PMC Elite Dangerous From Scratch Trading


From Scratch means that you begin from zero, with nothing than stock default game starter equipment (or even less if possible, depending on the game). Also with elite I wanted to trade just by using sidewinder and 1000 credits (cr). This time it was done in open play, in the mercy of all player killers etc.

In the beginning I used EDDB trading features but as all experienced traders know these are just nice helpers but not a real trading tool, it was only later when I setup the new fork of TradeDangerous and started to really make some serious credits.

This was made with my second CMDR account "Snake Man PMC", this is just for fun, like what happens... happens, I don't get mad if some player killer comes and shoots my ship to pieces, I just want to try trading out from the beginning and enjoy it one step (or hop heh) at the time. For reference my real CMDR account has a bit more experience.

CMDR's Log

2018-11-13T14:34:57Z cleared save for CMDR "Snake Man PMC" account Smiley ;)

2018-11-13T16:17:02Z realized I can sell pulse lasers and equip more cargo racks heh, took a few trade runs to remember that as havent played since march heh Smiley :)

2018-11-13T16:51:13Z was promoted to trade rank mostly penniless.

2018-11-13T18:54:37Z traded several runs using eddb but as I have know all along it is not a real trading tool. Then I installed tradedangerous this new version by the new guys and WHOAH! my first run got me like 32,000cr in profit, oh my I am back in business! Smiley :D

Man do I love TradeDangerous! Smiley :)

2018-11-13T20:29:43Z broke 100,000cr in cash, whee.

2018-11-13T20:37:36Z was promoted to trade rank peddler.

2018-11-13T21:28:14Z purchased adder. Name: PMC Trader 1, ID: PMC002. added some cargo racks and downgraded shields to 2E. budget now 64,183cr.

2018-11-13T22:15:40Z budget now 270,314cr.

2018-11-13T22:39:08Z budget now 367,573cr.

2018-11-13T23:25:25Z budget now 469,457cr.

2018-11-13T23:46:49Z purchased cobra mk3. Name: PMC Trader 2, ID: PMC003. budget now 155,438cr.

On my first trade run with cobra mk3 I made 212,784cr profit on the first hop, pretty nice.

2018-11-14T00:27:44Z was promoted to trade rank dealer.

2018-11-14T02:01:40Z budget now 886,427cr. was dead tired so decided to call it a night, more trading tomorrow.

2018-11-14T10:23:52Z back in elite cobra mk3 cockpit, lets trade!

2018-11-14T10:34:14Z interdiction, AI asp wanted 13t of cargo, I gave him high wake jump.

2018-11-14T11:01:04Z broke 1 million in my budget, its now 1.193m cr Smiley :)

2018-11-14T11:52:25Z budget now 1.771m cr. time to go buy a new trading ship, even though I hate to let cobra mk3 go Smiley :)

2018-11-14T12:12:00Z purchased lakon type-6, traded in cobra mk3 with 411,774cr value. Name: PMC Trader 3, ID: PMC004.

2018-11-14T12:42:00Z departed with my brand new shiny lakon type-6, on the docking corridor some dolphin piece of crap ran in front of me, luckily I was not speeding as in this open play test save I strictly keep under 100m/s to avoid fines and mostly those suicide sidewinders I've read about.

2018-11-14T13:24:45Z sold 104 of basic medicines for 510,328cr heh nice haul.

2018-11-14T14:55:10Z was promoted to trade rank merchant. budget now 2.484m cr.

2018-11-14T15:22:21Z after the painful sidewinder fooling around with single credits, this type-6 trading is pretty cool. budget now 2.646m cr.

2018-11-14T15:59:13Z interdiction by AI ship, he remanded 9t of cargo. on the next station my budget broke 3.024m cr.

2018-11-14T16:26:30Z arrived at LTT 9387 system to purchase 4a FSD, budget now 1.927m cr.

2018-11-14T17:24:29Z interdiction by AI sidewinder, demanded 5.5k cr worth of cargo, high waked to my next system, all good.

Still wondering where all the player CMDR's are, I'm constantly monitoring the local traffic and very very rarely I see a player. Todays play session so far I've greeted two commanders, both which ignored me. Didn't count how many commanders I saw today but it was mere "a few", so not sure whats going on here, am I in some remote crappy system(s) which nobody cares for or? Is every CMDR trying out v3.3 beta? No idea.

That much is for certain that open play (in the area I'm at) is perfectly fine for trading as there are no players to bother me and the few I've seen have ignored me.

2018-11-14T18:35:51Z budget now 3.193m cr.

2018-11-14T20:23:45Z budget now 4.348m cr.

2018-11-14T21:32:56Z budget now 5.294m cr.

2018-11-14T22:14:14Z was at Brib system, attempted to dock with the damaged station called dominique holdings, it was my first time to see damaged station. well I took a damage and barely escaped with my life, then docked with the rescue ship nearby.

Had a nice chat with CMDR Geomol who offered to take me in multicrew to go some thargoid hunting, but had to kindly decline as I was on mission on my own, to trade like a mad man. After he departed I saw another CMDR.

This encounter shows that yes there are CMDR's in the open, I just had a bad luck by operating in the remote areas where other CMDR's didn't happen to visit at the same time.

2018-11-14T22:32:10Z arrived at Bactondinks system, budget now 6.230m cr.

2018-11-14T23:03:31Z in Azrael system at Rafferty's Mobius station saw a CMDR Corsado with a lakon type-9. I tried to chat with him but no reply, I noticed he was novice rank and flew like a one. When he departed... he boosted into the mail slot, hit it (of course) and BOOM! lakon type-9 exploded in a fireball to many small pieces.

Aww man that was terrible to see.

Oh and budget now 7.178m cr. But still so far away from my next ship purchase budget... lets keep on trading.

I don't know why but I feel like my progress been slow today, like I have spent way too much time in the stations using TradeDangerous trying to find profitable routes. To be clear TD is the best trading tool its just ME who wanted more and More to squeeze out every credit out of a trade route loops, that took much time as I seemed never to be satisfied with a route, heh.

2018-11-14T23:27:13Z arrived at Oscabi system after interdicted in binar so had to high wake out of there, also imperial slaves are illicit cargo hehe.

2018-11-15T00:26:36Z arrived at Ingguromal system and on my way here AI ship was about to interdict me as he sent me threats in the radio comms, but I managed to jump into next system before he started interdiction.

2018-11-15T00:38:45Z at HIP 106213 system budget now 8.186m cr.

2018-11-15T00:55:19Z at Rauraci system budget now 9.023m cr.

2018-11-15T01:39:55Z arrived at Barnard's Star system and was super tired so had to call it a night. Not a bad day about 15hrs of trading Smiley :)

2018-11-15T11:17:30Z started elite up, back to trading.

Took me a while to get started (actually two damn hours by looking at it) as I was re-writing bunch of tradedangerous page heh.

2018-11-15T13:12:19Z arrived at Caspatsuria system in Binney Dock station.

2018-11-15T13:23:33Z arrived at CD-65 76 system in Alex's Rest station, completed trade route and broke 10 million credit barrier! Whohoo Smiley ;)

Budget now 10.260m cr. Still so far before I can upgrade my ship, but with good trade routes and steady pace... we'll get there, no worries.

Oh btw when I logged into elite and was sitting in a station writing that tradedangerous page, a CMDR send me a greeting which I did not see until much later. That bummed me out as I don't know how to send message to a CMDR from the cockpit comms menu, the history tab shows contacts but don't include chat/msg option and from the chat console I don't know how to send a message after local CMDR contact has disappeared. I hate when I send message to someone and they don't reply back, so I really do not want to be that guy who ignores everyone.

2018-11-15T13:40:39Z interdiction attempt by AI ship, managed to jump.

2018-11-15T13:56:58Z arrived at CD-65 76 system, Alex's Rest station and got budget 11.066m cr.

2018-11-15T15:04:14Z arrived at Paul-Friedrichs Star system budget now 12.042m cr.

2018-11-15T16:10:36Z at Banapityas system in Marshburn Dock station saw three other CMDR's, tried to local chat, no reply.

2018-11-15T16:33:31Z at marshburn dock again three CMDR's beside me, nobody replied when I asked if anyone is interested in trade wing.

2018-11-15T16:50:13Z got interdicted by wanted imperial courier AI ship, he demanded pretty little of cargo but I wouldnt give even the little. Nice high wake out of there and trading continues.

Been thinking a lot about my march 2018 experiences on trading which were with my real CMDR account "Snake Man" which is triple elite ranked, using shieldless lakon type-9. Thinking that maybe there is some lame game mechanic that harmless newbie sidewinder pilots will not get interdicted by AI almost never where pro trader with combat rank of elite in huge trading ship does get, so much so that its killing all the fun in trading. I don't know, just thinking various possibilities because the trading experience was so much different back in march.

This got me thinking that... I want to test this out and bring my real CMDR account back to jameson memorial who is 3300ly out there exploring, grab my good old lakon type-9 and go trading. If I would immediately got "griefed" by AI interdictions then it would be clear that there are double standard regarding interdictions between different combat or trading ranks, which makes no sense at all.

I took a mission to bring basic medicines to marshburn dock station where I was going anyways and to bring basic medicines. Now this is a little bit fishy thing as whole purpose of this CMDR save clear is to trade traditionally, not do bounty hunting, not accept the 10k cr charity etc, so by doing missions... I'm not... well exactly trading. I mean mission to buy and bring goods into another station... that is trading, heh, cooky? Smiley :)

2018-11-15T17:37:16Z at marshburn dock station I delivered the 66t of basic medicines for this mission, I chose reward of 501,873cr. Hey everything counts now to purchase that next trading ship and doing delivery missions is a one form of trading hehe.

2018-11-15T17:46:55Z got interdicted by AI ship, demanded like 22k cr worth of cargo before I high waked outta there.

2018-11-15T18:30:57Z had a chat with CMDR Dargon212 about trading, he was flying type-7. he sent a friend request and I accepted.

2018-11-15T18:50:38Z was on mission to bring some basic medicines, got interdicted and cops showed up and helped. I was just charging my FSD on high wake jump out when the cops showed so I stayed and enjoyed them killing that bastard pirate Smiley :)

Delivered 9t of basic medicines to potter hub, chose reward of 101,899cr. Almost not worth my time to detour from my usual route, but oh well.

2018-11-15T19:03:40Z budget now 18.232m cr. really close now for a ship upgrade.

2018-11-15T19:31:35Z budget now 19.009m cr.

2018-11-15T19:44:30Z was interdicted again in dountidi system, decided to once see the piracy game mechanic so I stopped and listened the pirates demands, it was mere 3t of cargo so I jettisoned 3x silver. He already got off few shots at me, no damage as had shields on, but this time no cops showed up even though I was waiting to see if they arrive while this guy is picking up the cargo. The cargo scooping was super fast, I barely got my ship turned around and he had already scooped the 3 cannisters, wow is he fast or what.

2018-11-15T20:06:52Z arrived at Dountidi system and budget now 19.749m cr.

And I think the outbreak or something finished because suddenly the basic medicines did not get much profit at all and for the return hop I bring in palladium so now suddenly there was 633t available instead of the usual 4t.

2018-11-15T20:35:53Z alright I have enough credits and because I'd also have to move to better market areas, I'm off to upgrade the ship now Smiley :)

2018-11-15T20:58:22Z purchased lakon type-7, traded in the old type-6. Name: PMC Trader 4, ID: PMC005. budget now 2.186m cr.

2018-11-15T21:35:39Z arrived at Sosong system in Soddy Gateway station, sold my first haul in type-7 for 279,000cr.

2018-11-15T22:08:33Z arrived at Chih Zhua system, sold my cargo and had about 3 million credits. Decided to end playing here, at least for now.

The goal was to start from scratch and trade only until I get to lakon type-9, well this type-7 was much more short term goal for a while and I started to think about what I said earlier to try out trading with my real account. So that is what I'm going to do now, switch elite to my real account, fly PMC Explorer back to populated space and break out PMC Trader, the good old lakon type-9 workhorse Smiley ;)


So I went from starter sidewinder and 1000cr into Lakon Type-7 with about 3 million credits in 2 days and 8 hours (didn't really count or push how many hours I slept). In short "from sidewinder to type-7 in 2.5 days" I guess.


I wanted to do small scale trading with my second account as my real account has 4.8 billion credits and the trading just doesn't feel like its going anywhere even though I'm making 3-6 million per hop in average. Also so much of the trading values, commodities and GUI have changed since I last did this that it would be interesting to see how it turns out this time. Wanted to clear the save (second account!) and start from scratch.

Went through all the hoops to switch into CMDR "Snake Man PMC" login.

2019-09-14T21:20:00Z started new save from Asellus Primus/Baker's Prospect.

But immediately had problems because EDMC started sending CMDR "Snake Man" exploration data from about 10k ly away into EDDN and EDSM. I did untick the EDDN and EDSM sending but it was too late, EDSM was already updated with my clear save info (I deleted the asellus primus flight log though) and EDDN received dunno how many hundred scan data from my real account. Sigh.

Oh well lesson learned about how to use EDMC with second account, I was trying to be careful with it but mistakes were made.

Anyways back to trading. I declined the 10k credits charity offer mission, I want to trade and trade only, no fake money.

Bought 2 x Chemicals/Water, plotted route to Eranin/Bordage Works which is one jump.

2019-09-14T22:09:36Z docked at Eranin/Bordage Works and sold cargo for 1220cr profit, my first profit whee! Smiley ;)

On landing here I got some damage, I landed nicely but guess the front left corner of my brand new sidewinder was a bit too low, it was like 10cr damages, also refueled. Bought 2 x Industrial Materials/Polymers and plotted route to Dahan/Nelson Works which is one jump.

2019-09-14T22:19:14Z docked at Dahan/Nelson Works and sold cargo for 10,006cr and recived trading Mostly Penniless rank Smiley :)

Refueled 14cr gotta always top off without fuel scoop. Balance 12,191cr. Bought 2 x Machinery/Mineral Extractors and plotted route to GD 319/Bose Landing which is one jump.

2019-09-14T22:30:41Z docked at GD 319/Bose Landing, sold cargo for 1296cr profit, refueled 28cr. Bought 2 x Industrial Materials/Polymers and plotted route to Dahan/Nelson Works which is one jump.

2019-09-14T22:38:19Z docked at Dahan/Nelson Works, sold cargo for 10,014cr profit, refueled 28cr. Balance 23,445cr. Bought 2 x Consumer Items/Survival Equipment and plotted route to Eranin/Bordage Works which is one jump.

2019-09-14T22:59:51Z docked at Eranin/Bordage Works, sold cargo for 2514cr profit, refueled 15cr. Balance 25,944cr. Bought 2 x Industrial Materials/Polymers and plotted route to Dahan/Nelson Works which is one jump.

2019-09-14T23:08:12Z docked at Dahan/Nelson Works, sold cargo for 10,006cr profit, refueled 14cr. Balance 35,936cr. Hmm I think its time to start buying new cargo racks for my sidewinder as there are plenty of space.

But now have to take a food cooking & eating break Smiley :)

2019-09-15T00:33:12Z Yum. Alright purchased more cargo racks Siderwinder and balance 26,436cr and rebuy is now 476cr. Lets continue trading.

Bought 16 x Machinery/Mineral Extractors and plotted route to LHS 3006/Leonard Nimoy Station which is 2 jumps.

2019-09-15T00:46:11Z docked at LHS 3006/Leonard Nimoy Station, sold cargo for 9568cr profit, refueled 50cr. Bought 16 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics and plotted route to Aulin/Kuo City, oh nice aulin system I remember this from the premium beta days, man did we haul a lot of progenitor cells back then hehe. Aulin is one jump.

2019-09-15T00:55:24Z docked at Aulin/Kuo City, sold cargo for 67.3k profit, refueled 33cr. Upon sale got trade rank promotion to Peddler Smiley ;)

Bought 16 x Medicines/Basic Medicines and plotted route to Wyrd/Bokeili Station which is 2 jumps.

2019-09-15T01:04:31Z docked at Wyrd/Bokeili Station, sold cargo for 72.8k profit, refueled 40cr. Bought 15 x Metals/Gold + 1 x Metals/Palladium, plotted route to Bolg/Moxon's Mojo which is one jump.

2019-09-15T01:12:52Z docked at Bolg/Moxon's Mojo, sold cargo for 1841cr + 25.1k profit, refueled 33cr. Bought 16 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics and plotted route to Aulin/Kuo City which is 2 jumps.

2019-09-15T01:20:33Z docked at Aulin/Kuo City, sold cargo for 67k profit, refueled 54cr. Bought 16 x Industrial Materials/Superconductors, plotted route to Bolg/Moxon's Mojo which is 2 jumps.

Pirate shouted threats in radio comms.

2019-09-15T01:28:40Z docked at Bolg/Moxon's Mojo, sold cargo for 34.9k profit, refueled 54cr. Bought 16 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics, plotted route to Aulin/Kuo City which is 2 jumps.

2019-09-15T01:36:05Z docked at Aulin/Kuo City, sold cargo for 66.9k profit, refueled 54cr. Bought 16 x Industrial Materials/Superconductors, plotted route to Bolg/Moxon's Mojo which is 2 jumps.

Got interdicted, AI fake stupid scripted ship opened fire right away, I high wake jumped out of there with 73% hull status.

2019-09-15T01:57:52Z docked at Bolg/Moxon's Mojo, sold cargo for 34.9k profit, refueled 54cr, repaired 281cr.

It was time to take a few hours break to watch some live streams from Vegas.

2019-09-15T15:56:59Z new trading day has started, back in sidewinder cockpit. Last night I ended up with balance 406k credits.

Bought 16 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics and plotted route to Aulin/Kuo City which is 2 jumps.

On destination got pirate threats on the radio comms, or at least I think they were directed at me "Almost there!" or some other crap, I already locked i Bootis on nav computer so I can high wake jump out, but luckily I managed to escape into destination station before any interdiction commenced. Hopefully this first hop (possible) interdiction is not a sign of things to come heh.

2019-09-15T16:04:49Z docked at Aulin/Kuo City, sold cargo for 67k profit, refueled 54cr. Bought 16 x Industrial Materials/Polymers, plotted route to Dahan/Nelson Works which is 2 jumps.

2019-09-15T16:16:19Z docked at Dahan/Nelson Works, sold cargo for 79.9k profit, refueled 53cr. This concludes the current tradedangerous route I plotted, balance 553.4k wow pretty nice with only a pesky sidewinder Smiley :)

My first ship purchase is just around the corner, fully trading outfitted adder costs 601k so I need to make few more trade hops to get that cash, so lets continue.

Bought 16 x Consumer Items/Survival Equipment, plotted route to Eranin/Bordage Works which is one jump.

2019-09-15T16:30:20Z docked at Eranin/Bordage Works, sold cargo for 15.5k profit, refueled 24cr. Bought 16 x Industrial Materials/Polymers, plotted route to Dahan/Nelson Works, which is one jump.

2019-09-15T16:39:25Z docked at Dahan/Nelson Works, sold cargo for 80k profit, refueled 24cr. Balance 648.9k, this is enough to buy fully trade outfitted adder and even leaves me few thousands seed money to start trading with it. Now the guestion is, where can I buy adder with all the modules I need, hmm.

2019-09-15T17:00:27Z docked at Dahan Gateway, sold all modules from sidewinder, then bought my first new ship, Adder Smiley :)

2019-09-15T17:17:59Z docked at Asellus Primus/Foster Research Lab to buy some better outfitting modules dahan was missing. adder

Bought 30 x Machinery/Microbial Furnaces, plotted route to Dahan/Dahan Gateway, which is one jump.

2019-09-15T17:38:21Z docked at Dahan/Dahan Gateway, sold cargo for 48.8k profit, refueled 10cr. Bought 30 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics, plotted route to LHS 2771/Sarafanov Vision, which is 4 jumps.

2019-09-15T17:48:15Z docked at LHS 2771/Sarafanov Vision, sold cargo for 237.3k profit, refueled 70cr.

Got trade rank promotion to Dealer, balance 343.7k Smiley :)

Bought 30 x Medicines/Performance Enhancers, plotted route to LHS 351/Heck Survey, which is 2 jumps. When I arrived my destination, dropped out of supercruise to the outpost, AI fake scripted stupid pirate dropped right next to me and shouted threats in radio comms, did not open fire I assuming because we already were in the outpost no fire zone.

2019-09-15T17:59:55Z docked at LHS 351/Heck Survey, sold cargo for 38.8k profit, refueled 52cr. Bought 30 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics, plotted route to Tellus/Ahern Enterprise, which is 2 jumps.

2019-09-15T18:07:44Z docked at Tellus/Ahern Enterprise, sold cargo for 248.5k profit, refueled 74cr.

Took a break to edit currently captured videos (had to make elite dangerous intro/outro), then calculated new tradedangerous route of 10 hops which came out just nicely over the cobra mk3 purchase amount. The route though has two stations with 25 and 34 days old data which concerns me, but lets hope for the best.

Bought 30 x Technology/Micro Controllers, plotted route to LHS 301/Payette Dock, which is 4 jumps.

2019-09-15T19:18:23Z docked at LHS 301/Payette Dock, sold cargo for 23.3k profit, no refuel service available heh. Bought 30 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics, plotted route to Dala/Gidzenko Base, which is 4 jumps.

2019-09-15T19:28:05Z docked at Dala/Gidzenko Base, sold cargo for 59k profit, refueled 163cr. Bought 30 x Weapons/Reactive Armour, plotted route to G 109-55/Schlegel City, which is 5 jumps.

2019-09-15T19:39:35Z docked at G 109-55/Schlegel City, sold cargo for 26.2k profit, refueled 84cr. Bought 30 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics, plotted route to Ross 41/Ham Dock, which is 2 jumps.

2019-09-15T19:49:04Z docked at Ross 41/Ham Dock, sold cargo for 259.4k profit, refueled 64cr. Bought 30 x Industrial Materials/Polymers, plotted route to Rasmussen/Fort Forgie Starport, which is 3 jumps.

2019-09-15T19:57:07Z docked at Rasmussen/Fort Forgie Starport, sold cargo for 218.7k profit, refueled 36cr. Bought 30 x Medicines/Basic Medicines, plotted route to LHS 1963/Hardy Hub, which is 5 jumps.

2019-09-15T20:07:35Z docked at LHS 1963/Hardy Hub, sold cargo for 145.5k profit, refueled 69cr. Bought 16 x Industrial Materials/Polymers + 14 x Textiles/Synthetic Fabrics, plotted route to Rasmussen/Fort Forgie Starport, which is 4 jumps.

2019-09-15T20:18:58Z docked at Rasmussen/Fort Forgie Starport, sold cargo for 119.8k + 44.8k profit, refueled 82cr. Bought 30 x Medicines/Basic Medicines, plotted route to Ross 584/Wrangell Dock, which is 5 jumps.

2019-09-15T20:30:52Z docked at Ross 584/Wrangell Dock, sold cargo for 65.1k profit, refueled 76cr.

I am not bored, but have to admit that right now this trading feels kind of like "work". I am motivated to do it so I can buy cobra which will be cool ship to fly and profits go up a notch again, but maybe its just this adder which is so lame ship to fly I don't know heh. Well sure I guess somewhere deep down there is slight shred of boredom as well, but very very little.

Also because I'm writing this story you are reading right now and Elite Log does not provide me copy pasteable templates for all the station activities, it gets a bit old to copy paste that stuff several times on each station visit. Really need to upgrade Elite Log so it would write this story station parts automatically, I mean as you can tell its pretty template copy paste stuff where only few values change on each station. Also wonder how boring this stuff is to read several years from now heh.

Bought 30 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics, plotted route to Ross 41/Ham Dock, which is 5 jumps.

2019-09-15T20:50:05Z docked at Ross 41/Ham Dock, sold cargo for 253.1k profit, refueled 78cr. Bought 30 x Industrial Materials/Polymers, plotted route to Rasmussen/Fort Forgie Starport, which is 3 jumps.

2019-09-15T20:57:57Z docked at Rasmussen/Fort Forgie Starport, sold cargo for 218.7k profit, refueled 36cr. Balance 2.064 million, enough to buy cobra mk3 Smiley :)

So purchased cobra mk3 and outfitted it as best as I could in this station, still missing few parts and I'll go buy them at Baxbakaeris/Stillman Station.

2019-09-15T21:31:17Z docked at Baxbakaeris/Stillman Station, refueled 10cr. Then off to outfit those few last modules Cobra Mk3

Bought 64 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics, plotted route to Zhi/Metcalf Hub, which is 6 jumps. But once I did my first jump I realized that all this time the galaxy map route plotting has been on economy mode heh.

2019-09-15T21:47:18Z docked at Zhi/Metcalf Hub, sold cargo for 185.1k profit, refueled 103cr. Bought 64 x Industrial Materials/Polymers, plotted route to Rasmussen/Fort Forgie Starport, which is one jump.

2019-09-15T21:54:30Z docked at Rasmussen/Fort Forgie Starport, sold cargo for 483.5k profit, refueled 134cr.

Time to update tradedangerous, calculate new 10 hop route and have a lunch break Smiley :)

2019-09-15T22:23:40Z lunch break is over but tradedangerous is still calculating galaxys best trade route for my cobra mk3's specifications, man that takes forever. Plan is now to relocate into where this route is, I'm not longer limited by jump range like in starter sidewinder.

This new route starts at Comaucate/Kahn's Folly which is 208ly from my current location, alright lets travel there and make some credits. It was 9 jumps away but my cobra requires refuel, so will have to see where I stop to top off.

2019-09-15T22:39:14Z docked at LTT 420/Truman Landing, refueled 739cr. Then we continue the last part of this route.

2019-09-15T22:44:05Z arrived at Comaucate system. Then proceeded to dock at Kahn's Folly which was my destination.

Bought 64 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics, plotted route to Armo/Stromgren Survey, which is 2 jumps.

2019-09-15T22:55:06Z docked at Armo/Stromgren Survey, sold cargo for 553.6k profit, refueled 117cr.

Got trade rank promotion to Merchant! Smiley :)

Bought 64 x Industrial Materials/Polymers, plotted route to Kaang Wa/Thomas Dock, which is one jump.

2019-09-15T23:03:13Z docked at Kaang Wa/Thomas Dock, sold cargo for 544.9k profit, refueled 154cr.

Then was time to calculate a new trading route. Bought 64 x Legal Drugs/Liquor, plotted route to Galouri/Bahcall Horizons, which is 2 jumps.

2019-09-15T23:25:55Z docked at Galouri/Bahcall Horizons, sold cargo for 18.3k profit, refueled 262cr. Bought 64 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics, plotted route to Karama/Kotzebue Barracks, which is 2 jumps.

2019-09-15T23:33:17Z docked at Karama/Kotzebue Barracks, sold cargo for 593.7k profit, refueled 107cr. Balance 3.011 million.

3 million in cash which means I can now purchase lakon type-6 ship, that is another step to the higher cargo capacity. According to eddb closest station selling this configuration is HIP 111478/Kelly Hub, so off we go.

It feels like I didn't get much time with cobra mk3 which I really like, kind of shame. Sure I could have traded more, but the goal here is to get as good progress as possible, so to the next bigger ship we switch as soon as we have the credits.

2019-09-15T23:46:17Z docked at HIP 111478/Kelly Hub, lets purchase Lakon Type-6 Transporter. Lakon Type-6

Departed to the best small/medium landing pad with planets trade route, it was like 100ly away.

2019-09-16T00:17:44Z docked at Comaucate/Kahn's Folly, refueled 450cr. Bought 114 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics, plotted route to Armo/Stromgren Survey, which is 2 jumps.

Got interdicted in the destination system, pirate started to shoot and put my hull to 74% status.

2019-09-16T00:27:10Z docked at Armo/Stromgren Survey, sold cargo for 916.5k profit, refueled 184cr, repaired 644cr. Bought 114 x Industrial Materials/Polymers, plotted route to Kaang Wa/Thomas Dock, which is 2 jumps.

2019-09-16T00:38:31Z docked at Kaang Wa/Thomas Dock, sold cargo for 970.7k profit, refueled 114cr.

Jumped empty from kaang wa to Comaucate, nothing to trade. I really don't like this super profitable hops 1 and 2 but empty number 3, but.. well.

2019-09-16T00:49:41Z docked at Comaucate/Kahn's Folly, Bought 114 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics, plotted route to Armo/Stromgren Survey, which is 2 jumps.

2019-09-16T00:56:47Z docked at Armo/Stromgren Survey, sold cargo for 909.7k profit, refueled 140cr. Bought 114 x Industrial Materials/Polymers, plotted route to Kaang Wa/Thomas Dock, which is 2 jumps.

2019-09-16T01:04:43Z docked at Kaang Wa/Thomas Dock, sold cargo for 970.7k profit, refueled 114cr.

Radio comms bugged so that it always said "1" new message even though I did read all the messages, pissed me off so restarted elite and actually got up and walked around a bit to stretch my legs, just a few minutes long break here.

Oh and as there is fair bit to go now to next ship upgrade, I believe more than 10 million credits, I'm going to stop writing these copy paste loop route entries and only write if something interesting happens until its time to purchase the new ship. Like said before, those almost identical copy pastes are no fun to read.

2019-09-16T01:58:55Z docked at Smei Ti/Dalton Refinery, this is now tradedangerous --ls-max 1000 --no-planet best trade route, lets get to work.

2019-09-16T02:21:18Z it was a pretty good route, fast and easy. Of course this also had one empty hop as well, I'm going to try to calculate some loop routes now, would feel much more efficient to have every hop profitable.

Also going to take another short break, kind of difficult to concentrate playing, restless, dunno if its getting bored hmm.

2019-09-16T03:51:00Z after several more trade runs balance 13.931 million credits. Still more than 10 million to go for next ship upgrade heh. Trading is hard work Smiley ;)

Decided to call it a night here, basically take yet another break but when that break would be over, its already my bed time so lets call it a night. Was a good trading day thats for sure.

2019-09-16T03:53:57Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 122, planets smallest: 315.532km, largest: 76952.6km, detail surface scans: 224

2019-09-16T17:32:05Z new elite day has started, back in Lakon Type-6 cockpit ready to continue trading Smiley :)

Not going to record videos until lateron today, maybe I'll try 60fps again which gave me a lot of performance issues last year.

Had to relocate to new trading route again, apparently overnight the one I was using pretty much died. So now off to BD-12 5409 system.

2019-09-16T17:54:09Z docked at BD-12 5409/Slade Orbital, lets start trading. Again I'm not going to write play-by-play here, just important events. Balance now is about 13.9m credits.

Had one pirate/killer drop out of supercruise right next to me when I was docking, basically aligning to the mail slot. Another pirate interdicted me but did not start to shoot immediately which must be first in a many many interdictions, I managed to engage FSD back to supercruise which was surprising, didn't take a look what ship it was but usually you are mass locked by them how I understood it that hyper jump to another system is the only real escape. Anyways.

2019-09-16T19:57:53Z balance 19.7m, was looking at type-7 stock price which is 17.4m so I could easily buy that now and probably could equip it with cargo racks, but dunno how about all the other modules where FSD would be the most expensive and important. Shipyard shows I would get 2.5m from my old ship (in this outfitting config).

Decided to do one more cargo run to make sure I got enough cash for decent build. Did that and then plotted route to Sun Takush/McNair Gateway to purchase my next trading ship.

When traveling in supercruise in towards mcnair gateway I was interdicted by a pirate, no issue as no cargo.

2019-09-16T20:39:21Z docked at Sun Takush/McNair Gateway, alright lets purchase Lakon Type-7. For some reason I could not name my ship so here is the initial outfitting list for it Lakon Type-7

Balance 766.8k credits.

"python3 run +../pmc-type7.txt --cr 766k" says " ERROR: Insurance leaves no margin for trade", oops Smiley ;)

It was fairly interesting that I didn't even think of insurance, hmm. Oh well now we do first trade at least without safety net, hopefully everything goes alright.

New trade route calculated because now we need large pad only, new era of trading has begin! Smiley :)

We are going to Limapa/Kovalyonok Port which is 3 jumps away.

2019-09-16T21:12:47Z docked at Limapa/Kovalyonok Port. Here I saw battle cruiser ship or whatever its called being built, never seen that before so was really surprised that what is this huge thing next to the station, nice.

So took my first load of cargo 310 x Textiles/Military Grade Fabrics which got me 2.5 million credit profit, wow nice, welcome to large scale trading indeed Smiley :)

On my way to clement city I was interdicted TWICE by the same ship, he started to fire on me even though I was throttle zeroed, got like eighty-some percent hull status damages. Not only that, but when I dropped into clement city from supercruise the same damn AI killer ship appeared again but obviously ran off as he saw the station.

This feels like a bug or some mission related "griefer" AI scripted fake interdiction, really odd.

After couple of trade runs with 310t cargo capacity, balance 5.973m Smiley :)

Decided to make few more trading hops to get maybe 10m credits or so and then call this fun second account experiment over. I wanted to start from scratch which I did and now I'm about in the same spot as in my previous one so have a good comparison and I am definitely not going to trade until type-9 not to mention start to trade with that, I mean for what... its my second account, its make belief.

2019-09-16T22:07:52Z while departing from the station, just before the mail slot some smaller ship collided with me from behind, 93% hull status.

On arrival I was interdicted and again same ship came after me with one interdiction and then threats on radio comms, he even dropped after me on the station, I baited him to attack me outside the no fire zone, he did but once I turned back into the station he break off and jumped away, pussy hehe.

Got 3.5k worth of repairs.

2019-09-16T22:18:10Z sold the cargo, balance 11.284m and received trade rank promotion to Broker Smiley :)

With this promotion I decided to call it quits for this start from scratch clear save. I recall my previous one had thirteen million credits but I'm close enough to call this even for all those comparisons for years to come.

It was fun, especially trading right in the beginning with sidewinder etc where you could count your single credits, once the trading gets into million not to mention billions, it all kind of turns into a big blur. Don't get me wrong my real account has 4.8 billion now which is super cool, but yeah there is something in these start from scratch things heh.

Hopefully now I don't need to make another start from scratch in elite for years to come, they really need to change the trading big time until I do so.

With that CMDR "Snake Man PMC" signs off and continues his real elite life hehe Smiley :D