PMC Wanderer Voyage Home - PMC Elite Dangerous


PMC Wanderer Voyage Home 44,800 light years.

Got an crazy idea that I want to bring my real account (CMDR Snake Man) PMC Wanderer fleet carrier back to populated space so I can get into the Low Temperature Diamonds (LTD) mining frenzy that is going on which makes you billion credits within a day. I don't really need the credits but hey if its there why not take advantage of it Smiley :)

Also I made a grave mistake outfitting my ships on PMC Wanderer, miner has no sub surface mining equipment, no ship has SRV (just in case you want to drive around) and I have no fast fighter type ship to skim those deep canyons really fast and dangerous. In general I want to bring in more various ships with PMC Wanderer as you just never know which kind of ship you might need while out there a long time from now. The ships do not take any space from the owners carrier so its fine to bring many.

Hmm most likely I will be engineering some type-9 mining setup to be more efficient. Dunno, we'll see when this LTD mining craze is over.


2020-06-19T21:13:24Z Back in PMC Explorer asp cockpit on board carrier PMC Wanderer, in system: Dryaea Brou TS-U e2-0.

We currently have tritium reserves of 565t in fuel tank and 4894t in cargo hold.

Services; repair 180 units, armory 250 units and universal cartographics 120 units. Total of 550 units. Used spansh fleet carrier route plotter to calculate my voyage home and it came out as 97 jumps, estimated time 4 days and several tritium "restock" mentions which means mining 1000t of tritium.

Spansh plotter. 2021 Edit, something changed in Spansh carrier route plotter link as it now sets used capacity to some crazy number. Also with new tritium usages if you click that link in 2021 or later its no longer 4 days etc as its calculated with new usages.

Spansh says estimated time is calculated by "Spansh: jumps * 1200 + restocks * 25200 = seconds, then rounded up to human readable. I estimated 7 hours to fully restock a fleet carrier at a pristine ring." and by fully restock he means 1000t in tritium fuel depot only, not full cargo capacity heh.

Spansh website uses community gathered data through EDDN. So when it plots a route, every waypoint is already discovered system. Also few of the jumps turned out to be three hundred LY in distance (4 jumps in total shortest was 346.44ly), this is very low when the range is 500ly. If you plan on doing discovering yourself or want to do max range every single jump, then do not use spansh plotter.

I do like spansh plotter because it shows you when you need to mine more tritium, if you are low, also it tries to find a suitable mining system from the database. At least I assume it does, how come else it would show you a system name where you must mine tritium. So that is very helpful, but yeah these four jumps in the three hundred range, I mean its over hundred LY wasted per jump, that is a lot of light years.

In the future when I plot some route to where ever I'm going I wont be using this plotter as there is no point, just mark a final destination waypoint into galaxy map and start plotting towards it, easy. Also I want to scout ahead with PMC Explorer on any future PMC Wanderer trips, no more jumping into unknown systems.

2020-06-19T21:25:18Z Started plotting route, first hyperjump is in, here we go Smiley :)

I immediately felt bad as I wanted to store as much tritium in PMC Trader cargo hold to make the carrier jumps lighter, so that prevents me from taking PMC Explorer and hop ahead towards the next waypoint. Ideally I'd like to scout the way ahead so there was something to do instead of waiting for stupid 15min counter to reach zero and then go through the hyper jump nonsense sounds.

But unfortunately to make things as quick as possible I need to sit in the PMC Trader cockpit in PMC Wanderer's hangar ready to transfer tritium into the fuel depot when it runs out and then plot more hyper jumps.

So this is according to spansh estimated time 4 days of doing that, assuming I don't need to go mine tritium anywhere. I bet I do so that will make this trip interesting, that desperate need to get tritium mined, but first you need to discover the rings haha Smiley ;)

Looks like PMC Wanderer new ID is Q1L-19Z

2020-06-19T21:41:14Z Docked at Grairaea KC-B d1-6/Q1L-19Z.

Now I just need to keep an eye on the cooldown 3min timer so I don't get caught in discord or something while carrier is ready to plot the next jump, there is plenty of time to read discord when the extremely long 15min counter is running.

2020-06-19T22:02:15Z Docked at Eembaitls HD-I c23-2/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-19T22:23:15Z Docked at Eembaitls HF-U b30-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-19T22:46:14Z Docked at Eembaitl YX-U d2-3/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-19T23:07:15Z Docked at Dryu Chroa LO-X c28-5/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-19T23:29:14Z Docked at Dryu Chroa NJ-P c19-1/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-19T23:50:15Z Docked at Dryu Chroa JW-Z b27-1/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T00:11:15Z Docked at Baulou TI-D b12-3/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T00:32:14Z Docked at Ooscs Chruia OO-Z d13-58/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T00:53:15Z Docked at Ooscs Chruia TL-L c21-3/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T01:14:15Z Docked at Oob Chruia DD-D c12-6/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T01:35:16Z Docked at Oob Chruia CM-F b11-2/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T01:56:14Z Docked at Stuenooe NO-Z d13-1/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T02:17:15Z Docked at Kuemo UR-P b39-6/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T02:38:16Z Docked at Stuenae QK-F b25-1/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T02:59:14Z Docked at Stuenae QR-N c6-2/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T03:20:15Z Docked at Hypao Auwsy SM-Z c27-2/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T03:43:14Z Docked at Hypoea Prau YD-E a80-1/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T04:04:15Z Docked at Hypoea Prau ZO-R b24-1/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T04:25:16Z Docked at Hypoea Prau RN-V b8-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T04:49:15Z Docked at Phrua Ploe DZ-D d13-10/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T05:10:16Z Docked at Phooe Aoc XD-K d8-8/Q1L-19Z.

Then I was so tired had to call it a night. More traveling tomorrow.


2020-06-20T10:29:09Z New Elite day has started! Back in type-9 cockpit at PMC Wanderer Smiley :)

2020-06-20T10:49:12Z Docked at Xembeou OH-E b18-1/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T11:10:10Z Docked at Xembeou CS-F c0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T11:31:11Z Docked at Shumboi TL-J b42-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T11:52:12Z Docked at Hypoea Flyao OD-Q d6-9/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T12:13:10Z Docked at Hypoea Flyao PK-M b12-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T12:34:11Z Docked at Dryua Prao OP-D b58-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T12:57:10Z Docked at Phrauppy HC-J d10-2/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T13:18:10Z Docked at Phrauppy JX-R d5-14/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T13:39:11Z Docked at Phrauppy GE-W b7-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T14:00:12Z Docked at Moijio DY-V b49-1/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T14:21:10Z Docked at Ooscs Aub HX-L d7-19/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T14:44:12Z Docked at Oob Aub HP-H c10-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T15:06:10Z Docked at Oob Aub UV-Y c0/Q1L-19Z.

In this system I noticed spansh route plotter has made some detours so to speak, not following a direct line, also the jump distances were below 400ly. This must be because there has been "pristine" rings in all of these latest systems. I have to assume the plotter kind of tours all the icy ring systems for any possible tritium hotspots, lets CMDR pick and choose where to refuel.

I am planning on maxing out, taking a risk, to jump two more systems before I need to refuel as I'm all out of tritium. If that system doesn't have tritium hotspot... then uh oh, I am in big trouble Smiley ;)

2020-06-20T15:38:14Z Docked at Dryu Aowsy HN-I c23-5/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-20T16:03:14Z Docked at Dryu Aowsy IS-K d8-13/Q1L-19Z.

Finally arrived to this system where we are out of carrier tritium fuel, only 34t left in fuel depot Smiley :)

So now I'm going out with PMC Explorer in hopes that there is tritium overlapping hotspot in this system, at worst... there could be nothing and I need to jump with type-9 all the way back fucking 400ly to the previous system ONE WAY haha Smiley ;)

FSS scanned the system and could see from system map that the rings are icy but mass is tiny, super small rings so I doubt there are any good tritium deposits present. Oh well.

2020-06-20T16:20:48Z And as I feared, it was a dud, only LTDs Smiley ;)

Used galaxy map to filer FGKABO hmm what else, stars and used economical route plotting when I went to hunt for gas giants or just icy rings in general.

Dryu Aowsy VQ-T c17-2 was the system where I found first icy rings, they were medium mass size and I was hopeful there would be tritium so my type-9 wont need to jump very far. But it was a dud, nothing in the icy ring, oh well search continues.

2020-06-20T17:28:57Z Uuh it was a struggle, but finally I found a tritium hotspot, two of them actually but no overlapping hotspots.

First I was flying aimlessly around hoping to find anything, but zip, nada, nothing. Then tried to find icy rings with Spansh body finder, it did... but I have no idea how to reference my current location there so the 10,000 results it found were useless. Next I tried EDSM and finally from its celestial bodies feature I found icy rings just nearby.

Well then PMC Miner 2 did not have jump range to reach the system haha, these issues just keep piling up hehe. Luckily carrier had JUST enough fuel to jump into the neighboring system where I'm sure PMC Miner 2 reaches the target system. It was so funny as after the carriers jump, it has 0.0 tons of tritium left hehe.

Talking about running out of fuel, huh! Smiley :)

2020-06-20T17:43:12Z Docked at Dryu Aowsy OB-Y b29-0/Q1L-19Z.

So arrived at the system next to the mining icy rings, time to get to work, I was anxiously sitting in PMC Miner 2's cockpit waiting to go.

2020-06-20T17:58:07Z Started mining Smiley :)

2020-06-20T18:58:08Z Total of 134t tritium mined.

2020-06-20T19:26:14Z That's it, 203t tritium in the cargo hold, already too much to jump to the system where PMC Wanderer is heh, nice. Amazingly I could still jump out with 203t tritium and 3t limpets. Route even with fastest plotting still took me a 11 jump detour, that was interesting. It was funny to explore in mining outfitted type-9 haha.

2020-06-20T19:53:00Z Docked at Dryu Aowsy OB-Y b29-0/Q1L-19Z.

After returning safely to PMC Wanderer I took a much overdue lunch break.

2020-06-20T21:00:34Z Elite back up, donated 203t tritium to the fuel depot, then carrier course plotted to Dryu Aowsy AG-O d6-9 so I can continue mining tritium.

Its going to be fun mining while PMC Wanderer is on the orbit, not much hyper jumping to do and no pirates to worry about here deep in galaxy.

Plan is to mine 811t of tritium so after this carrier jump its fuel depot is full 1000t. Then we can continue using the Spansh fleet carrier route plotter course towards populated space. I really want to see how the route turns out in the end.

2020-06-20T21:17:16Z Docked at Dryu Aowsy AG-O d6-9/Q1L-19Z.

Arrived to the gas giant, very nice orbit looking straight at the ring, wow what a view, got great screenshot and video out of it, awesome.

2020-06-20T21:38:30Z Started mining.

2020-06-20T22:25:25Z First 107t in cargo hold.


2020-06-21T00:50:00Z Finished mining, ran out of limpets. Got 8t LTDs and 362t tritium.

2020-06-21T00:56:12Z Docked at Dryu Aowsy AG-O d6-9/Q1L-19Z.

Exited Elite, have to take a small break just a quick breather, that last mining session felt quite exhausting.

2020-06-21T01:15:32Z Had to call it a night, been up 15hrs and feel really exhausted. More mining tomorrow with new enthusiasm Smiley :)

2020-06-21T09:01:43Z New Elite voyage home day has started! Yeah buddy lets mine some tritium!

PMC Wanderer fuel depot currently has 551t of tritium, so we need to mine 449t today. Should be easy to do as long as we have limpets hehe. Loaded PMC Miner 2 with full stock 512t of limpets.

2020-06-21T09:44:58Z Started mining.

2020-06-21T11:01:53Z First 123t mined.

2020-06-21T11:45:40Z Dead tired, have to go take a nap.

2020-06-21T14:44:47Z Nap is over, lets continue mining.

2020-06-21T15:47:45Z Lunch break, exited Elite for relaxing meal.

2020-06-21T16:20:53Z Lunch break over, we continue mining.

2020-06-21T17:59:26Z Finished mining, almost out of limpets and 450t of tritium in cargo (we need 449t according to our refueling schedule).

2020-06-21T18:03:59Z Docked at Dryu Aowsy AG-O d6-9/Q1L-19Z.

Then offloaded tritium into the fuel depot which status is now 1000t ie full. I have one extra tritium ton in type-9 cargo as well as 13t LTDs and 16 limpets.

I wanted to continue with the Spansh initial route but I don't think it really applies anymore as we are not in the refueling system currently and technically have one ton more tritium, heh yes sure one ton doesnt end the world heh of course not, but I decided to plot a new route from our current location, then scout ahead with PMC Explorer to find tritium hotspots and hopefully then I wont run out of fuel anymore.

PMC Wanderer's cargo hold has now 21t LTDs, 1t tritium and 16 limpets. Total of 38t.

Spansh route plotter generated this route.

60 jumps, estimated time 3 days and most importantly... eight (8) more refuelings, meaning several hours mining Smiley :)

2020-06-21T20:00:57Z PMC Explorer arrived to the first carrier refueling mining system. Scanned it and yeah there are plenty of tritium hotspots to choose, none overlapping though.

2020-06-21T22:11:05Z Verified that Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0 system has icy rings with tritium I sent PMC Wanderer on its way here, two hyper jumps so will take a while.

While I wait, its lunch time Smiley ;)

2020-06-21T22:40:39Z Lunch time over, now we just wait until PMC Wanderer jumps into this system, ETA about 8min.

Tested first time that I can as carrier owner without outfitting service remove a mobule from my ship and store it in the outfitting, works OK. Not sure if there are any limits of how many modules you can store.

PMC Miner 2 was almost out of fuel so had to go to the system star to fuel scoop some, yeah PMC Wanderer has no refuel service hehe.

2020-06-21T23:52:32Z Started mining.


2020-06-22T02:34:49Z Had to take a quick break, shut down Elite, was just so exhausted.

2020-06-22T03:03:54Z Back, lets continue mining.

2020-06-22T05:08:06Z Finished mining, 4t LTDs (heh) and 357t tritium, ran out of limpets. The percentages for tritium were horrible bad in this ring Smiley :(

2020-06-22T05:13:14Z Docked. Exhausted, tired too, had to call it a night here. More mining tomorrow, voyage home must continue.

2020-06-22T13:25:03Z New Elite day has started, mining tritium must continue.

PMC Wanderer fuel depot has 385t of tritium, cargo hold 25t LTDs.

Dead tired had to go take a nap... Had a nice nap, cooked some lunch.

Then I got to think about this mining grind, I'm not even half way done this one and according to Spansh carrier plotter I am looking at further seven (7) mining pitstops before I reach populated space. I'm thinking that while I'm crazy and love Elite, mining, all that shit... it might be too much. It seems for me to take several hours per load mining tritium so 7 such events... that is just nuts.

Another option was to launch elite second account CMDR Snake Man PMC and use PMC PapaBear carrier as fuel tanker, fill it up with tritium and fly it over to PMC Wanderer, refuel and then fly PMC Wanderer back to populated space with one session.

On paper that PMC PapaBear option is best time wise, but its no easy task either, loading that bitch up with 23k tons of tritium takes a while, then one day of constant flying there, then another fuel transfer there before I even can begin continuing voyage home. Man that is some crazy ass shit hehe.

Also after that once PMC Wanderer reaches home... I have yet another carrier in 24k ly out there which needs to be flown home, I mean no need to do that but she was not intended to be a exploration carrier and I have no idea of her purpose other than to goof around in mining operations.

So to recap, PMC Wanderer is in Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0 system, PMC PapaBear is in Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3 system.

Thinking about it bit more it just overall felt like complicated plan which would just swap one PMC carrier with another still having the same issues. PMC PapaBear would have about 13k tons of tritium left after the fuel transfer so it could still return home on its own without refueling.

I don't know man, these are the hard decisions you have to make which have great impact on the future, I don't like to be put in this position at all Smiley :(

Simple calculations. One mining session approximate 3hrs lets make it 4hrs to be safe, you need two of these so lets round it up to Spansh estimated 7hrs. So 7 x 7 == 49hrs of fucking mining, haha fuck that shit... I was going to do further calculations and comparisons but realizing how many fucking hours I would be mining alone, yeah fuck that I'm outta here, I'm off to load PMC PapaBear with tritium, that decision came easy after fourty fucking nine hours haha Smiley :D

2020-06-22T21:38:59Z Elite back up, flew PMC Miner 2 back to PMC Wanderer, donated tritium which is now 450t in the fuel depot. Cargo hold has 26t LTDs and 419t limpets.

Time to switch into CMDR Snake Man PMC and hop into PMC PapaBear which has now become a rescue ship Smiley ;)

Operation Rescuing Stranded Wanderers

2020-06-22T21:54:45Z Started Elite with CMDR Snake Man PMC account Smiley :)

Onboard PMC PapaBear was 24t LTDs, 5516t tritium and 69t limpets. Services; refuel, armory so total of 24,250t free cargo space.

We need 18,934t of tritium to fill this bitch up. Plotted jump to Trinar system with the best tritium buy price and good supply too.

Carrier cash 605 million, personal cash 502 million.

2020-06-22T22:33:28Z arrived at Trinar system. Fuel depot 211t tritium.

2020-06-22T22:46:30Z Alright first 788t tritium load delivered to PMC PapaBear. Time to put out the tritium market buy order.

Calculations for market buy order, tritium one load costs; 4 million * 15 loads == 60 million. I'll leave that to my personal account and transfer rest to PMC PapaBear.

PMC PapaBear buying tritium 100,000 cr per ton with 10,426 demand.

2020-06-22T22:52:19Z Commodity market tritium buy order and 24t LTD sell order set. I put my leftover diamonds for sale at 100k a ton Smiley ;)

2020-06-22T23:08:53Z LTDs sold out haha

2020-06-23 PMC PapaBear On Her Way

2020-06-23T00:01:58Z All tritium bought up, no more cash to put into tritium buy orders, I'm outta money hehe. Carrier balance 2.8 million, personal balance 0 credits haha.

PMC Trader 3 has 788t tritium cargo, its good for first fuel transfer. Fuel depot is full 1000t and carriers cargo has 20,275t of tritium.

I actually messed it up, that is not enough for trip to PMC Wanderer, fuel transfer and trip back to bubble, at least I don't think it is.

2020-06-23T00:16:27Z Plotted route to Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0 system and off we go, this will be about 16hrs trip all jumping & countdown & cooldowns combined.

I didn't use Spansh carrier plotter, dunno if that would have been quicker to just copy paste the system names in, well in the end it wouldn't have made much difference mere minutes.

So here we are, today's remaining game-play will be plotting new jumps, waiting for the countdowns/cooldowns and in the mean time reading discord, watching youtube videos etc Smiley ;)

2020-06-23T00:33:23Z Docked at Praea Euq ZN-J b9-3/KNX-T6F.

Decided after all to plot a route with Spansh carrier plotter, it is in fact much quicker and easier for me to just copy paste the system name into galaxy map and click go heh. Here is the route I plotted.

PMC PapaBear is outfitted with refuel and armory only, so 750t taken from total capacity.

2020-06-23T00:55:24Z Docked at Praea Euq GQ-P d5-23/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T01:16:22Z Docked at Praea Euq JQ-N c20-11/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T01:37:23Z Docked at NGC 5662 Sector NS-S b4-1/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T01:58:24Z Docked at Phylucs NB-O c6-10/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T02:19:25Z Docked at Phylucs GF-Y c14-4/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T02:40:23Z Docked at NGC 5281 Sector ZN-V c17-5/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T02:40:45Z Docked at NGC 5281 Sector ZN-V c17-5/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T03:01:26Z Docked at Byaa Theia KQ-Y c3/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T03:22:27Z Docked at Byaa Theia DU-I c9-5/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T03:43:25Z Docked at NGC 5617 Sector BR-K b9-2/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T04:05:26Z Docked at Byoi Thae LP-G b52-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T04:49:26Z Docked at Blau Eur KW-W d1-20/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T05:11:25Z Docked at Blau Eur SC-C c13-29/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T05:32:26Z Docked at Blau Eur JP-C b41-1/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T05:53:26Z Docked at Syralaei XY-A c33/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T06:14:27Z Docked at Syralaei VD-T d3-36/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T06:35:26Z Docked at Syralaei QC-M d7-125/KNX-T6F.

2020-06-23T07:49:42Z Dead tired had to call it a night. Traveling continues tomorrow.

2020-06-23T13:15:05Z New Elite day has started, lets get this rust bucket moving!

2020-06-23T13:13:55Z Docked at Ploi Aec BP-P c19-12/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T13:33:20Z Docked at Plaa Aec IQ-B c27-9/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T13:54:21Z Docked at Praea Aec LW-W d1-3/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T14:15:19Z Docked at Praea Aec VG-K b23-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T14:39:21Z Docked at Pru Aed QE-J b37-2/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T15:00:14Z Docked at Pru Aed FS-B d13-36/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T15:21:20Z Docked at Slengoa GL-Y e0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T15:43:21Z Docked at Slengoa EF-Q d5-19/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T16:04:20Z Docked at Plaa Aip VE-I b38-2/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T16:25:15Z Docked at Plaa Aip GI-A d14-1/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T16:46:21Z Docked at Oofaich GK-P c6-4/KNX-T6F.

PMC PapaBear carrier balance 2.888 million, weekly upkeep currently already 12.775 million. I need a lot of cash so the carrier wont go to negative balance next thursday morning. I'm going to have buy tritium using PMC Wanderer's PMC Trader ship, which I had to do anyways.

Going to transfer 10,000t of tritium from PMC PapaBear to PMC Wanderer by selling them. If the sell price is 289 credits per ton that already covers the 2.888 million. So most likely I cannot even put sell price that low due the 1000% above/below market price thing.

With 10k tons of tritium onboard plus full fuel depot here is PMC Wanderer's return route.

2020-06-23T17:07:19Z Docked at Oofaich MR-M d7-10/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T17:28:20Z Docked at Pria Aim KA-M b50-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T17:49:21Z Docked at Synooka PH-U c3-1/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T18:10:19Z Docked at Synooka BZ-H c10-2/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T18:32:21Z Docked at Synooka WI-Q c19-5/KNX-T6F.

2020-06-23T18:48:43Z Suddenly someone called me on system chat. Hum, system chat? in middle of nowhere here? Heh yeah indeed it was a CMDR from the LTD triple overlap system from few days ago when I was taxiing them back and forth to selling stations.

He did not stay on the carrier but it was his last docking station, he then went to mine and got his ship blown up so hes rebuy brought him to PMC PapaBear which was like 15k ly out from the bubble hehe.

2020-06-23T19:01:21Z Docked at Blia Aescs PB-B b56-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T19:25:20Z Docked at Byooe Aescs DK-E b13-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T19:46:21Z Docked at Byooe Aescs CE-X b29-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T20:08:20Z Docked at Puelue AY-S b45-3/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T20:29:21Z Docked at Blaea Ain CF-A d78/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T20:50:21Z Docked at Blaea Ain YN-Q b19-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T21:11:20Z Docked at Blaea Ain SN-K d8-31/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T21:32:21Z Docked at Blia Ain ZG-D d12-41/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T21:53:21Z Docked at Byooe Ain LJ-T b3-3/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T22:14:20Z Docked at Coerns XZ-R a31-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T22:36:21Z Docked at Graei Eaec YM-Q d6-44/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T22:57:22Z Docked at Byoo Aim RO-I d9-18/KNX-T6F.

The last jump in this journey unfortunately has to be done blind, CMDR Snake Man PMC doesn't have scan data for this system, hopefully the carriers wont be located very far apart so tritium hauling wont be like 2000ls distance.

2020-06-23 PMC PapaBear Has Arrived

2020-06-23T23:24:22Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/KNX-T6F.

Aah finally arrived to our destination! Yeah! Smiley :)

We were dropped around orbit of the main star but at the far end of that orbit, so we are now 1300ls away from PMC Wanderer which is not too bad but definitely takes minute or so to super cruise. Oh well could not be helped and I'm not going to waste 40min to jump out and jump back in to get next to her.

2020-06-23T23:29:02Z Set a sell order for 11,000t of tritium so we can get PMC Wanderer refueled. Not sure what was I thinking a total brain fart... but now when I sell these 11k tons out... PMC PapaBear is left with nothing, it will be stranded here.

Oh man what a mess, how the fuck could I make a mistake like that. I calculated all that shizzle with Spansh plotter that I have enough fuel... just completely forgot to note that yeah PMC PapaBear is empty when refueling is done. Oh well, lesson learned once again, I wont be making this mistake ever again.

So now its time to shut down CMDR Snake Man PMC Elite client, switch out netlogs/journals and start up CMDR Snake Man and start buying that tritium for its voyage home.

2020-06-23T23:35:06Z Started Elite with CMDR Snake Man real account, aayeah lets get this done.

Switched to PMC Trader and departed to buy some tritium from PMC PapaBear, on quick calculation that with 790t per trip it will take me 14 trips to haul it all. Lets get started.

2020-06-23T23:50:49Z First 790t load delivered. Looks like the super cruising is a bit over a minute, plus all the decelerating and docking etc. This will take a while, but we'll get it done.

2020-06-23T23:35:00Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-23T23:43:05Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-23T23:48:36Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-23T23:54:35Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-24T00:07:21Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T00:14:21Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-24T00:20:10Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T00:26:01Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-24T00:31:33Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T00:37:17Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-24T00:43:54Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T00:49:56Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-24T00:55:40Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T01:01:19Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-24T01:07:25Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T01:13:20Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-24T01:23:12Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T01:28:49Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-24T01:34:38Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T01:40:47Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-24T01:46:39Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T01:52:30Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-24T01:58:22Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T02:04:09Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-24T02:11:41Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T02:17:55Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-24T02:24:22Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T02:59:42Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-24T03:05:58Z Docked at Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0/Q1L-19Z.

2020-06-24 PMC Wanderer Refueled

2020-06-24T03:06:32Z Finished transferring tritium from PMC PapaBear to PMC Wanderer, all 11,000t hauled over.

PMC Wanderer now has total of 10,450t of tritium in cargo plus fuel depot full 1000t. Should be plenty enough to reach the bubble.

But... now we wait for CMDR FirehawkGT to wake up in 0611hrs as he promised. That is still three hours away, hmm. Such a waste of time as I could have jumped who knows how many times in all those hours. I could go mining I guess, but it just feels so silly as I'm all dressed up and ready to go... but have to wait for someone else. Also there is the fear that what if this guy never shows up, then I have wasted three perfectly good hours just sitting at my hands here.

PMC Wanderer total cargo 26t LTDs, 10,450t tritium and 419t limpets. Actually I loaded up those limpets into PMC Trader so they wont cause excess weight to PMC Wanderer's fuel usage.

2020-06-24T03:22:27Z I'm not going to sit here waiting so I'm going to once again launch CMDR Snake Man PMC, take out sub surface miner ship and go mine some tritium, at least for hour or maybe two dunno, hopefully until CMDR FirehawkGT comes online.

2020-06-24T03:26:32Z Okay CMDR Snake Man PMC loaded up.

2020-06-24T04:06:52Z Nvidia drivers crashed twice in relatively short time, decided to reboot whole computer.

Hum not exactly sure what this spansh route is?.

2020-06-24T05:09:14Z Shut down Elite, took a aircon install break.

2020-06-24T05:42:20Z Elite back up, more mining while waiting Smiley :)

2020-06-24T06:09:13Z Another nvidia driver crash, sigh. Wonder if its the heat in my room, I doubt it as this was already happening before the heatwave started.

2020-06-24T06:33:24Z CMDR FirehawkGT got online and boarded PMC Wanderer, I shut Elite down for aircon install.

2020-06-24 PMC Wanderer Voyage Home Continues

2020-06-24T08:10:27Z Started Elite back up with CMDR Snake Man, now we continue PMC Wanderer voyage home. Next hyper jump plotted.

I'm pretty tired already dunno how many hours I can stay up, but lets see one hyper jump at the time.

2020-06-24T09:28:45Z Dead tired need some sleep, have to call it a night here.

2020-06-24T16:01:45Z New Elite day has started, lets continue our voyage home.

2020-06-24T16:21:21Z Docked at Blia Ain EC-M d7-61/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T16:52:20Z Docked at Blaea Ain ZD-C b13-1/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T17:13:20Z Docked at Puelue KZ-B b54-1/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T17:34:21Z Docked at Puelue TJ-I d9-19/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T17:55:20Z Docked at Puelue CC-D c12-2/Q1L-19Z.
2020-06-24T18:16:20Z Docked at Nuekaae LI-V c5-0/Q1L-19Z.

Was really tired almost snoozing off in front of the computer so what I did was plot a hyper jump, set alarm timer on phone for 19mins and then went to bed to sleep. Well it was not proper sleep with such short intervals but oddly enough it helped me get through several hyper jumps. The other choice was to go take a legit nap meaning shutting down Elite and Gaming computer, then sleep for like 2-4hrs. I have done this 19min nap now two times and who knows maybe I'll try it again in the future if I have such crazy carrier traveling plan.

2020-06-24T18:40:19Z Docked at Blia Aescs YQ-C c26-7/Q1L-19Z.

After this Elite bugged so that carrier jump sounds, going to hangar and the leaning back animation things were totally skipped. Carrier did move on galaxy map but nothing was written in journals. Really strange, I don't mind as the hyper jump sounds were just waste of time. I'm just hoping this bug / glitch doesn't throw me back dozen or so systems all of the sudden.


2020-06-25T02:02:50Z Carrier jumping is still bugged, but I'm still... jumping closer to the bubble so I don't care Smiley ;)

Did couple of jumps by going to sleep for 19mins again, I have no idea if I should really go to sleep or are these just "yawns for pussies" which don't mean anything.

2020-06-25T06:57:17Z Elite galaxy servers go down in top of the hour for weekly maintenace. Had to stop carrier hyper jumping.

CMDR FirehawkGT came on system chat to say hello, he was happy to see we are almost back in col 285 LTD system.

2020-06-25 PMC Wanderer At The Rings

2020-06-25T08:58:19Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-4/Q1L-19Z.

Finally arrived to the nearest free slot carrier system of Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-2 Smiley :)

2020-06-25T09:31:08Z Docked at Hirpinyi/Altshuller Gateway.

Took PMC Miner 2 here, time to remove shields and fuel scoop.

2020-06-25T10:36:06Z Had already gone to LTD triple overlapping hotspot, found the 4 sub surface deposit asteroid, mined it... when nvidia driver crashed again.

2020-06-25T11:46:37Z Dead tired, had to call it a night.

2020-06-25T17:59:23Z New Elite day has started by refueling PMC Miner 2, flying it to the LTD triple overlapping hotspot ring... and taking a lunch break Smiley ;)

2020-06-25T18:26:08Z Lunch is done, now lets start mining some low temperature diamonds.

2020-06-25T21:56:04Z Nap time.

2020-06-26 Mining Low Temperature Diamonds

2020-06-26T02:35:34Z CMDR Snake Man PMC finished quick sub surface deposit mining of tritium in Byoo Aim EP-R b46-0 system. PMC PapaBear fuel depot now 670t. Carrier balance 88.535 million and weekly upkeep 7.998 million.

A rough calculation that if I leave PMC PapaBear in this system while I go mine using main PMC Wanderer carrier, CMDR Snake Man PMC balance runs out in 13 weeks. Knowning this I'm comfortable going back to PMC Wanderer for at least end of october. Now that is a lifetime Elite wise Smiley ;)

2020-06-26T02:52:53Z Shut down Elite for CMDR Snake Man PMC.

2020-06-26T02:58:13Z Started Elite with normal CMDR Snake Man. Now lets see what kind of mining should we do.

2020-06-26T03:08:57Z Arrived at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-2 and positioned myself to the 4 sub surface deposit LTD asteroid 25km away from the center hotspot, now just waiting for pirates to go away before starting mining.

2020-06-26T04:53:51Z This mining session finished, dumped LTDs to carrier now total 1561t.

2020-06-26T05:03:37Z Decided to go Deciat, to check if PMC Explorer's FSD could be further engineered. I believe its on the legacy engineering now and needs to be upgraded.

2020-06-26T05:14:55Z Docked at Deciat/Farseer Inc. Ready to start engineering. My current ship jump range is 60.40ly unladen 64.57ly. After converting legacy mod into present day engineering and engineering it up to the max current ship jump range 63.69ly and unladen 68.12ly. So pretty nice increase just by visiting here and pressing few buttons. Why didn't I do this earlier? Smiley :)

2020-06-26T05:28:16Z Docked at Shinrarta Dezhra/Jameson Memorial. Just tested some jump range, oddly enough cant even remember what it was before (other than what I wrote above) but in general I always jump like 61-63ly anyways so dunno. Came to Jameson Memorial to buy super cruise assist module as it was on my list and this station is one of those that you don't need to wonder if something is in stock or not.

2020-06-26T07:13:42Z Back in the LTD3 joint, lets mine some more while I decide what to do next.

2020-06-26T08:03:38Z Lunch break.

2020-06-26T08:24:36Z Lunch break over.

2020-06-26T09:02:07Z Ran out of sub surface deposit missiles, time to head home. Got 590t of LTDs in the cargo.

2020-06-26T09:14:01Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-4/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer stock now 2151t of LTDs.

2020-06-26 PMC PapaBear On The Move

2020-06-26T09:42:12Z haha decided to start CMDR Snake Man PMC and do few hyper jumps towards the first refuel point Smiley :)

Flip flop! Smiley :D

2020-06-26T13:13:44Z Mining completed, 207t of tritium in cargo hold. Nice catch for just casual "lets check those rings out".

2020-06-26T14:06:22Z Enough Elite for today, just too tired to concentrate, have to get some shut eye...

2020-06-26T21:24:11Z New Elite day has started, today we continue refueling PMC PapaBear.

Blia Ain XJ-I d9-58 ammonia world, did not scan it Smiley ;)

Blia Ain UP-N c20-11 earth-like world, FSS scanned it but left DSS for CMDR Snake Man hehe.

Blia Ain WJ-I d9-71 terraformable RINGED water world, sigh Smiley ;)


2020-06-27T01:44:59Z Dropped into tritium hotspot in Blia Ain VP-N c20-7 4 A Ring.

2020-06-27T03:14:34Z Finished mining session, docked to PMC PapaBear, tritium fuel now 368t. Not much eh. This tritium ring felt somewhat bad, so many fast spinning asteroids and in general the yields were not that good.

Tried to plot another jump with Spansh carrier plotted but Blia Ain VP-N c20-7 system was not in the databases, hmm. This causes huge issues as you cannot find a source system... you cant really plot a jump to the next system. Kind of dilemma heh.

2020-06-27T04:06:21Z Dropped to tritium hotspot.

2020-06-27T06:46:03Z Had another stowaway incident hehe. Now going back to the ring to mine tritium.

2020-06-27T08:28:37Z Uah quite nice sub surface deposit mining session. Got 267t of tritium which is actually quite nice refuel load for PMC PapaBear.

2020-06-27T08:35:18Z Docked at Blia Ain DD-H b24-1/KNX-T6F. PMC PapaBear fuel depot has 244t tritium and cargo hold the mined 375t.

Exited Elite, lunch time, I want to relax a few moments, getting sore sitting and mining heh.

2020-06-27T09:04:13Z Lunch break is over, we continue PMC PapaBear's journey home...

We got 619t of tritium in the fuel depot, lets make a next jump.

2020-06-27T09:48:16Z Docked at Puelue VU-E c25-16/KNX-T6F. Tritium fuel depot 343t now, still can do about two full jumps.

2020-06-27T10:31:15Z Docked at Puelue CN-R b18-2/KNX-T6F. PMC PapaBear is out of fuel, 64t left heh.

Puelue VE-R d4-72 water world for CMDR Snake Man PMC, sent to EDDN as well Smiley ;)

2020-06-27T11:45:55Z Getting really tired, not so much sleepy tired but just exhausted of being playing all day long. Time to park my mining ship to the hangar for some shut eye...

2020-06-27T19:23:31Z New Elite day has started, I believe its straight off to tritium mining as thats where I left off last night.

2020-06-27T21:17:31Z Got first like 170t load of tritium mined, plotted new PMC PapaBear jump and... then was so tired had to take a nap.

2020-06-27T23:00:04Z Elite back up, lets continue. CMDR Daceton that stowaway we found yesterday is online again. Hopefully we can get some mining done.

We got 75t of tritium fuel in the tank. Wow its a long way to mine until its topped off, or even for two jumps.


2020-06-28T01:15:41Z Super hungry, had 152t of tritium mined and I decided to take a lunch break. Going to shut down Elite to enjoy my meal in peace.

2020-06-28T01:40:18Z Lunch break is over. Lets dock to PMC PapaBear, offload tritium cargo and plot our next jump.

2020-06-28T02:19:39Z Dropped to Byooe Aescs QF-A c5 A 4 b ring and started to mine.

2020-06-28T03:56:18Z Again dead tired, need to take a nap heh.

2020-06-28T06:40:32Z Nap over, Elite back up, we continue.

2020-06-28T08:07:45Z Finished mining, it was pretty slow with laser mining type-7 but a nice change to the sub surface type-9. Got 125t tritium and 4 LTDs. Its time to refuel PMC PapaBear.

2020-06-28T08:14:03Z Docked at Byooe Aescs QF-A c5/KNX-T6F. PMC PapaBear has now 352t of fuel left.

2020-06-28T08:34:23Z Docked at Blia Aescs TW-A c27-0/KNX-T6F. Went to prospect icy rings, no hotspots at all. PMC PapaBear has now 221t fuel left.

2020-06-28T10:03:53Z Found tritium hotspot in Blia Aescs OU-X c14-10, called carrier here and started mining using type-9 sub surface deposit miner.

2020-06-28T11:57:40Z Ran out of sub surface deposit missiles. Found an awesome location with bunch of high content asteroids. Coords are tritium hotspot 70.9km, planet 0.45ls, bromellite 0.52ls, alexandrite 0.64ls, tritium 0.76ls and LTD 0.80ls. This location was the larger tritium hotspot.

Got 306t tritium mined, pretty decent load but only half of the cargo capacity so if this is the norm for tritium... hmm I might as well run it with type-7 which is faster.

2020-06-28T12:06:17Z Docked at Blia Aescs OU-X c14-10/KNX-T6F. PMC PapaBear now has 365t of fuel.

2020-06-28T13:07:28Z Had to call end to current mining session, just felt overly exhausted.

2020-06-28T18:04:46Z Elite back up, we continue endless mining grind... I'm really starting to feel the exhaustion now, I mean the long term one. I feel like I just can't make it back to the bubble with what was it six more 1000t refuels after this.

2020-06-28T19:24:38Z Too tired, my sleeping cycle is completely off, cant keep my eyes open need some sleep...

2020-06-28T23:45:37Z New Elite day has started, all refreshen up and ready to mine, we got to get PMC PapaBear back to the bubble.


2020-06-29T00:00:24Z Well that was a quick run, ran out of sub surface deposit missiles. Got 249t tritium in cargo, still few limpets left but yeah ran outta missiles, guess I was so bad shot and well the tritium yields are so pitiful compared to LTD triple overlapping hotspot that you run out of missiles before type-9 cargo hold is full.

2020-06-29T00:05:10Z Docked at Blia Aescs OU-X c14-10/KNX-T6F. PMC PapaBear now has 614t of tritium fuel.

Tried to use Spansh carrier plotter but it didn't recognize the system I'm currently at. Yeah the fuel depot is not full yet but I just want to jump one step closer to the bubble I feel so bored of this mining grind. I know in the big picture it doesn't change the amount of tritium I need to mine... but it would just "feel better" to make another jump now.

2020-06-29T01:10:20Z Oh well back to mining...

2020-06-29T02:18:45Z Found another 4 sub surface deposit asteroid at 65.5km from tritium hotspot, just dunno how far did I drift left/right when flying towards the planet. But this could be pretty decent asteroid to relogin and farm those tritium tons without the need to fly around aimlessly.

2020-06-29T03:08:43Z Okay almost out of sub surface deposit missiles, time to head back to PMC PapaBear to offload. Wonder if I can still find this awesome asteroid the next time.

2020-06-29T03:12:32Z Docked at Blia Aescs OU-X c14-10/KNX-T6F. Offloaded cargo to tritium fuel depot, 919t now, oh nice. Got also 11t of LTDs, too bad nearest station to sell them is ten thousand of light years away heh.

While that relogging asteroid position was real nice, as said previously I'm very exhausted with this mining grind, it just feels like overwhelming task which makes me almost to the point of depression (not really but dunno how to explain it otherwise)... so I'm going to plot our next jump right now.

In fact I'm going to plot new Spansh carrier route, bookmark it and stick to it no matter what. I find it frustrating like right now Spansh database cannot find this system we are in... its found on nearest system menu but not from the carrier route plotter heh. So I just want to plot a route and keep using it without deviations. Obviously if the designated refuel system has no tritium hotspot that is a problem, but I'll just have to fly my mining ship back and forth to nearest system that has. I am so sick and tired of having no routes coming up, tired of this whole PMC PapaBear and PMC Wanderer traveling, I just want to get back to the bubble and mine some LTDs for credits so I can finally "be set for life". Yes, I'm a LTD gobbling credit whore, muhahaha, sigh? Smiley ;)

2020-06-29T03:39:22Z Docked at Synooka HG-Y b14-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-29T04:00:25Z Docked at Pria Aim VI-T b58-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-29T04:22:24Z Docked at Pria Aim KB-Z b41-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-29T04:44:25Z Docked at Oofaich OC-D b26-0/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-29T05:06:23Z Docked at Oofaich DV-I b9-2/KNX-T6F.
2020-06-29T05:30:25Z Docked at Plaa Aip TV-C c26-1/KNX-T6F.

This system has no icy rings and PMC PapaBear is almost out of fuel (cant jump full 500ly anymore). Now I'm off to fly aimlessly around trying to find icy rings, sigh. I am SO BURNT OUT Smiley :(

2020-06-29T06:27:09Z Found first icy rings in Plaa Aip VD-C b54-6 system.

2020-06-29T08:51:11Z Had been mining in body 3 B for a while now. Forgot to write it down, damn need to code EliteLog to automatically do these texts Smiley ;)

Took a quick shower break to refreshen up, then back to mining.

2020-06-29T09:26:57Z Elite back up, going after the tritium.

2020-06-29T10:07:12Z Docked at Plaa Aip KG-H b51-6/KNX-T6F. PMC PapaBear tritium fuel tank now 325t, should be good for couple of jumps.

2020-06-29T10:32:21Z Docked at Plaa Aip CN-S c17-23/KNX-T6F.

2020-06-29 This Is The End

2020-06-29T12:37:57Z Well CMDR Snake Man PMC and PMC PapaBear's adventures came to an end when we encountered the bug where carrier flys away very fast in normal space. Eventually you can catch it, but cannot land on it as the landing pads are "offset", you land properly but... it doesn't activate docking as I assume game thinks you are not aligned to landing pad properly.

2020-06-29T13:19:54Z Cleared save Smiley :D

Yep, its just second account, throwaway "just for fun" thing in the first place so decided to clear the save. I would have so much stupid tritium mining grind before reaching the bubble that I would have gone crazy. I bet if I'll try to do start from zero mining into fleet carrier it would not take more than like a week maybe five days dunno.

I did have sentimental attachment for PMC PapaBear, PMC Miner 3 and even the type-7 mining ship, a lot of work was done with those ships, but hey what can you do with game bugs like that and me not having the patience to wait more than a week for possible fix from frontier support tickets. And I was already planning on clearing save to get back to the bubble quicker.

This was very easy decision, will I regret it in the morning? Who knows.

To be continued ... Smiley ;)

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