PMC Elite Dangerous - Final Release

Final Release information portal

Final Release News:
- 25% off in-game ship insurance for life to all our Beta backers
- free access to one of the 5 new ships when it's released!
- not all 25 ships will be available upon release.

Final Release December 16th, 2014.
- We're aiming not to have to regenerate the galaxy after gamma release. Individual systems might be changed for fixes, but not the system as a whole. It depends on what comes up though.
- While freely available at the moment, Dropship ownership will be restricted in the game, depending on your allegiance to either the Empire or the Federation.
- assume there will be a wipe on December 16th.

Post Final Release News:
- there will eventually be 30 playable ships (It means there will be more ships over time, not on the 16th).
- After the 16th December we will continue to update with more polish and content such as the playable ships we committed to in our Kickstarter campaign
- I would say that an offline rewrite of the game is unlikely for the future.
- The future intent is to have some (but not all) outposts have large docking pads. No ETA or anything, but it is on our lists.