural dome building occlusion
- Fixed the sort order of all the holograms used in Settlements
- Fixed misaligned floor and ceiling tiles for a small Agriculture themed room
- Fixed Reactor building/room floor panel occlusion
- Fixed missing polys on flood lights at large landing pads
- Fixed missing 'Hold Open Lobby Door' state
- Fixed one of the curved windows using the incorrect glass material, making it turn opaque at a distance
- Fixed an offset external window, and other window alignment and window shutter issues
- Fixed a missing material on a small part of a Lab cupboard prop
- Fixed modelling issue with the toilet
- Fixed instances where some settlement staff would go missing from the staff list if they were related to a mission
- Fixed issue where the inside of the reactor would be culled incorrectly
- Fixed an issue where in certain cases you could look through and out of a building into another building
- Fix for small lights attached to walls
- Various art tweaks to the 10 Alpha Settlements for the immediate surrounding terrain and better blending into the planet, avoiding rocks and plants appearing within the Settlements
- At the smaller Agricultural Settlement: floating box prop removed
- Displays on decorative screens updated. Improved screens on medical props and lab props with new animated ones, which also turn off when the power goes down
- Updated the trespass zone hologram
- Terminals updated to indicate to other players when a terminal is currently in use
- Occlusion improved, floor tiles and walls now render when they should
- New material added for Military and Research flooring
- Adjusted roughness maps to make floors shinier. Floors in environments should be more reflective
- Panel lining added to floorplates to split the metal and plastic areas
- Landing Pad markings material updated to make them look weathered
- Adjoining building to the Landing Pad made more interesting
- Updated the props to use a darker soil material and new condensation shader effect on the large vivarium pieces at Agriculture Settlements
- Windows should fade to an emissive opaque material at distance so that they don't appear dark. At night, the windows glow slightly
- Settlement windows (emissive at a distance) no longer glow when a settlement is powered down
- Tweaked position of the terminals attached to desks as they were slightly offset
- Material used for bedding improved with a more comfortable fabric
- Capture Point asset at Conflict Zone improved (emissive parts of the top of the pole)
- Hitcheck on small light props optimised
- Exterior walkways (duckboards) updated to make it easier to step on to them, even if they happen to be placed slightly offset
- Collision improved on exterior Settlement entrance archways
- Plastic coverings for poly-tunnels at Agriculture Settlements are now less saturated, and a little darker
- Dirt/edgewear added to remaining exterior wall décor pieces
- Stopped 2 trolley assets from spawning on top of each other in the same location
- Comms room updated to stop players from getting their head inside the ceiling
- Removed some exterior rooftop railings where the player could get stuck
- Stacked crates layout adjusted to help with issues where the player could get stuck between them
- LOD adjustments for stacked crates so they look better from a distance
- Various roof décor improvements for lower LOD models used at a distance
- Exterior turret base LOD improvement to lessen popping at a distance
- Standard interior door LODs improved to prevent disappearing and reappearing at a distance
- Stopped recharge ports from appearing to be offline when they were not
- Additional error checking around building geometry
- Buildings connected via other buildings are now classed as connected
- Visual and stability improvements to the mask around Settlement terrain stamps
- Setup mask so that small scatter rocks will now appear in Settlements
Settlements (horizons)
- Fix for Planet Port landing pad position - medium hangars no longer have a dark poly running through them
- Fixed floating black cube at Fortune's Loss
- Hitcheck updated at planetary port main building
- Updated an area with misaligned pipes at a Planet Port where players could get stuck
- Added player collision hitcheck to large heat vents at some Planet Ports, so players cannot walk through it
- Fixed the large hitbox issue at the main building at a legacy Extraction settlement
- Collision issues fixed at a legacy tiny abandoned Settlement
- Tyre track decals updated to use new shaders
- Additional error checking around building geometry
- Refining and ‘rebaking’ Legacy Settlements for new planetary tech
- Fixed retreat dropship bookings failing due to hostile environment checks
- Disable disembarking/deploying from a ship if silent running is active
- Blocked hyperspace travel to systems if another player is aboard the ship who does not have the right permits to enter the system
- After the conflict has ended, shuttles/ships can now be booked/recalled, but the shuttle/ship will land outside the zone instead of docking
- Correct player ship description in shipyard when players swap ships
- Ship disembarking/boarding reworked for multicrew ships
- All ships have had their landing gears and shipkits updated with hitcheck
- Viper, Cobra III and Cobra IV landing volume issues fixed improving ability to land on a planet surface
- Medium sized thrusters now mapped correctly and PBR valid
- Ambient AI ships can now dock at settlements
- Fixed floor in cockpit
- Heat sinks are now grey with emissive elements, not black
- Added hitcheck to landing gear doors
- Shipkit parts will now show scratches and wear
- Fixed mirrored 'KEEP CLEAR' decal
- Panel texture issues fixed
Asp Scout
- Hardpoint panel texture fix
- Hitcheck fixes
- Fixed hitcheck for the nacelles - hitcheck will now rotate as the landing gear is raised and lowered
- Added hitcheck for landing gear doors
- Small sized thrusters are now mapped correctly and are PBR valid
- Fixed z-fighting on tail decal
Cobra Mk III
- Hitcheck issues fixed
- Bumper now looks correct when it is worn and scratched
Cobra Mk IV
- Added Tutorial-specific Cobra Mk IV shuttle
- Fixed hitcheck on steps
- Fixed missing Nameplate
Federal Assault Ship
- Fixed a number of hitcheck issues
Federal Corvette
- Hitcheck issues fixed
- Federal Corvette texture fix
Federal Dropship
- Fixed a number of hitcheck issues
Federal Gunship
- Fixed hangar cameras
- Fixed Shipkits
- Fixed a number of hitcheck issues
- Fixed a number of hitcheck issues
- Improved connectivity with shipkit parts
- Fixed a number of hitcheck issues
- Fixed a number of hitcheck issues
Krait MKII
- Added extra hitcheck to cover the fighter bay hatch
Krait Phantom
- Hitcheck issues and landing gear volumes fixed
- Fixed a number of hitcheck issues
- Fixed paintjob issues observed at a distance
- Hitcheck improvements, and landing gear leg re-centred
Type 6
- Fixed a number of hitcheck issues
Type 7 Transporter
- Fixed a number of hitcheck issues
Type 9 Heavy
- Fixed a number of hitcheck issues 
- Wing hitchecks now animate
Type 10 Defender
- Improved landing position to help with deploying/recalling the SRV
Viper Mk IV
- Fixed the hitcheck groove so that the player does not get stuck
- Fixed some small holes in the hull geometry
Concourse spaces
- Fixed the vertical portrait style adverts in the hangars not sorting correctly
- Fixed issue with mannequin hand intersecting the hip bag at Pioneer shop
- Fixed LOD issue with sign in the Pioneer shop
- Fix to stop players getting stuck near some seating at Outposts
- Fixed LOD issue with clock on station sign
- Fixed a misaligned hangar ‘greeble’ intersecting through the wall of the lobby
- Fixed geometry that could appear clipping through the social space when you look at the bar area
- Fixed the triangular shaped emissive polys in the social area bar windows which were causing odd reflections.
- Fixed intersecting pipe bracket in hangar lobby
- Fixed Z-fighting issue outside of the Apex lifts in the social spaces
- Fixed some z-fighting between the floor and walls at the Planet Port Hub
- Fixed AI not spawning at planet ports
- Fixed AI sometimes not spawning in detention centers
- Stopped access to 'Under Repair' station Social Spaces
- Longer station names now fit on hanging signs in the social areas
- Minor hitcheck adjustment near the central stairs to ensure the player cannot fall through any gaps
- Improved textures for turbolifts
- PinkDrink/Suvo signs improved
- Added hitcheck to plants to help reduce the player from clipping through them
- Adjusted hitcheck along the Apex vendor counter to avoid climbing on the counter
- Added platforms under Pioneer Vendors so they don't float
- Social area LOD improvements
- Hitcheck improved to stop players getting stuck on furniture in Social Spaces
- Player names are now visible at all times in concourses
- Display different icon for mission givers in character info / character marker, if the player has missions in progress for them
- Players will now ‘teleport’ out of the turbolift if they re-enter as the doors close
- Enabled patrol movement for AI in social spaces
Space stations
- Fixed some missing back-faces on the Coriolis
- Fixed space station interior inner-dock textures when seen from a distance so that you can see inside of the station from a greater distance again
- Fixed the port not being visible when flying in from supercruise
- Asteroid Station improved - will no longer appear ‘overly glossy’
- Large changes and visual improvements to the starlight values. These changes also prevent the over-saturation of colour onto planet surfaces and has been calculated per star class
- Update to star tint to fix over-saturation of colour
- Fixes and visual improvements to star surfaces not appearing "hot"
Terrain (and planets)
- Fixed worlds receiving ice caps when they should not have
- Fix to ensure all atmosphere types are picked
- Fix for Settlement items that would form a visual ‘square’ when blending with terrain
- Fix for the aliasing effect seen on planets at a distance
- Fix for high metal content planets receiving ice planet effects
- Re-lodded some Horizons-era rocks to reduce a popping issue
- Visual improvements to planet terrain appearance from mid-far distance, reducing tiled appearance on some planets
- Visual improvements to planet UVs and terrain
- Visual improvements to planet surfaces & AO
- Visual improvements to planet surface at the mid-distance, and reduction of blocky artefacts
- Visual improvement to the ‘splat-like’ artefacts seen when travelling closer to the planet surface
- Visual improvements to planet ground materials
- Override Pomeche 2 C to have more canyons
- Changed how it is decided if a player is stood on flat ground, in order to prevent the player becoming trapped in a narrow crevice
- Large update to planetary tech, including reworked systems, terrain types, blending, craters and colouration - this also includes the reworking of some terrain materials to be flatter, for better SRV navigation
- Improve blending and improved appearance of planet ice caps
- New atmosphere colours added and balanced based on their composition
- Stability and visual improvements to planet colouration, both from a far distance and when close up
- Various fixes for tenuous atmospheres, including tint calculation, visual artefacts, to prevent them popping into view when loading into game
- Fixed differences in terrain height seen by AMD and Nvidia users
- New planet map for the ‘Europa’ class ice planet
- Full balance on scatter system placement and balance on planet surfaces
- Improvements to the positioning of Engineer Bases and how they embed with the new planet terrain
- Replaced the on-foot loading screen spinning logo with a new space-suited model
- Character customisation background updated for HoloMe, Suit loadout, Suit purchasing, Shipyard etc.
- Fixed Russian font corruption
- Opening the powerplay screens from the Shuttle Booking maps then backing out will now put the player back into the Shuttle Booking maps on exit
- Opening the powerplay screens from the Shuttle Booking maps while talking to a Shuttle Vendor will now not cancel the conversation
- Opening the system map or galaxy map while in a taxi will now not open the map into Shuttle Booking mode
- Added empty states for when the player has nothing to offer
Bindings Menu
- Split up the control binding menu into 4 parts: General, Ship, SRV and On-Foot, supporting different types of input and presets individually, setting up controls should still work the same however.
- Added the new controls icons to the separate controls menu
CMDR Panel
- Fixed the layout so it no longer has the tools cut off
CMDR Creation Flow
- Fix to allow you to exit when in the commander creation screen.
- Pilot's Handbook: Added 4 new categories (Settlements, Engineers, The Concourse, Suits and Equipment) with associated icons
Comms Panel
- Improved on-foot social tab layout
- Disabled mouse input on background tabs and prevented tabbing left and right while sidepanel is open
- Fixed inbox filtering
Conflict Zones
- Added a new string to display the conflict zones rationale in CZ Respawn UI
Contacts Panel
- Modified the contacts panel so that the scroll bar does not overlap the actual contacts list
- Fixed scope radius value (no longer displays "0mt")
- Removing line of sight requirement for humanoids in the contacts panel
- Fixed conversations ending prematurely when closing certain UI menus
Embarking Panel
- If managing inventory is not available (i.e. hangars), we will no longer show the button or the storage information
- Fixed truncation in the header
Fleet Carriers
- Fixed an issue where carrier vanity names would be displaced with extra characters in some places
- Added a new icon for generic news
- Fixed a bug where panels would retain their state when changing tab
- Weapon AR: Grenade icon now has a colour accent for the grenade type
- Replaced AR marker to be a pin instead of a target, to match the compass marker
- UI marker to humanoid NPCs that are radioing for reinforcements
- InSight HUB Wheel: Several localisation issues fixed
- Compass: Allow compass to represent targets that are off screen and behind the player
- Compass: There's a regulator icon next to the cold or hot icons to indicate power drain
- Item Wheel: Added a functionality to clear user's stolen authority profile in the item wheel
- Item Wheel: Fixed localisation issues
- Radar: Warning indicators tweaks for better dark and light backgrounds contrast
- Current clearance level is now always visible, even at level 0
- Hide quick comms messages while item wheel is open
- Made the footfall info display the planet/moon name on two lines when needed
- SRV Turret: Fixed an issue where some weapon states would display 'Bugged'
HUD Notifications
- Scenario objectives should appear as expected on the top right of the HUD
- Visual improvements and indentation for secondary objectives for better readability
- Clearance level icon and number are now the "illegal" purple
- Added wing member icon for more precise feedback
- Added log notifications when other players board or disembark the vessel you're in.
- Add title to low oxygen warning notification. Also fixed the missing icon for out of oxygen alert
- Cockpit: Clarified the message when trying to engage the FSD with either hardpoints, landing gear or cargo scoop deployed. Previously this was a generic message.
Loadout Browser
- There is now a Customise option for suits and weapons, to browse and apply cosmetic items
- Loadout browser and Edit Loadout screen titles can now be longer, to accommodate long loadout names and localised strings
- Warning that backpack contents will be cleared if different loadout is equipped is now displayed
- Weapon slots are now disabled if the player doesn't own any of that type of weapon
- Minor layout changes to accommodate flight suit not showing any mod slots (due to not being upgradable)
- Improved feedback for locations interaction states (focused, selected, current location)
- Improved feedback for permit locked locations
- Added wing mission icons to the galaxy map and system map mission list
- Added a new plot route button to the bookmark management panel
- Added the owning faction to the system info panel
- Opening the galaxy map from the commodities market will now bring up the relevant commodity data
Mission Board
- Expanded the quote area for the mission faction information
- Fixed localisation issues in the mission giver UI
- When using the mouse in the mission board, pressing back will now correctly take you back to the last focused mission
Focus / Navigation fixes
- Added a wing mission marker to the mission board listing
- Updated passenger trait icons
- Showing on foot resource rewards
- Fixed a bug where the influence/reputation were not correctly set
- Added button artwork to board selection screen
- Mission Board UI can no longer be controlled after using the headlook
Mission Provider
- Fixed Russian formatting in the aftermath panel
- Long mission titles will now get ellipses
- Fixed cut off text in help screen and general structure polish
- Negotiation screen updates including clearer icon for failed negotiations
- Fixed mission details card truncation (especially on Russian language)
Navigation Panel
- Implement buttons for location popup in on foot navigation panel
- Modules browser: Replaced Filter button with Sort dropdown
- Changes to reduce the amount of flickering elements when navigating
- Updated home button art style
- Fixed focus and navigation issues
Pioneer Supplies
- Updated stats layout to make room for additional stats
- Suit damage resistance is now displayed individually per damage type
- Suit backpack capacities are now displayed visually
- Replaced micro-resource grade in upgrade material list with the resource category icon
- Fixed issue for Russian font getting cut off in the header
- Only allow purchase of consumables that the player can afford
- Fixed incorrect grade for weapon being displayed when weapon slot is focused
- Allowed more space for manufacturer description when using filter menus
- Fixed mod slots being focusable when suit or weapon options are displayed
- Fixed an issue where the players balance was not being updated when the player purchases a consumable
- Improved unmanned ships marker visuals
- Made the filters/grades buttons show their details when hovered
- Rebuy/Redeploy UI
- Fixed an issue with cut off text
- Improved UI focus visual states
- Default focus is now on the continue button instead of the back button
- Added better tracking of the cause of death and hostility reasons across the whole game, but specifically for on foot deaths, in order to display better info on the death report screen
- Added the selected ship indicator to disabled ships
- Fixed ship information now to update to the correct data when a filter is selected
- Starport Services
- Fixed Avatar image profiles
- Search & Rescue Contact: Fixed icons and visual states
- Added a fines panel to Interstellar factors
- The menu for buying cosmetic items from the Frontier Store is now split in two: Vehicle Extras and Suit Extras
- Hooked up new icons for vessel and humanoid store on the main menu.
- Fixed the pack contents not appearing in the purchase pop up of suit items
- Fixed focus issue when closing popups
- Rounded off the influence values
Transaction Panels
- Added support for Community Goals
- Added passenger profile pop-up
Transfer panel
- Visual changes to improve the feedback for the player (on-foot & cockpit)
- Fixed wrong markers in tabs, now only tabs with items set for transfer will display the marker
- There is now a Suit Operative Tutorial option in the Training menu to let the player learn the new suit mechanics
Vista Genomics
- Fixed Russian localisation issues
Wing Panel
- Added vessel icon for each wing member

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20??, Season 6 - ?

v6.1: ?

20??, Season 7 - ?

v7.1: ?

20??, Season 8 - ?

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20??, Season 9 - ?

v9.1: ?

20??, Season 10 - ?

v10.1: ?