Hunting Missing Data, Exploration, Mining, TradeDangerous Trading, Bounty Hunting 2019 PMC Elite Dangerous


My name is CMDR Snake Man and this is a story of what happened after returning to Elite after about 8 months break. I wanted to split this story in specific pages according to activity type like exploration, mining, trading, hunting missing data and bounty hunting, but it would have been such a spaghetti mess to jump back and forth between pages that a single page with continuing story through all of it is the best option.

2019-09-08 Getting Started


Brought out Logitech/Saitek X-56 Rhino HOTAS, plugged it in and started to upgrade elite dangerous Smiley :)

Started launcher but as expected, I needed to download and install newer launcher. I did, then launched and had to log in and do the stupid email verification code dance once again.

In the launcher as expected once again, upgrade was waiting for me. It was sunday UTC 1250hrs but the upgrade went through surprisingly fast considering sundays are always the busy elite days when servers are hammered.

Did the first navigation and the second navigation docking tutorials, muscle memory needs to be refreshed Smiley :)

I must say it felt magical to be back in elite sidewinder cockpit, elite is just a great space game. I can't wait to start doing something productive in the actual elite universe again after setting up EDMC and making sure EDSM flight logs get updated etc.

Right now I'm not sure what I want to do, I'd like to explore but also hunt for the missing data (improving trading data) for commodity markets. Unfortunately reason tells me that the hunt for missing data is the same old as it always was and I get frustrated/bored with it in day or two because EDSM Oldest Stations and EDDB closest missing offers nothing but endless list of planetary bases or outposts, where I would never trade with a lakon type-9.

But its still fun to travel around the populated space to see those sights, bases, outposts and space stations. Especially right now in the beginning when everything is so fresh again.

Launched EDMC and of course had long list of upgrades coming.

2019-09-08 Hunt For The Missing Data

Finally in the cockpit and started to go through EDSM oldest stations list.

Did like few EDSM oldest stations data hunts, but then realized that its "oldest" data, well I don't want to update oldest data because that is never ending loop, I want to add MISSING data for distance from star and market prices. So I switched to EDDB closest missing page which does return endless list of planetary shit and outposts, but at least each of these have the market prices missing, so on each docking I am actually contributing into populated place commodity markets.

EDDB list:

2019-09-08T14:52:50Z, HIP 8251, MacCready Plant
2019-09-08T15:10:42Z, HIP 9316, Wisniewski-Snerg Silo
2019-09-08T15:16:49Z, HIP 9316, Condit Landing
2019-09-08T15:26:14Z, HIP 9672, Barr Observatory
2019-09-08T16:25:57Z, Chau Yu, Herbig Arsenal
2019-09-08T16:33:44Z, HIP 11661, Metcalf Vista
2019-09-08T16:51:35Z, Arinas, Brashear Platform
2019-09-08T16:58:02Z, Arinas, Delporte Works
2019-09-08T17:20:17Z, HIP 16272, Amnuel Base
2019-09-08T17:28:18Z, HIP 16272, Taine Camp
2019-09-08T17:36:35Z, HIP 16128, Palmer Barracks
2019-09-08T17:42:02Z, HIP 16128, Aitken Laboratory
2019-09-08T17:49:04Z, HIP 16128, Oosterhoff City
2019-09-08T17:59:02Z, Midi, Fraknoi Camp
2019-09-08T18:05:37Z, Midi, Curtis Relay
2019-09-08T18:15:04Z, Mabon, Ocampo's Inheritance
2019-09-08T18:24:28Z, Mabon, Nearchus Enterprise
2019-09-08T18:48:44Z, HIP 17047, Weaver Colony
2019-09-08T19:19:32Z, Hajon, Bertin Relay
2019-09-08T19:27:58Z, HIP 16954, Archer Depot
2019-09-08T19:35:42Z, Groa, Davidson Prospect
2019-09-08T19:44:55Z, Satvaramab, Thorne Base
2019-09-08T19:52:35Z, HIP 21438, Cook Silo
2019-09-08T20:16:58Z, Macay, Pinzon Hub, station doesn't have a market!
2019-09-08T20:23:23Z, Djiruach, Morrow Ring
2019-09-08T20:30:11Z, Sairhul, Oxley Silo
2019-09-08T20:47:42Z, Kurunmatay, Jones Laboratory
2019-09-08T20:57:51Z, DzacaliTem, Baracchi Hub
2019-09-08T21:06:22Z, HIP 22320, Anderson Installation, station doesn't have a market!
2019-09-08T21:15:05Z, Bonawariyac, Robinson Horizons
2019-09-08T21:49:54Z, Bonawariyac, Corte-Real Relay
2019-09-08T22:00:53Z, HIP 20509, Sitter Silo
2019-09-08T22:16:15Z, HIP 20509, Payne-Gaposchkin Colony
2019-09-08T22:28:02Z, HIP 18857, Younghusband Horizons
2019-09-08T22:35:03Z, HIP 18857, Kuchner Platform
2019-09-08T22:43:27Z, Viromi, Liouville Settlement
2019-09-08T22:52:04Z, Uthlan, Bailly Port

2019-09-08T22:54:11Z felt ... well I'm ashamed to say but bored. I scrolled down the eddb closest missing list and it was just absolutely neverending list of planetary or outposts and I kind of got depressed. No I didn't expect to finish this today, heck not even this week heh but still I should not have scrolled down hehe. Anyways I'm just over the initial fresh excitement of populated space and honestly just elite playing. Sure I played about 11hrs straight so its not too bad and most people can't even play such sessions so I guess it was pretty good.

2019-09-08T22:57:04Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 58, planets smallest: 418.22km, largest: 76266.5km, detail surface scans: 213


Woke up today, cooked some food and then it was time to play elite, hunt some missing market data. My todays goal is to play as long as I can, I assume to get bored before tired but I'll really want to test myself that how many stations I can visit in a one day. Honestly I'm surprised how small the yesterdays list is with only 37 stations visited, I consider that extremely low amount.

Perhaps I'm confusing that to normal exploration traveling which is one system in 44 seconds, while visiting stations for EDDN sending is more like 14 minutes per station, as strange as that sounds. It really depends, for example distance from star is what mostly dictates how long one station takes, planetary usually takes more time than outpost in space, but if you have close ones with basically no traveling time, then it can be as quick as 5min or so.

Also good to note about yesterdays "depressed" mood is that I recall there being 20,000 stations in populated space, so there can be thousands of these missing data stations and my 37 visits per day... don't even make a dent on the list after a week Smiley :)

Edit: took a look at list and it says: Found 68,985 stations. oh man that is huge number of stations and here I was thinking it was 20k hehe. Wow just imagine how many stations there are to do if even 10% of them are missing data... whoah! Smiley :o

2019-09-09T13:35:50Z back in my PMC EDDN Sender asp explorer cockpit and ready to get to work.

2019-09-09T13:42:50Z, Groa, Mooz Barracks
2019-09-09T13:49:14Z, Motintana, McKie Dock
2019-09-09T13:59:13Z, Rindjigas, Gill Platform
2019-09-09T14:05:25Z, HIP 16595, Quinn Plant
2019-09-09T14:18:49Z, Grovicho, Cardano's Progress
2019-09-09T14:27:59Z, HIP 18888, Kurtz Holdings
2019-09-09T14:32:06Z, HIP 18888, Kosai Prospect
2019-09-09T14:54:31Z, Serd, Stackpole Installation
2019-09-09T15:01:34Z, Wikegarak, Alphonsi Orbital
2019-09-09T15:06:46Z, Gurua, Westerhout Terminal
2019-09-09T15:12:59Z, Etz'nambe, Kidd Reach
2019-09-09T15:22:30Z, Aruntei, Bartini Vision
2019-09-09T15:28:52Z, Aruntei, Clarke Legacy
2019-09-09T15:33:53Z, Vogul, Aller Terminal
2019-09-09T15:39:03Z, Vogul, Wagner Terminal
2019-09-09T15:47:36Z, Maasates, Pryor Legacy
2019-09-09T15:54:46Z, San Wu Gu, Smirnova Penal colony
2019-09-09T16:04:40Z, HIP 25359, Anderson Installation
2019-09-09T16:17:27Z, Bhalan, Zoline Prospect
2019-09-09T16:27:19Z, Bagalya, Dyr Port
2019-09-09T16:35:13Z, Khowei, Howe Port
2019-09-09T16:40:53Z, Khowei, Palitzsch Terminal
2019-09-09T16:49:28Z, Bragit, Grant's Inheritance
2019-09-09T17:33:55Z, HIP 23185, Lewis Ring
2019-09-09T17:40:07Z, HIP 24912, Poincare Mines
2019-09-09T17:49:35Z, HIP 19894, Hayashi Terminal
2019-09-09T18:06:45Z, Unktety, Grigorovich Orbital
2019-09-09T18:18:10Z, Leunii, Borrelly Escape
2019-09-09T18:26:19Z, HIP 20385, Chernykh Legacy
2019-09-09T18:34:39Z, Potai, Carrasco Installation
2019-09-09T18:46:37Z, Parorans, Adams Landing
2019-09-09T19:01:43Z, HIP 19212, Regiomontanus Orbital
2019-09-09T19:08:17Z, HIP 19212, Armero Oasis
2019-09-09T19:33:22Z, HIP 20792, Gehry Station
2019-09-09T19:39:32Z, HIP 20792, Zubrin Vision
2019-09-09T19:46:30Z, Cantzicnal, Scotti Landing
2019-09-09T19:54:16Z, Maker, Weiss Market
2019-09-09T20:18:06Z, HIP 15614, Lloyd Prospect
2019-09-09T20:32:56Z, Heikegar, Bolger Arsenal
2019-09-09T20:54:11Z, HIP 30260, Charlier City
2019-09-09T21:01:43Z, HIP 30260, Clark Arsenal
2019-09-09T21:21:13Z, HIP 38235, Kimberlin Penal colony
2019-09-09T21:31:41Z, Putanitu, Gerrold Landing
2019-09-09T21:50:32Z, G 14-6, Burroughs Base

At this point I was utterly bored, I just didn't want to continue this missing data hunt. Its probably my overall burnout thats causing this, I'd hate to think I get bored to elite after only two evenings of game-play.

I'm thinking of departing to long exploration journey or to go mining, perhaps even trading using eddb (because latest TradeDangerous is not working)... but all this feels like desperate attempt to get something interesting going on which is impossible while you're bored. Dunno, just dunno man...

2019-09-09T22:12:07Z, Beta Circini, Quimby Hub
2019-09-09T22:22:20Z, Ullemi, Rosenberg Gateway

Decided to go try that overlapping hotspot painite mining. Got PMC Miner python out as I didn't want to purchase lakon type-9 for this task before testing it out. I went to one of the places recommended by that mining website, detailed surface scanner did not give me the hostpot areas, only the lock on targets, I tried to drop into overlap position but it was just a guessed location. I got fair painite supply there, mining was... well slow, I was there over two hours I think but got just 146 tons of painite before ran out of limpets and also at that point it was pretty clear that it was not overlapping hotspot.

Went to sell into that recommended place and indeed I got 115,683,976cr for the load, not bad.

But still I must test some more, with lakon type-9 on the proper overlapping hotspot and then compare to normal trading using lakon type-9 which is easier and more steady in-come.

Then went to mine another python 160t cargo hold of painite, got like 156t done, that got me 123 million credits, pretty nice. Flew PMC Miner python back to jameson memorial and shut elite down for tonight, dead tired.


2019-09-10T04:36:44Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 128, planets smallest: 291.494km, largest: 76905.5km, detail surface scans: 329

2019-09-10T15:19:11Z New day has started, already ate and now back in elite, in my python cockpit at jameson memorial, lets mine some painite.

Stripped PMC Miner python from modules and then sold it. Purchased Lakon Type-9 and named it PMC Miner 2. My credits currently 3.830 billion.

Outfitted PMC Miner 2 with decent mining loadout. Edit: but I made mistake to outfit only 2x 3A collector limpet controllers which is WAY too little for mining.

My first mining target system was HIP 73269, A1 ring A.

2019-09-10T16:17:28Z arrived to the A1 ring A and had no painite hotspots, eh? Then choose next mining site Xi-2 Lupi, A2 ring A, it was 59.3ly and 8 jumps away.

It is really painful to travel with that slow type-9 heh. I just wonder how many millions would you had made in this traveling time by doing normal trading as one hop pays like several millions.

2019-09-10T16:33:58Z arrived to the A2 ring A and there was no overlapping hotspots for painite. Umm second in a row now, does edtools.ddns suck or what?

Decided to head out for HIP 80266, 6 ring A. This system is 12 jumps away, ugh.

2019-09-10T16:54:56Z arrived at HIP 80266 system.

2019-09-10T16:59:38Z probed Body: HIP 80266 6 A Ring, found one painite hotspot, looking good.

Keelback miner joined me there, no police or pirates in sight. Started to prospect and okay amounts of painite came up from the rocks. I only had 2 collector limpet controllers which was quite low number and there was fair amount of waiting time after shooting mining lasers into the asteroids.

Mining is relaxing, but indeed it takes a really long time with 2 collector limpet controllers and type-9 7D thrusters. But yes, very relaxing being all alone among the rocks in planets rings.

I'm still thinking constant steady normal trading is overall the best money maker.

You definitely want to take more than 2 collector limpet controllers its just way too slow with two. Sure you want to maximize the cargo load you haul back, but not with the expense of mining taking twice as long.

2019-09-10T18:41:52Z currently 147t of painite in the cargo hold, this is really boring and slow pace so it feels frustrating. well frustratingly boring. I am going to try some trading today with my good old Lakon Type-9 to see what kind of results do I get from eddb trading info.

Also worth to note that if you have type-9 cargo hold almost full like crazy 500t plus, then you get interdicted by stupid fucking fake ass scripted AI ships and get destroyed... oh man, imagine the RAGE you would feel at that point. Every minute and every ton you mine, increases the risk of loss if interdiction happens on the way to the sell station.

2019-09-10T20:27:14Z this is now 3h 27min later and only 286t of painite mined. Yes this was my fault for not outfitting more collector limpet controllers as that is what I have to wait for so long after each mining laser blast. But yes also finding more than 20% painite rocks takes a while.


2019-09-11T00:52:39Z ran out of limpets, total of 667t painite in cargo (and 12 palladium). I didn't want the palladium but it was (excuse) so hard to put it on ignore so I just left it there heh.

Had to cook food and eat, so short break. Then I started to plan on my trip to best sell station. Looking at edtools.ddns its Wat Yu/Cameron Gateway, its 130ly and 15 jumps away. That is a long way... to be in lakon type-9 at mercy of fake scripted retard AI pirate interdictions... but lets do it and see what happens.

2019-09-11T02:37:40Z arrived at Wat Yu system and docked to Cameron Gateway, no interdictions, not even a one threat on the radio comms! amazing! Smiley :)

Sold the palladium for hundred and seventy thousand something and all this painite mining gave me 514,423,750cr! Budget now 4.302 billion Smiley :)

Flew PMC Miner 2 back to Jameson Memorial, plan was to start trading but I was really tried so kind of was just chilling.

2019-09-11T13:35:27Z new day has started, back at elite, docked in Jameson Memorial.

Trading With Lakon Type-9

Took out PMC Trader which is my good old Lakon Type-9, sold the supercruise assist whatever newbie module and purchased massive 2t cargo rack, now my total capacity is 790t Smiley :)

As I planned last night now its time to trade using eddb multi hop trading thing because TradeDangerous currently is not working in my linux.

PLAN: Purchased resonating separators. Filtered galaxy map for non anarchy systems and plotted route to LP 888-62 which was many jumps away, so I surely made a eddb trading newbie mistake with the hops and distance, these settings are way too long for profitable trading.

Even with non anarchy systems I got interdicted, so I submitted, throttle to zero waiting, no demands just threats and then he opened fire, huh? Didn't even check what ship it was, police also arrived to the scene but I high wake jumped out of there. He managed to damage me to 84% hull status.

2019-09-11T14:06:52Z arrived at BU 741 system, then docked at Starport Alpha to refuel. I wanted to repair the damage but this starport had no repair facility heh. From this refuel stop I still have 6 jumps to the destination system.

Two systems down the route... AI fake ass scripted stupid retard interdiction, he started to shoot me immediately and shot some coocoo land kiddie crap engineered weapons (I heard thermal attack) and got my FSD offline among other things, then just fucking destroyed me.

Strange enough I did not rage quit, I was just "oh well, Elite Dangerous Trading 2019." heh, I actually went back to eddb, adjusted the settings and continued multi hop trading route from there. Obviously if this shit continues endlessly that on every trade route you get killed, face 3.4 million rebuy and lost who knows how many million in cargo... yes why the fuck would anyone in their right mind do stupid shit like this.

Bought basic medicines, plotted route to Dierites which was 2 jumps away (no non anarchy filtering anymore), now we have a better trading route specifications.

2019-09-11T14:30:00Z docked at Leoniceno City station, sold 790x basic medicines for 249.6k profit. Bought 790x military grade fabrics, plotted route to Ghimr/Kingsmill Hub which was just a one jump.

2019-09-11T14:38:54Z docked at Kingsmill Hub and sold 790x military grade fabrics for 6.357 million profit! Smiley :)

Bought 790x beryllium, plotted route to Malannher/Khan City, 4 jumps away. On the first system got pirate shouting threats in radio comms but I managed to jump before the interdiction started.

2019-09-11T14:55:42Z docked at Khan City and sold 790x beryllium for 975.6k profit.

Bought 790x military grade fabrics, plotted route to Ghimr/Kingsmill Hub, 4 jumps away. So now eddb starts to loop back to the profitable system, I believe there was option for no loops but it didn't seem to work in grand scheme of things, yes it avoids loops but doesn't avoid coming back to profitable system like in my case just here now.

2019-09-11T15:17:25Z docked at Kingsmill Hub and sold 790x military grade fabrics for 6.251 million profit.

Bought 790x beryllium, plotted route to Malannher/Khan City, 4 jumps away.

2019-09-11T15:29:19Z docked at Khan City and sold 790x beryllium for 962.2k profit.

Bought 790x military grade fabrics, plotted route to Ghimr/Kingsmill Hub, 4 jumps away. Here you see the repetitive copy paste loop continuing. Honestly I ALREADY feel a little bit bored hammering back and forth with these two stations selling the same cargo. I actually bookmarked these two stations for easier/quicker route plotting.

2019-09-11T15:45:29Z docked at Kingsmill Hub and sold 790x military grade fabrics for 6.245 million profit. Budget now 4.315 billion.

With this trade run complete I decided to pick a new one, actually I'm going to google research if I could fix my TradeDangerous install, maybe contact the current developer in community developers (EDCD) discord or something. Its always been clear that eddb just ain't a proper trading tool, nothing even compares to TradeDangerous it is light years ahead of the competition. But obviously that means nothing if the fucking thing doesn't work Smiley :)

Decided to use eddb loop finder, plotted route to Panorua, 7 jumps which I do with an empty ship.

2019-09-11T16:35:30Z docked at Panorua/Xiaoguan City. Bought 790x polymers, plotted route to Cromovii system which was 4 jumps away.

2019-09-11T16:47:14Z docked at Cromovii/Dall Horizons and sold 790x polymers for 7.076 million profit.

Tried to install TradeDangerous to PMC Gaming machine, but no go, getting the same error as in PMC Linux machine so the current github version is broken.

Back to eddb multi hop trading, snif. Bought 790x basic medicines, plotted route to Panorua/Xiaoguan City, 4 jumps away.

2019-09-11T17:27:37Z docked at Panorua/Xiaoguan City and sold 790x basic medicines for 214.8k profit.

Realized that this multi hop trade route is much worse than the loop route. Was really frustrated with eddb trading (as usual) so decided to give TradeDangerous install one more try, because the latest version is broken... lets try older one. So I checked out some changelogs, used common logic, then downloaded v10.4.8 from release archives and aayeah it was working in PMC Linux python 3.5.2 setup! Man was I happy Smiley :)

Got database all updated and excellent trade routes calculated, lets trade! Smiley :)

2019-09-11T19:23:50Z docked at Panorua/Marconi Orbital, bought 790x military grade fabrics, plotted route to Ida Dhor/Vancouver Gateway, which was 2 jumps away.

2019-09-11T19:32:22Z docked at Ida Dhor/Vancouver Gateway and sold 790x military grade fabrics for 3.569 million profit.

Bought 790x Consumer Technology, plotted route to Panorua/Xiaoguan City which is 2 jumps away.

2019-09-11T19:45:18Z docked at Panorua/Xiaoguan City and sold 790x consumer technology for 1.395 million profit.

Bought 790x polymers, plotted route to Irula/Anderson Orbital which is only a jump away. When departing my type-9 collided with something, no idea what it was as I could not see anyone above or side of me, got 90% hull status, oh well.

2019-09-11T19:55:14Z docked at Irula/Anderson Orbital and sold 790x polymers for 4.041 million profit. Budget now 4.332 billion.

The collision got me 7.7k credit repairs.

After some time tinkering with TradeDangerous I decided to go EDDN send market data for the "olddata" systems and see if those gets updated nearly in real time.

2019-09-11 Hunt For The Missing Data

2019-09-11T21:02:49Z docked at jameson memorial, time to hop into PMC EDDN Sender and go hunt some missing data using TradeDangerous this time.

2019-09-11T21:31:10Z docked at 63 Omicron-2 Cancri/Russell Dock which was 270k ls out hehe. Checked out few minutes later with TradeDangerous eddblink update and russell dock had updated, excellent!

2019-09-11T22:01:33Z docked at Senoni/Whitson Market.

2019-09-11T22:09:09Z docked at Senoni/Tarelkin Hub.

2019-09-11T22:22:26Z docked at Chonpon/Malerba Hub.

2019-09-11T22:34:47Z docked at 101 Tauri/Schmitt Orbital.

And again, got bored for this task. I guess its been a long day playing already, hmm about 9hrs actually is not that long gaming session compared to my usual long sessions.

2019-09-11T22:57:16Z docked at Jameson Memorial, time to call it a night or well at least take a break (watch tv, grab some chow) as I'm just not feeling up to play some more.

2019-09-11T22:58:09Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 79, detail surface scans: 116


2019-09-12T16:14:02Z new day has started, back in Elite and time to... well trade, mine or EDDN send missing data, dunno exactly what I'm going to do today, maybe everything Smiley :)

Decided to start with yesterdays ship choice which is PMC EDDN Sender, so did TradeDangerous olddata command and off I go, 4 jumps to Oromecani system.

2019-09-12T16:27:12Z docked at Oromecani/Stanley Platform.
2019-09-12T16:33:13Z docked at HR 4749/Brunner Ring.
2019-09-12T16:40:27Z docked at Elycoch/Fearn Gateway.
2019-09-12T16:46:47Z docked at HIP 54362/Knapp Station.
2019-09-12T16:53:36Z docked at Kaurawalaga/Gamow Orbital.
2019-09-12T17:08:00Z docked at HIP 50805/Sverdrup City.
2019-09-12T17:13:57Z docked at Paiyati/Harvey Gateway.
2019-09-12T17:21:19Z docked at Tricastini/Stross Port.
2019-09-12T18:11:17Z docked at Gippsworld/Jim Bergerac.
2019-09-12T18:24:28Z docked at Mulayo/Arnold Terminal.
2019-09-12T19:17:17Z docked at Kulkan Lung/Celsius Dock.
2019-09-12T19:34:31Z docked at Tepehuacoc/Scheerbart Ring.
2019-09-12T19:56:16Z docked at Mortel/Wilmore Dock.
2019-09-12T20:02:55Z docked at Jinicoch/Aleksandrov Dock.
2019-09-12T20:11:41Z docked at Diabak/Rennie Ring.

2019-09-12T20:18:29Z docked at BD-04 2421/Phillips Ring which concludes this list of TradeDangerous olddata list for now. I want to do something else, probably going back to mining.

2019-09-12 Painite Mining

2019-09-12T20:54:30Z docked at Jameson Memorial, time to break out PMC Miner 2 and outfit it a bit better. Used this outfitting: PMC Miner 2 Specifications.

Decided to go to HIP 73269/A1 ring A to mine and after I'll check eddb where to go sell.

2019-09-12T21:39:06Z arrived to HIP 73269/A1 ring A.

2019-09-12T21:46:38Z started to mine, fired first prospector out. Let's do this...

2019-09-12T22:56:03Z got 147t painite in cargo, have to take a quick lunch break Smiley :)


2019-09-13T03:44:28Z finally ran out of limpets, got 626t painite and 14t of palladium in cargo hold. Nice haul, but it was 6hrs, hmm quite a long time.

Used TradeDangerous to check painite sell prices, found Perktomen/Rominger Station with 870k, it was 146ly and 18 jumps away. That is quite far and the risk for AI fake scripted pirates to attack me increase by each jump. The dangerous journey begins ...

Interdiction on second jump, 85% hull, THERMAL ATTACK coocooland kiddie bullshit. I decided to make a pitstop at zaonce to repair my hull, but before I reached there I got another interdiction, it was a high security system and police arrived when the clipper was shooting at me, luckily he didn't get my shields down before I escaped.

2019-09-13T04:19:10Z docked at Zaonce/Ridley Scott for repairs. Man I was SO nervous on this one, how many hundreds of MILLIONS worth of cargo on board heh. Repairs cost me 16.6k credits. I did check how much painite is bought here but it was dirt cheap, gotta continue.

Perktomen is 11 jumps away, don't even need to refuel before reaching it. Now its just matter of fake ass retard scripted AI interdictions... 11 jumps, will they get me or not...

Decided to switch galaxy map filter to high-security systems, just in case it might help me with interdictions. I don't care about how much damage I get, as long as I don't die. If AI interdicts but police drops in almost immediately and I head towards the police ships... I just might make it.

But first system to jump to was LOW security, eh? Guess the filter just attempts to plot route for selected systems but falls back to whatever necessary to complete the route, dunno.

Man was I scared when jumping as looked like every damn jump is into low or at best medium security system, it was hilarious as there was NO high security systems Smiley :)

Got pirate threats on radio comms but managed to jump away.

2019-09-13T04:46:01Z docked at Perktomen/Rominger Station with a HUGE sigh of relief Smiley :)

Sold 14x palladium for 221.7k profit. When doing that I got few more painite refined from the refinery bin hopper thing, now I have 634t of painite. Sold that for 858.5k per unit profit, so total of 544.3 MILLION profit Smiley :D

My budget now 4.835 billion heh.

And it was time to call it a night here, nothing I could do tonight anymore which could top this achievement so better to call it quits while feeling great.

2019-09-13T04:55:39Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 72, planets smallest: 2366.82km, largest: 9387.22km, detail surface scans: 151

2019-09-13 Trading With Lakon Type-9

2019-09-13T14:50:12Z back in elite, time to take PMC Miner 2 to jameson memorial and do some TradeDangerous trading.

2019-09-13T14:59:22Z docked at jameson memorial. Now I'm considering should I outfit PMC Trader with shields... which goes against all my beliefs since the beginning of the elite, you do not explore with shields, you do not trade with shields. But I do have to admit that yesterday in PMC Miner 2 when I got interdicted and shot at I would have been dead without shields. It just pisses me off that these fake ass retard scripted AI interdictions ruin all the fun of trading/mining.

Current PMC Trader outfitting: PMC Trader Specifications.

Used TradeDangerous to plot route from jameson to the best trading route in the galaxy starting point which is LP 377-78/Gaspar de Lemos Port, making some credits while enroute there.

Bought 790 x Technology/Resonating Separators and plotted course to L 190-21/Gurragchaa Orbital which is 4 jumps away.

2019-09-13T16:15:12Z docked at L 190-21/Gurragchaa Orbital without incident, not even one pirate on the radio shouting threats, good. Sold cargo for 1.590 million profit. I was instructed to buy Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics but that was (40hrs?) old data as there was no supply. So I plotted route to Ross 85/Mohmand Station with empty cargo hold, its 2 jumps away which will be a cake walk without cargo.

2019-09-13T16:27:39Z docked at Ross 85/Mohmand Station, bought 790 x Medicines/Progenitor Cells and plotted route to LP 320-359/Franklin Terminal which is 4 jumps.

Actually now that I think of it... on previous hop I might have made mistake of only looking at SELL section in the commodity market heh, oh well, I'll be more careful from now on.

2019-09-13T16:38:47Z docked at LP 320-359/Franklin Terminal sold cargo for 1.233 million profit. Bought 790 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics, plotted route to LHS 2771/Sarafanov Vision which is 3 jumps.

2019-09-13T16:51:44Z docked at LHS 2771/Sarafanov Vision sold cargo for 6.484 million profit. Bought 790 x Consumer Items/Consumer Technology, the price was considerable higher than in TradeDangerous but I still decided to buy them. Plotted route to LP 377-78/Gaspar de Lemos Port which is 2 jumps.

2019-09-13T17:12:06Z docked at LP 377-78/Gaspar de Lemos Port which is my final destination beginning from jameson memorial, now I am in the best trading route in the galaxy. Sold cargo for 869k profit which is not much but at least didn't have to travel empty. Budget now 4.845 billion.

This the best profit route has one hop empty so dunno how it plays out, we'll see.

Bought 790 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics, plotted route to Tellus/Ahern Enterprise which is 2 jumps.

2019-09-13T17:29:29Z docked at Tellus/Ahern Enterprise and sold cargo for 6.538 million profit. Bought 790 x Medicines/Basic Medicines, plotted route to Wolf 412/Borisenko Landing which is 2 jumps away.

2019-09-13T17:40:49Z docked at Wolf 412/Borisenko Landing and sold cargo for 3.601 million profit. Now I need to hop empty to LP 377-78/Gaspar de Lemos Port which (as empty) is only one jump so rather quick, but still kind of feel useless to travel empty when trading.

2019-09-13T17:48:39Z docked at LP 377-78/Gaspar de Lemos Port, bought 790 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics and plotted route to Tellus/Ahern Enterprise which is 2 jumps away.

2019-09-13T17:56:47Z docked at Tellus/Ahern Enterprise and sold cargo for 6.538 million profit.

From now on I'm not going to write play-by-play, just interdiction or other special events, if I can keep trading up I'll update budget balance time to time. Its just feels so silly to read every hop info as its mostly copy pasted stuff.

2019-09-13T18:41:16Z still no interdictions, hmm... and as soon as I wrote that I got interdicted, fucking pirate immediately opened fire and did damage for 72% hull status. I don't get it, why are they killers and not pirates, they don't demand any cargo they immediately open fire without any communication?

On the next station got 20.6k worth of repairs which is nothing, cost of doing business. But man the shields would definitely protect you a lot and give time to escape, but the amount of cargo space they eat is insane (class 5 shields for type-9).

2019-09-13T19:02:46Z exited from elite for lunch time (no bearing on the interdiction btw, just to be clear) and was again pretty bored for trading, I mean when you have 4.8 billion credits and you make 3-6 million profit in average... it kind of feels like you're just spinning your wheels. I'd like to go back start from scratch trading where every credit is important and makes a difference, or to go out on a long exploration journey again.

The thing about long exploration journey is that again that gets me bored after few days and the december update is really close so IF the personal fleet carriers get me excited then I need to return in december, which might be too soon or at least make the exploration journey too rushed.

Dunno. I'm just bored, heh.

After the lunch time, yup I'm bored... was just sitting trying to think what do I want to do in elite, what *can* I do... All I could come up with was that exploration journey before december, or just until further notice as it really depends how the personal fleet carriers turn out feature wise. So I decided to go exploring, no plan whatsoever just heading towards north east direction, no idea where to go from there. I just want to be in the black and explore new systems, discover earth-likes, water worlds and other special planets.

So off to fly PMC Trader back to jameson memorial once again heh.

2019-09-13 Exploring

2019-09-13T20:44:58Z docked at jameson memorial, tucked in PMC Trader and brought out PMC Explorer.

Was checking out my asp in and noticed I could squeeze in a bit more jump range and speed with replacing 3B power plant to 3C. Jump range now 63.04ly Smiley :) PMC Explorer Specifications

2019-09-13T20:55:56Z Plotted route about 10k ly towards east and departed jameson memorial.

Decided to jump with honk but without checking system map for one hour straight because I wanted to get away from populated space and the stench of other commanders, I recall from my january 2019 exploration trip that other commanders pollution on discoveries extends thousands of light years from populated space so its pointless to even check system map before you are far enough away.

I don't remember to what thousand number the range was set last time, but it might have been angrily said to be like nice round number of 10,000ly.

So now I set alarm timer to my phone that I'm going to jump straight for one hour without checking system map, then I'll check how far away I got and evaluate if I should start to check system map yet. I doubt one hour is enough, thats nothing like two or three thousand light years, I cant remember heh.

2019-09-13T21:58:35Z arrived at Pro Eur UC-M c7-29 system which was one hour of constant jumping with minimum of fuel scooping, absolutely no wasted time ALT-TABbing etc, this was as fast as I can travel one hour. Result was distance to sol 4,484ly which REALLY surprised me, I was expecting like two max three thousand light years heh.

Guess the 63.04ly jump range in PMC Explorer ASP rulez Smiley :)

This one hour jumping felt like nothing, I honestly was surprised my alarm went off like "huh!? what already?" heh, so I decided to do another one hour jumping session, this would also give more confirmation to the first one.

2019-09-13T23:08:53Z arrived at Prooe Dryoae ZF-L d9-32 system another hour of straight jumping, distance to sol 8,891ly so pretty much the same amount traveled as in the first hour. So its easy to say that if PMC Explorer ASP is in hurry it can go 4.4k ly in an hour.

Took a quick break to scan my notes and did not find any info how large range around bubble there is for other CMDR polluted systems, like when you can start to scan systems without worrying about already dicovered systems.

I decided to start scan systems now with 8.8k ly distance to sol. Let's see how many already discovered systems I come across with.

2019-09-13T23:58:35Z arrived at Prae Dryou EM-T a85-1 system and thought about going to visit Sanguineous Rim region so plotted course there.


2019-09-14T02:24:07Z decided to end playing for today, its actually been quite a long day already.

2019-09-14T02:26:39Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 236, special planets ammonia: 2, earthlike: 1, water: 5, planets smallest: 393.219km, largest: 77107.7km, detail surface scans: 908

Apparently somewhere here is missing CMDR log parts about second account trading start from scratch, I'll try to locate this log and insert here, but for now we skip to 17th on quick note.

2019-09-17T0145hrs when I was done start from scratch playing, I backupped journals, netlogs and elite log from CMDR "Snake Man PMC". Then deactived second and activated real account. Finally restored my real CMDR "Snake Man" Elite Log config and log files.

Now its time to continue exploring Smiley :)


2019-09-16T23:28:00Z everything done and back in PMC Explorer ASP cockpit, lets explore Smiley :)


2019-09-17T08:01:21Z was at Distance to Sol: 18,196.16 ly and came across couple of systems discovered by CMDRs, wow 18k ly out? hmm

2019-09-17T08:15:14Z arrived at Praei Eurk CV-X c14-1 system and was dead tired, its time to call it a night.

2019-09-17T19:16:53Z back in elite, in PMC Explorer's cockpit, lets continue exploring achille's altar region.

2019-09-17T19:53:04Z arrived at Sidgoe WI-X c28-0 system. Distance to Sol: 19,275.12 ly. Discovered by a CMDR.

2019-09-18 Elite Dangerous v3.5 September Update

2019-09-18T05:14:07Z had a loong break just watching youtube videos (watched latest years Isinona videos), played on and off a bit but you cant watch videos at the same time so I shut elite down, starting it back up now and plan is to explore until galaxy servers go down for september update within few hours.

2019-09-18T06:01:08Z arrived at Smojaei PK-I c9-1 system. Distance to Sol: 21,746.01 ly. Discovered by a CMDR.

2019-09-18T07:50:21Z shut down elite as server message said 10 minutes until servers go down for september update, expected downtime 8hrs. More elite tomorrow ;)

2019-09-18T07:51:48Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 94, special planets earthlike: 1, water: 14, planets smallest: 479.617km, largest: 77394.4km, detail surface scans: 510

2019-09-18T19:03:07Z Elite Dangerous v3.5 September Update released! Back in my PMC Explorer ASP cockpit, in Grie Eork RN-I c26-0 system, distance to Sol: 22,809.81 ly.

2019-09-18T19:29:11Z Was in Byae Theia TO-Z d13-3 system distance to Sol: 22,947.04 ly, both stars were discovered by a CMDR but nothing else, I discovered and surface mapped four terraformable high metal content planets.

2019-09-18T22:38:06Z arrived at Bloo Dryoae VN-T c6-0 system Distance to Sol: 23,500.17 ly, whole system discovered by a CMDR, there was at least two maybe three water worlds which I did not scan because I don't accept sloppy seconds.


2019-09-19T00:12:53Z arrived at Bloo Dryoae XS-K c11-0 system Distance to Sol: 23,865.06 ly was another system completely discovered by a CMDR. Oh my, is this what 2019 exploration is all about, "everything" discovered? Smiley :)

2019-09-19T01:59:31Z Started to get really, not bored but sort of exhausted, just wanted to watch some tv so decided to call it for the night regarding elite.

Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 34, special planets water: 4, planets smallest: 385.385km, largest: 77464.3km, detail surface scans: 363

2019-09-20 New Highscore Smallest Landable Planet

2019-09-20T00:13:01Z back in elite, lets explore.

I'm system map visual scanning all landable planet surfaces now, carefully and calmly without any rush. I'm currently thinking that whats the point of exploring if all you do is jump & honk and only to stop scanning special planets, like you dont scan anything unless you see ammonia, earth-like or water world signals in FSS.

Obviously this is a huge time sink, if you spend all day doing this it depends mostly on number of landable planets you discover and even about how much time you spend in FSS, that you might not be able to jump more than 20-30 systems in average day. Difficult to say as I'm only been doing this for day or two now, but yes absolutely this is really slow progress on exploration journey, obviously.

Guess I'm just trying to enjoy the exploration instead of the usual jump & honk stress.

2019-09-20T07:06:02Z New highscore planet radius SMALLEST! 156.874 km AND new highscore *landable* planet radius SMALLEST! 156.874 km, Syroifooe JK-E c25-0 A 1 a.

2019-09-20T08:50:02Z Getting little exhausting to play again, time to call it a night even though its not even close to night for me. Was a pretty good exploring day today, found a new highscore planet so gotta be happy with that Smiley :)

2019-09-20T08:51:06Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 54, special planets ammonia: 1, earthlike: 1, water: 5, planets smallest: 156.874km, largest: 77672.5km, detail surface scans: 845.

2019-09-20T22:38:48Z back in elite, lets continue exploring Lyra's Song region.


2019-09-21T00:56:56Z even though I had good nights sleep (like over 7hrs) I was yawning like crazy while playing, so decided to go take a nap...

2019-09-21T01:00:22Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 15, special planets earthlike: 1, water: 3, planets smallest: 436.817km, largest: 71263km, detail surface scans: 187

2019-09-21T04:00:59Z back at elite, but decided to switch into CMDR "Snake Man PMC" second account for some populated space activities. However I got stuck in FSD "blue tunnel" so had to come back to CMDR "Snake Man" real account and exploring Smiley :rolleyes:

2019-09-21T07:51:10Z was bored, time to stop playing for today.

2019-09-21T07:51:30Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 18, special planets water: 5, planets smallest: 262.327km, largest: 77188.5km, detail surface scans: 291


2019-09-26T09:31:18Z back in elite, plan is to switch accounts and check if FDEV fixed my second account FSD "blue tunnel" issue after I sent support an email. So first have to prepare EDMC, Elite Log and log dirs. I would assume its not fixed because didn't get a reply from support.

2019-09-26T09:38:06Z switched to CMDR "Snake Man PMC" and FSD works okay now, excellent! This means I didn't need to return from my exploration trip in order to do some populated space activities like hunting missing data Smiley :)

Plotted route to Zaragas/Jenner Hub where I'm going to buy a second account EDDN sender ship Diamondback Explorer Specifications.

Used TradeDangerous to calculate route and then visited the below systems:

python3 olddata --min-age 800 --ly 200 --route --near Wo9812B
Station                        Age/days      StnLs Pad Plt
Ch'ol/Wait Colburn Base          910.39        528 Lrg Yes
HIP 74067/Koontz Camp            907.64      6.61K Lrg Yes
Taiowahungu/Duke Relay           907.12        888 Lrg Yes
Lalande 38626/Guidoni Barracks   899.76       231K Lrg Yes
Station                                   DistLy Age/days      StnLs Pad Plt
Vistnero/Harris Terminal                   81.28   888.61        147 Lrg Yes
Cornsar/Fleming Arena                      82.40   802.98        312 Lrg Yes
San Neb Xoc/Ising Dock                    152.59   812.65      1.21K Med  No
Wolf 1042/Grissom Orbital                 154.26   822.69       307K Med  No
Lu Bosate/Sekowski Arsenal                184.72   877.01      1.20K Lrg Yes
Col 285 Sector XK-V b16-0/Popper Barracks 190.00   823.03         25 Lrg Yes
Wo 9812 B/Fozard Lab                      188.13   891.38      2.22K Lrg Yes
Ayoro Nage/Coke Legacy              79.11   898.45          ? Lrg Yes
Warundecab/Caselberg Vision         67.71   876.16        645 Med  No
Kokowatsu/Fischer Landing          101.12   837.58      1.22K Med  No
Ngarans/Beshore Landing            101.69   818.67        20K Med  No
Ngarans/Tuttle Port                101.69   818.68        20K Med  No
Uberadji/Makarov Relay              83.37   815.76        335 Lrg Yes
Jurusasar/Kosai Horizons            84.43   845.08      3.09K Lrg Yes
Li Jiu/Bertin Observatory          129.21   895.74          ? Lrg Yes

2019-09-26T14:18:07Z finished playing as I realized EDMC wont send station data if scan data is disabled. So distance from star and shipyard data is not updated, commodity market prices is the only update EDMC sends.

This is no good, I was quite devastated to find this out, made me feel like my second account is useless now if I cannot use it in populated space to send EDDN updates. Shut everything down and started to ask around in discord, Athanasius said that yes this is how it works but he might be able to take a look at the problem lateron, maybe he could add multi CMDR file support for it, dunno.

2019-09-26T14:54:32Z continued playing with CMDR Snake Man in my normal exploration location Smiley :)

2019-09-26T15:32:12Z decided to head back to populated space, I want to do more EDDN sending (properly), mining and trading. Hah yes I know flip flopping again, when I'm exploring I want to be in populated space and wise versa Smiley :)

Total of 315 jumps to the first waypoint, total distance was like 28.4k ly to sol.

2019-09-26T16:15:20Z arrived at Pleia Aed RY-M b34-0 system and then frontier server yellow adder error.

2019-09-26T16:24:05Z arrived at Qeakio XU-O b33-0 system back in game heh.

2019-09-26T17:27:42Z arrived at Qeakoe SM-W d1-2 system which had two water worlds and earth-like world discovered by a CMDR.

2019-09-26T17:53:47Z arrived at Qeakoe FA-A c0 system and then it was time to call it a night, dead tired.

2019-09-26T17:54:30Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 90, special planets ammonia: 2, water: 11, planets smallest: 381.865km, largest: 13518.5km, detail surface scans: 429

2019-09-27 Voyage Home

2019-09-27T03:55:19Z back in elite, voyage home continues...

Continuing towards the same waypoint as yesterday, I could have plotted longer route but just using the same waypoint. Got 229 jumps to go there. I'm now in the fast travel mode that I only stop to FSS scan ammonia/earth-like/water worlds.

Todays plan is to return to jameson memorial, Distance to Sol: 23,892.68 ly but doesn't really matter, I'll push on as long as I stay awake or get bored (you never know). I'm optimistic to get there today, in fact it might be piece of cake, we'll see.

2019-09-27T04:14:15Z arrived at Syroifua MD-I c23-0 system which had a water world... discovered by a CMDR, in fact the whole system was discovered by TWO CMDRs. This is Distance to Sol: 23,295.58 ly which is quite unbelievable. I must be on some stupid expedition route or something because in galaxy of 400 billion star systems being this far out from sol... how is it humanly possible to run into so many systems discovered by other CMDRs.

2019-09-27T04:18:32Z arrived at Syroifua BL-P e5-0 system which star was discovered by Sam Ishum, however there was single body in this system, Syroifua BL-P e5-0 1 which was a water world, undiscovered. It was 13k LS away so maybe Sam had personal limit that he wont go after bodies beyond X number of LS, who knows. Obviously he was here before beyond exploration updates as he could have otherwise FSS discovered that water world. I did that and even supercruised there to surface mapping probing it.

But this is really troublesome, this system is Distance to Sol: 23,206.91 ly so yeah... I guess it needs to be 30k ly bubble around sol if you want to ensure the sunday explorers have not visited the area. Dunno man, I think 60ly jump range is now the norm so pretty much anybody can equip a good exploring Asp which reaches anywhere in the galaxy within days of dedicated exploring.

Exploring is not what it used to be.

This sucks.

2019-09-27T04:28:45Z arrived at Syroifua CW-E d11-0 system which system star was discovered by a CMDR, and the next system I jumped after that... haha, sigh Smiley :(

2019-09-27T04:47:11Z decided to rise on the galaxy plane a bit maybe that would reduce the other CMDR stench. Well that didn't work, only 100ly up the plane and route plotter already failed heh, oh well back to the plane then. All I care about is getting back to populated space and to PMC EDDN Sender to go hunt missing station data.

2019-09-27T05:20:51Z arrived at Syroifaa WD-K d8-2 system discovered by a CMDR, water worlds... Then the next system was discovered by a CMDR as well, sigh.

2019-09-27T06:24:14Z plotted route to jameson memorial, 19.4k ly away, 320 jumps. Here we go.

2019-09-27T08:35:29Z arrived at Byooe Thaa VP-G d10-31 system and was almost falling a sleep while playing, gotta take a couple of hour nap Smiley :(

2019-09-27T08:36:02Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 193, special planets ammonia: 3, water: 16, planets smallest: 335.409km, largest: 71222.7km, detail surface scans: 700

2019-09-27T11:12:37Z Nap is over, back in PMC Explorer cockpit and we continue. Still got 224 jumps to jameson memorial, 13.4k ly distance.

2019-09-27T14:40:26Z arrived at Prua Dryou XN-I c26-10 system which was mere 4700ly from sol and discovered by two CMDRs, so decided to stop checking FSS and just travel as fast as possible. I actually forgot to stop FSS scanning in the 10k ly mark heh.

2019-09-27 The Hunt For The Missing Data

2019-09-27T15:55:18Z arrived at Shinrarta Dezhra system

2019-09-27T15:58:33Z docked at shinrarta dezhra/jameson memorial, exploration trip is over. Time to start selling exploration data Smiley :)

EDMC had like 6440 messages to send into eddn Smiley :)

Credits before selling data 4.882b, after 5.335b so made 453 million credits Smiley :)

2019-09-27T16:51:09Z EDMC EDDN message sending finished, finally heh.

Switched ship to PMC EDDN Sender, purchased guardian FSD booster H class, then switched to open play, plotted course to Morong/ParryPenalcolony and off to hunt missing data for stations Smiley :)

2019-09-27T17:28:17Z docked at Morong/ParryPenalcolony, first TradeDangerous olddata station updated.

python3 olddata --limit 100 --min-age 800 --ly 200 --route --near Morong
Station                          DistLy Age/days      StnLs Pad Plt
HIP 40928/Kozeyev's Progress      69.00   845.69      2.79K Lrg Yes
HIP 53042/Brillant Point         128.75   872.80        346 Lrg Yes
HIP 53756/Lanier Camp            136.18   810.59        21K Lrg Yes
7 Canum Venaticorum/Hinz Arsenal 164.05   813.62        80K Lrg Yes
HIP 62175/Bethke Installation    162.49   801.77      3.31K Lrg Yes
Hopian/Caidin Settlement         172.11   817.79        717 Med  No
HIP 44610/O'Leary Works          113.26   859.59        20K Lrg Yes

2019-09-27T19:03:22Z dead tired, time to call it a night. Was pretty good day today overall.

2019-09-27T19:03:45Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 241, special planets ammonia: 1, earthlike: 1, water: 11, planets smallest: 418.077km, largest: 76855.3km, detail surface scans: 905


2019-09-28T04:53:04Z back at PMC EDDN Sender cockpit, ready to continue hunting missing data for stations Smiley :)

Updated TradeDangerous, got new olddata stations list from my current location, then off I go.

python3 olddata --limit 100 --min-age 800 --ly 200 --route --near HIP44610
Station                         DistLy Age/days      StnLs Pad Plt
Daha/Asprin Hub                 198.13   868.40         72 Lrg Yes
Daha/Jun Dock                   198.13   874.24        83K Med  No
Taweret/Birmingham Horizons     194.91   869.77         31 Lrg Yes
HIP 76398/Sverdrup Dock         155.05   847.32      5.16K Med  No
HIP 79152/Mallett Installation  128.72   811.28      4.33K Lrg Yes
BD+22 2742/Khayyam Installation 142.86   844.16        19K Lrg Yes
LTT 2099/Fernandez Gateway      198.27   845.82        253 Lrg Yes

Then I decided to go after the oldest data without any sorting or routes.

Station                                                  Age/days      StnLs Pad Plt
Gelong/Bryusov Laboratory                                  894.58      2.16K Lrg Yes
HIP 97096/Goryu Hub                                        892.67      1.10K Lrg Yes
HIP 6182/Dalgarno Landing                                  892.38      7.33K Med  No
HIP 6182/Fowler Bastion                                    892.37      6.87K Lrg Yes
HR 8104/Taylor Orbital                                     888.59      3.90K Med  No
Baijun/Bernoulli's Inheritance                             888.38         32 Lrg Yes
HR 358/Kingsmill Holdings                                  885.35       318K Lrg Yes
San Wu Gu/VanderMeer Hub                                   883.68        104 Lrg Yes

2019-09-28T09:29:21Z Got really tired on those long distances between those oldest stations without any routes, so calculated new route with less jumping.

python3 olddata --limit 100 --min-age 800 --ly 200 --route --near SanWuGu
Station                           DistLy Age/days      StnLs Pad Plt
Hranyi/Kirtley Installation       191.59   866.57         82 Lrg Yes
HIP 52248/Goldstein Mine          191.52   854.33        291 Lrg Yes
HIP 35910/Artsutanov Landing       91.17   856.17      3.70K Lrg Yes
Katas/Goldreich Vision             14.50   802.96         62 Med  No
Katas/Michalitsianos Colony        14.50   803.06      2.28K Med  No
Wikini/Anderson Port               65.22   803.48      3.89K Med  No
HIP 23575/Kirk Laboratory         155.42   840.29      2.62K Lrg Yes

2019-09-28T10:58:40Z had to take a break for lunch, one tv show episode and small PMC DevSurf chore, so decided to shut PMC Gaming down for the time being, but I'll continue just after.

2019-09-28T10:59:31Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 70, planets smallest: 413.115km, largest: 77305.3km, detail surface scans: 201

2019-09-28T12:55:33Z and back, lets continue the above olddata list.

Usipek/Reber Station              180.51   800.82        611 Med  No
HIP 1536/Houten-Groeneveld Survey 177.73   807.52        16K Med  No
Kanoai/McManus Enterprise         192.48   851.80        495 Lrg Yes

Calculated new routes for olddata.

python3 olddata --limit 100 --min-age 800 --ly 200 --route --near Kanoai
Station                                 DistLy Age/days      StnLs Pad Plt
Capricorni Sector DB-X b1-3/Drew Colony 192.40   868.45      1.27K Lrg Yes
Zmey Goab/Wells Survey                  155.89   829.81      1.18K Lrg Yes
Zmey Goab/Gibson Laboratory             155.89   835.65      1.53K Lrg Yes
Manaku/Drexler Orbital                  142.23   858.22         49 Med  No
Thrite/Gibson Vision                    124.49   856.92        405 Lrg Yes
Thrite/Ellison Prospect                 124.49   856.88         74 Lrg Yes
Chang Hsien/Bigourdan Installation      108.86   845.17      2.14K Lrg Yes
Huai Na/Jung Platform                    15.77   852.64        377 Med  No
Huai Na/Baille Vision                    15.77   851.95        323 Med  No
Sentii/Caselberg Orbital                190.75   820.62        335 Med  No

2019-09-28T15:30:18Z Alright I'm done visiting these small stations and planetary outposts... now I want to mine or trade... so off to jameson memorial.

2019-09-28 Trading With Lakon Type-9

2019-09-28T16:16:49Z switched to PMC Trader Lakon Type-9, took off to the TradeDangerous best trading route of the galaxy.

2019-09-28T16:26:32Z docked at 76 Sigma Ceti/Shaw Orbital. Balance 5.331 billion. Bought 790 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics.

Wanted adder interdicted me... for like four fucking times, he just kept on coming after each time I submitted and then escaped to supercruise. He even jumped at the station when I was docking but obviously saw the security and bugged out. I don't recall ever seen so enthusiastic killer/pirate Smiley :)

PMC Trader hull was 76% status when I docked, it cost me 23.6k repairs.

2019-09-28T16:38:12Z docked at LTT 1349/Lundwall City, sold cargo for 6.124 million profit. Bought 790 x Industrial Materials/Polymers.

2019-09-28T16:50:15Z docked at Dakvar/Port Bueschel, sold cargo for 6.751 million profit.

2019-09-28T17:25:34Z traveled empty and docked to 76 Sigma Ceti/Shaw Orbital, new trade loop begins. I'll stop writing play-by-play because its copy paste stuff and actually takes a while to write, so I'm only going to write if something special happened like interdictions or price drops etc.

2019-09-28T18:10:32Z another trade run completed, balance 5.371 billion.

I don't give shit about cR3DiTZ p3r h0uR crap, but I took a quick break to shower and made 40 million in about 1h 44min.

Not sure how that compares to mining painite, the loads are so huge like 600t or more and then you make half a billion selling it when the hours spent mining that are like 6hrs.

2019-09-28T18:16:02Z anyways, getting pretty tired and its been a good elite day today, so time to call it a night.

2019-09-28T18:16:38Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 55, planets smallest: 1031.25km, largest: 76287.6km, detail surface scans: 105


2019-09-29T04:47:34Z new elite day has begun! Lets trade Smiley :)

2019-09-29T04:56:15Z docked at 76 Sigma Ceti/Shaw Orbital, ready to continue trading where I left off last night. Lets see how many millions I can do today before I get bored, balance same 5.371 billion right now.

2019-09-29T05:38:20Z had a small break to eat days first meal after the first trade route, now lets continue trading.

2019-09-29T06:14:41Z docked at LTT 1349/Lundwall City after getting interdicted in previous system by federal gunship, he packed a punch, fired a missile too, got my hull to 44% status which is alarmingly low. I was lucky to escape that interdiction for sure. Damage repairs cost 74.5k which is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but yeah was scary indeed.

Shields had probably prevented most of that damage, but yeah you dont explore with shields, you dont trade with shields.

2019-09-29T06:34:12Z docked at Dakvar/Port Bueschel and another interdiction, this time by diamondback explorer, he spammed interdictions two times before I managed to reach the station. Shot my ship hull to 81% status (I think), repairs cost 26k credits.

2019-09-29T06:53:09Z docked at LTT 1349/Lundwall City, got yet another interdiction this time by elite cobra, impulse attack which fucked up my thrusters for a moment, this happened again two times and naturally he also dropped into the station before bugging out. My ship hull 34% status which was pretty bad, repairs cost 77.8k credits.

2019-09-29T07:09:38Z docked at Dakvar/Port Bueschel, cobra was flying out just in front of the docking corridor and we collided just a little bit, my hull was 100% but got 321cr worth of repairs heh, I bet the cobra was scratched pretty good hehe.

2019-09-29T08:00:45Z docked at LTT 1349/Lundwall City and someone collided with me from behind in the docking corridor, I got no hull percentage damage but just 204cr repairs, no idea who it was.

2019-09-29T08:17:43Z got bored, heh had to take a small breather just to gather some motivation to continue. I'm thinking of maybe mining or even bounty hunting which has been on my mind more like a long term goal to try out. Dunno why I get bored so quickly, well ok today been playing now over 3hrs straight which most people don't even play in a week, so yeah...

Balance now 5.448 billion, so made so far 77 million.

2019-09-29 Quick Try At Bounty Hunting

2019-09-29T09:00:43Z Docked at jameson memorial, decided to try some bounty hunting. Was really surprised to see that I don't have my combat python anymore, hum where did I sell her for eh?

Since I was in jameson memorial and had this planned for quite some time already, I went and sold all my ships which had no use. Years ago I bought all the ships at the time just to have them, but now I realize having ships "just because" is dumb, you always have to scroll through that very long ship list for no reason.

2019-09-29T09:50:09Z Transferred couple of imperial crap ships to Jameson Memorial, shuffled useless ship outfitting and sold them. Balance 5.588 billion credits.

Time to cook some food and eat Smiley :)

2019-09-29T09:51:47Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 42

2019-09-29T11:05:08Z Took out vulture, added few outfitting items to it and then took it out for a spin in nearby anarchy system. PMC Bounty Hunter Specifications.

2019-09-29T11:05:37Z arrived at Crucis Sector FM-V b2-4 system, security: ANARCHY. Well this system has no population, so no stations and therefore pretty much no ship traffic. I was flying around a bit just to check things out.

Visited Er 8 system and Resource Extraction Site (RES) there, took down two wanted ships. This felt like boring, all the magical "HUNT" idea that I had for bounty hunting was just not there. The RES was the usual stuff that I've done to the death, there is zero hunt. I supercruised in Gnowee system and found wanted Asp, interdicted it, kill warrant scanned and then opened fire. Gnowee system is low security and I was quite surprised as system security ships appeared really quickly after the Asp opened fire on me, with the security ships it was piece of cake to kill this Asp, got like 40k bounty voucher for it. Cool, I guess?

Interdicted diamondback explorer, cops joined in but the DBX escaped high waking, I followed and found him from supercruise but when he dropped out to a station, then I lost him, or rather he was just not there anymore. That was, somewhat exciting like I expected bounty hunting to be, that hunt and tracking etc.

Tried to chase down a vulture twice, but he oddly enough was not interested of fighting, he just high waked out heh.

2019-09-29T12:36:20Z docked at jameson memorial, time to tweak outfitting a bit, by mistake I got gimballed pulse lasers and they need to be switched to fixed ones. On the combat got some internal module damage, hull 99% state, repairs cost 1.6k credits.

PMC Bounty Hunter Vulture Specifications.

2019-09-29T14:35:40Z I was in Kutkha system where I followed vulture who high waked away. Its been difficult to find wanted ships, you need to be in high population system to get a lot of ships and then which ones are wanted is kind of luck thing. No idea if lower or anarchy systems would provide more wanted ships.

In any case its been... rather boring, been spending all this time and haven't got more than three kills and even two of those were in RES, heh quite boring indeed. Not only boring but the progress is completely stalled when you just search the wanted ships, I thought the hunt and tracking would be cool... but when most ships are not wanted, its not that fun to just sit and wait.

With trading or mining every minute you use counts for progress in terms of credit profit.

Of course one could argue that this anticipation of the wanted ships, the hunt, is elevating the excitement when you finally get into combat situation and score a kill. Dunno.

2019-09-29T14:54:58Z Interdicted wanted imperial courier, which high waked out as I opened fire. I then set course to jameson memorial, time to go back to mining or trading where I can make real progress, bounty hunting is boring.

2019-09-29 Trading With Lakon Type-9

Picked up PMC EDDN Sender and traveled to PMC Trader, updated TradeDangerous and uh oh the good trade route is gone. So need to relocate my trading ship to a new route, oh well.

2019-09-29T15:28:04Z Docked at Ki/Binet Port, same trading commodities as in previous so I wont be listing copy pasted stuff. Balance 5.570 billion credits.

2019-09-29T16:03:50Z docked at LFT 300/Wedge Hangar, sold cargo for 3.474 million profit.

2019-09-29T16:10:49Z docked at Tomas/Harris Claim, sold cargo for 7.159 million profit.

2019-09-29T16:19:33Z docked back at ki/binet port, while doing so clipped my rear end for something assuming it was the docking corridor if not another ship, got 96% hull status, repairs cost 3.1k credits.

2019-09-29T16:41:50Z Finished one more trade route loop, and now its time to call it a night, not really tired but just exhausted of playing. It really is not healthy to play all day long.

Balance 5.591 billion credits.

2019-09-30 The Hunt For The Missing Data

2019-09-30T06:33:39Z New elite day has started. Honestly I'm already a bit bored, I play elite because... what else could I do (because I'm bored)? heh. Was thinking about mining to make a lot of credits in one go, or hunting missing data this time from eddb closest missing page, dunno.

I bet this day ends early with me being bored out of my mind...

2019-09-30T07:15:14Z Completed one trade loop, had ordered PMC EDDN Sender transfer to Ki/Binet Port and now its time to hunt missing data. Decided to go with EDDB closest missing page data and to hunt those with distance from star ls data missing.

2019-09-30T07:27:25Z Docked at HIP 22296/Remek Mines. But already felt stupid doing these planetary outposts which has ZERO use for traders. So decided to go hunt the real missing data for trading instead.

python3 olddata --limit 59 --no-planet --pad-size l --ls-max 2000
Station                                   Age/days      StnLs Pad Plt
Tawega/Heinlein Station                     379.54        403 Lrg  No
HIP 86470/Merril Prospect                   379.53        266 Lrg  No
Poqomana/Cori Terminal                      371.65        358 Lrg  No
Pichi Wang/Slonczewski Dock                 348.46        288 Lrg  No
HIP 21458/Foglio Vision                     338.46      1.23K Lrg  No
HIP 19198/Comper Dock                       337.80      1.45K Lrg  No
HR 5550/Wohler Gateway                      334.77        739 Lrg  No

2019-09-30T08:43:30Z As I said, I'm bored. It felt so boring and tedious to jump 200+ ly hops between the oldest stations, so I calculated new route with less jumps. It makes more sense like this but does catch more not-so-old stations as well, so while you see the impact of only the oldest non sorted stations list easier, its far more nicer to travel into these sorted by distance --route parameter stations. Also looks like it only returns very few with those default parameters, so kind of less work to do before needing to calculate new route.

python3 olddata --limit 59 --no-planet --pad-size l --ls-max 2000 --min-age 200 --ly 500 --route --near HR5550
Station                                   DistLy Age/days      StnLs Pad Plt
HIP 71737/Andrews Ring                     44.03   264.07      1.19K Lrg  No
HIP 68160/Ryman Orbital                    49.23   253.23        658 Lrg  No
LP 442-37/Bryant Hub                       48.45   230.14        725 Lrg  No
16 Tau Coronae Borealis/McDaniel Terminal  74.45   296.19      1.20K Lrg  No

2019-09-30T09:35:42Z I'm SO bored, I really don't know what to do (well I do but dont have 6000 euros haha). I'm going to travel back to base jameson memorial and if I haven't got any good ideas like better than just mining... I don't know, going to watch tv I guess...

2019-09-30T09:45:49Z Yup, nothing came to mind, shut down elite... dunno what I'll be doing now...

2019-10-01 Mining Painite

2019-10-01T08:18:35Z New elite day has started, feeling pretty good after watching a lot of TV yesterday. Now plan is to do double hotspot painite mining.

Used website to check painite, I mean the mining spots don't change much (if at all?), decided go to HIP 73269 A1 ring A

2019-10-01T08:38:47Z arrived at HIP 73269 system, started to fuel scoop tanks full.

2019-10-01T08:50:28Z arrived at A1 ring A. Lets start to mine... System authority vessel dropped in, so don't have to even wait for the mandatory pirate to disappear, nice.

2019-10-01T08:54:49Z First collector limpets brought in first piece of painite, alright we will be doing this for the next probably five to six hours heh.

2019-10-01T10:05:08Z Lunch break started...

2019-10-01T10:25:39Z Lunch break ended. Lets continue mining some painite.

2019-10-01T14:02:46Z All done, cargo hold is full, hopper is full and I'm all out of limpets, aayeah! Smiley :)

Now just updating TradeDangerous, then plotting course to the highest sell station for painite and off I go to that extremely risky return trip.

Tihtipihin/Thuot Hub sell price is 797,152 credits. Unfortunately that is 256ly and 31 jumps away, yeah I don't think I'm going there heh. Next highest selling is Kunti/Hughes Enterprise which is 182ly and 21 jumps away, its still a long way but that where I'm off to. Wish me luck Smiley :)

Two interdictions, managed to escape but on the first they took my shields down and got just one or two hits before FSD engaged.

2019-10-01T14:42:13Z Docked at Kunti/Hughes Enterprise with a huge sigh of relief! Smiley :)

Watch youtube video of this scary return trip: Return From Mining 640t of Painite 2019-10-01 Elite Dangerous.

Sold 640t painite for 487.6 million profit, when cargo hold got space then refinery outputted 10 more painite to sell so got 7.6 million profit from those. Total mining profit 495.2 million credits. Too bad it didn't go above magical half a billion mark heh.

That was very roughly 5hrs of game-play mining, seems I was a bit faster this time as last time time it took me six hours. It felt like I had better luck finding good painite mineral deposits so it was faster, less flying around prospecting.

All in all I would still say that if you want steady safe and interesting money maker, it is trading. Don't believe the mass hype in youtube etc with these make x credits per hour idiots who says mining is the best, it is not. Don't get me wrong I actually like mining, but in this scale its like a half a days ordeal to do it, with trading one hop is mere 10-15min depending on distances.

2019-10-01T14:46:25Z Decided to stop playing here, again it would require so much more work to top what I just achieved so better to end playing for today with a good feeling.

2019-10-04 The Hunt For The Missing Data

2019-10-04T09:52:09Z New elite day started, in PMC Miner 2 cockpit, lets fly this ship to jameson memorial.

2019-10-04T10:03:32Z Docked at jameson memorial, picked up PMC EDDN Sender, time to go visit couple of oldest trading systems for a change.

python3 olddata --no-planet --pad-size l? --limit 30 --ly 200 --near shinrartadezhra --route --min-age 200 --ls-max 2000
Station                             DistLy Age/days      StnLs Pad Plt
HIP 59024/Clifford Station          191.61   333.72      1.65K Lrg  No
Kosena/Gwynn Enterprise             188.17   201.61        115 Lrg  No

Then decided to go after eddb closest missing stations which are in fact useless for trading, but galaxy wide they are "missing data" so kind of would be cool to have them updated one day. Yes, I'm bored and flip flopping again...

eddb closest missing:

HIP 65900/Harris Beacon
HIP 69124/Harper Penal colony
HIP 71737/Kozlov Penal colony
Tao Wangla/Fuglesang Horizons
HIP 75124/Monge Camp
8 Gamma Coronae Borealis/McCandless Hub
Balie/Abel Survey
Balie/Rayhan al-Biruni's Progress
Chelmentes/Lichtenberg's Progress
Misarret/Wilder Installation
Feng Tu/Baker Bastion

2019-10-04T13:18:37Z Bored, had to stop playing I just cant play any more today / now.

2019-10-04T13:19:15Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 25, planets smallest: 485.442km, largest: 4064.63km, detail surface scans: 39


2019-10-05T12:45:37Z New elite day has started, did some coding for Elite Log tool which helps me great deal to write these CMDR diarys you are reading now. Elite Log automatically writes now UTC and "Docked at SYSTEM/STATION." for me which is great.

Alright todays plan is... the same as yesterday, continue visiting stations in eddb closest missing page.

2019-10-05T12:56:03Z Docked at Col 285 Sector SB-Q b20-0/Velho Survey.
2019-10-05T13:05:43Z Docked at Auserktomis/Larbalestier's Progress.
2019-10-05T13:16:54Z Docked at HIP 83716/Ahern Vision.
2019-10-05T13:38:42Z Docked at HIP 83716/Vardeman Relay.
2019-10-05T13:47:17Z Docked at HR 6999/Barjavel Relay.
2019-10-05T14:02:41Z Docked at Penab/Reynolds Arsenal.
2019-10-05T14:10:21Z Docked at HIP 102016/Teller Beacon.
2019-10-05T14:37:23Z Docked at Kunga/Popov Relay.
2019-10-05T15:03:38Z Docked at Kunga/Pratchett Arsenal.
2019-10-05T15:33:04Z Docked at Wakaulang/Resnik Beacon.
2019-10-05T15:41:34Z Docked at HIP 104124/Steakley Penal colony.
2019-10-05T15:48:38Z Docked at Frigga/Danvers Holdings.
2019-10-05T15:58:06Z Docked at Jabunnut/Killough Enterprise.
2019-10-05T16:15:58Z Docked at Jabunnut/Dall Depot.
2019-10-05T16:25:18Z Docked at Pegasi Sector HM-V c2-16/Haipeng Landing.
2019-10-05T16:33:36Z Docked at Ross 274/Ostrander Penal colony.
2019-10-05T16:42:11Z Docked at Parovii/Smith's Progress.
2019-10-05T17:14:40Z Docked at Wolf 1042/Birkhoff Settlement.
2019-10-05T17:20:46Z Docked at Wolf 1042/Parsons Dock.

2019-10-05T17:24:56Z Getting too bored to visit stations, time to stop for now (going to play ArmA 3 instead).

2019-10-05T17:25:49Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 31, stations visited: 20, planets smallest: 662.257km, largest: 76532.3km, detail surface scans: 77

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