Searching Tritium Hotspots 2021 PMC Elite Dangerous


Last time I played Elite Dangerous was when low temperature diamond mining was going on in col 285 back in july 2020. I was thinking of returning to elite when odyssey is released with new planetary textures, new somewhat landable atmospheric planets and of course walking outside your ship.

Getting Started 2021

Last time running Elite was last summer on 2020-07-15 then v3.7 fleet carriers patch 3 (v3.7.3?) killed LTD mining and carrier business.

2021-03-21T11:05:00Z Started elite launcher and pressed upgrade.

2021-03-21T11:07:00Z Upgraded.

Then started actual elite game, saw that I had 87k credits in my personal account and ship was black paint lakon type-9. Had no clue about HOTAS buttons so to be safe I started navigation training tutorial, it went through alright :)

2021-03-21T11:21:00Z Started elite and logged in on solo play. Was in PMC Wanderer (fleet carrier) on PMC Miner 2 lakon type-9 ship. Had 4 inbox messages waiting.

But first I started EDMC. I was running v4.0.1 and there was v4.2.3 upgrade waiting, so I upgraded.

2021-03-21T11:28:07Z And started EliteLog, now I'm running in my basic setup and should be able to normally play elite :)

Hey at least I can get easier UTC timestamps copy pasted here ;)

Those four inbox messages were fleet carrier PMC Wanderer weekly upkeeps. They were 7.950 million each. There was only four of those because the messages auto delete in 30 days. Would have been interesting to see how many millions, meaning weeks, it was since I last logged in on 2020-07-15 when patch 3 destroyed LTD mining and fleet carrier business.


PMC Wanderer Statistics

Fleet carrier is fully fueled 1000t in tritium fuel depot. Carrier balance is 48.614 billion.

Unfortunately I cannot remember what carrier balance was on 2020-07-15, got no memory of the values, have no screenshot or diary text written down, so that information is now officially lost.

PMC Wanderer installed services: 1050 units, free space: 23950 units. So actual free CARGO space with this outfitting is 22900 units.

I activated suspended services so we are back in business.

I was in Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5 system, it was really sad to see only 8 carriers next to PMC Wanderer and PMC PapaBear, times have changed since the low temperature diamond mining craze of 2020 :(

Inventory of PMC Miner 2 I had 15 LTDs, 21 tritium and 78 limpets, hmm wonder where I got these as I surely didn't mine them at the last day, oh well.

2021-03-21T11:57:39Z Switched PMC Miner 2 to PMC Explorer in anticipation that I need to go scan some systems soon.

Set PMC Wanderer to jump towards Snake sector, lets go do quick test trial exploration tritium mining journey.

Mining Tritium 2021

I want to learn for 2021 Elite v3.7.11 patch how bad is tritium mining for fleet carrier refueling. Also I want to test PMC mining and other ships in action. Its better to do such small hop test trial before committing into some 30k+ extremely long exploration journey.

Not that I'm planning on such trip right now, but its good to test your equipment for future use.

2021-03-21T12:23:22Z Docked at Col 359 Sector SC-K c9-14/Q1L-19Z. Tritium fuel depot now 928t.

Departed from the carrier with PMC Explorer, need to go find a suitable tritium mining ring system :)

Then used galaxy map to filter non-visited star systems, oddly found several Snake Sector systems visited stars cache claims I have not been yet.

2021-03-21T12:49:31Z Found tritium hotspot in Snake Sector QI-S b4-3 system.

2021-03-21T12:55:49Z Found another tritium hotspot in this system so plotted PMC Wanderer to jump here. I'm going to try some tritium mining :)

2021-03-21T13:12:06Z PMC Wanderer arrived. Time to dock and switch to PMC Miner 2, or whatever ship had sub surface deposit and laser mining capability.

2021-03-21T13:18:12Z Switched to PMC Miner 3 which is sub surface deposit and laser mining python, shield-less of course.

2021-03-21T13:21:18Z Dropped into the ring on tritium hotspot. First rock prospected had surface deposits and 29.79% tritium content. Started to laser mine it.

2021-03-21T14:05:27Z Both monitors went black suddenly, didn't get any nvidia driver crash dialog but this was clearly the same issue. Elite was running on the background because I heard engine noise and it even received controls from my HOTAS so I could use thrusters, but screen was all black. No amount of ALT-TABbing helped. So had to task manager kill elite process.

Restarted elite. Current status is 60% hull damage from collision with ice cube due black screen, 117 tritium and 107 limpets onboard.

So on rough estimate would be that sub surface deposit and laser miner python gets 100t tritium in 40 minutes.

2021-03-21T14:55:53Z Cargo hold and refinery hoppers are full, 224t of tritium onboard.

Found TWO ice cubes with four tritium sub surface deposits right next to each other.

Distances to hotspots: tritium 967km, snake sector qi-s b4-3 a 744ls, grandidiere 0.75ls, alexandrite 0.92ls, LTD 1.04ls, LTD 1.09ls, alexandirite 1.35ls, alexandirite 1.41ls.

I probably wont find this ever again, but at least those values are now documented and screenshotted. This would be great place to farm tritium by doing these slow rotating ice cubes, then relogin and doing it all over again (assuming relogin would respawn them).

2021-03-21T15:03:07Z Docked at Snake Sector QI-S b4-3/Q1L-19Z. Put 104t tritium to fuel depot and rest 120t to carrier cargo, then refinery hopper produced 7t of tritium which I also put to carrier cargo. That cargo now 148t tritium and fuel depot 1000t full.

Now I'm going to shut down elite and take a lunch break.

2021-03-21T16:01:33Z Lunch break over, back in-game and transferred all limpets from PMC Wanderer to PMC Miner 3. I'm going to check out if I can find those two ice cubes with four tritium sub surface deposits.

Found another 4 sub surface deposit tritium ice cube, distance to tritium hotspot 959km.

2021-03-21T17:45:10Z Cargo hold and refinery hoppers full of tritium 224t + refinery ;)

2021-03-21T17:48:26Z Docked at Snake Sector QI-S b4-3/Q1L-19Z. Then offloaded 224t tritium to carriers cargo, then 8t from the refinery. Carrier now has 380t of tritium plus the previously full tritium fuel depot.

2021-03-21T17:50:33Z Shut down elite, time to call it a night. Was fun doing few exploration jumps and then few hours of tritium mining, but remains to be seen what do I decide to do with my near future elite time, do I continue playing elite or go back to FS19 terrain editing... just not sure at this moment.

2021-03-22 More Tritium Mining

2021-03-22T04:40:29Z New elite day has started, plan today is to continue mining tritium with PMC Miner 3 python sub surface deposit and laser miner.

Purchased 125t limpets.

2021-03-22T04:45:59Z Dropped to the ring and first prospector limpet fired.

Today on this first run had a really bad luck, very bad ice cubes all around, did not find any four sub surface deposits, also ran back and forth few times as orientation got lost.

2021-03-22T06:18:22Z Cargo hold and hopper are full, 224t + 8t of tritium.

2021-03-22T06:21:50Z Docked at Snake Sector QI-S b4-3/Q1L-19Z. Offloaded all the tritium into carrier, its cargo now is 15 LTD and 612 tritium.

And that concludes my tritium carrier refueling mining tests. Its... well, doable, not something you want to do if you are in a hurry to reach a destination but its fine to do as recreational mining so to speak. You buy tritium from the bubble meaning populated space then travel to your destination and if the destination is so far away that in return trip you run out of fuel, then you have to mine some tritium. Depending on the distance and your anxiosity level of getting there, this mining can be stressful grind.

Searching Tritium Hotspots 2021

Switched to PMC Explorer asp and plan is to go find any more non visited Snake Sector systems while I try to decide what to do next.

2021-03-22T06:35:32Z Found four tritium hotspots at Snake Sector QI-S b4-2 a 3 ring and one from a 4 ring.

2021-03-22T07:02:11Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector LR-V b2-3 a 7 ring.

2021-03-22T07:36:11Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector JW-W c1-11 ab 7 ring.

2021-03-22T08:00:06Z Found two tritium hotspots at Snake Sector FW-M b7-1 6 ring.

2021-03-22T08:10:49Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector FW-M b7-3 ab 1 ring.

2021-03-22T08:40:24Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector KH-V c2-5 12 ring.

2021-03-22T08:54:19Z Saw Large > 15,000 km planet Snake Sector GW-W d1-71 4.

2021-03-22T09:19:07Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector YU-O b6-4 2 ring.

2021-03-22T09:22:57Z Found two tritium hotspots at Snake Sector YU-O b6-4 3 ring.

2021-03-22T09:27:33Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector YU-O b6-4 5 b ring.

2021-03-22T09:31:20Z Gotta take a lunch break, I'm starving...

2021-03-22T09:43:53Z Lunch break over, back to exploring icy rings.

2021-03-22T10:08:04Z Lost connection to frontier servers, hum.

2021-03-22T10:11:23Z Tried to connect again and got taupe cobra error.

2021-03-22T10:13:01Z Back in-game.

2021-03-22T10:35:51Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector DW-M b7-6 b 8 ring.

2021-03-22T11:13:04Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector FR-M b7-3 ab 2 ring.

2021-03-22T11:21:11Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector FR-M b7-1 2 ring.

2021-03-22T11:28:35Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector FR-M b7-7 1 ring.

2021-03-22T11:32:41Z Found two tritium hotspots at Snake Sector FR-M b7-7 2 ring.

2021-03-22T11:37:13Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector FR-M b7-7 4 ring.

2021-03-22T12:07:45Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector XE-Q b5-6 a 1 ring.

2021-03-22T12:15:43Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector XE-Q b5-8 a 4 ring.

2021-03-22T12:39:16Z Found five (5) tritium hotspots at Snake Sector CG-O b6-7 7 ring.

2021-03-22T12:42:55Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector CG-O b6-7 8 ring.

2021-03-22T12:58:28Z Found two tritium hotspots at Snake Sector WT-R b4-6 1 ring.

2021-03-22T13:04:08Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector WT-R b4-6 3 ring.

2021-03-22T13:21:39Z Found two tritium hotspots at Snake Sector TY-R b4-1 abc 1 ring.

2021-03-22T13:26:08Z Found four tritium hotspots at Snake Sector TY-R b4-1 abc 2 ring.

2021-03-22T13:34:46Z Found two tritium hotspots at Snake Sector VT-R b4-6 9 ring.

2021-03-22T13:38:31Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector VT-R b4-6 10 ring.

Decided to call it a night, been actually quite long elite day considering I didn't really plan on playing that long.

2021-03-22T13:43:29Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 113 traveled distance: 1259.72Ly, planets smallest: 344.992km, largest: 77378.9km, detail surface scans: 1279

2021-03-23 More Tritium Searching

2021-03-23T05:05:20Z Back in PMC Gaming, ready to explore Snake Sector some icy rings trying to find tritium hotspots.

To recap what I'm doing yesterday and today; I use galaxy map to filter non visited systems, then manually plot jump there, hardly never have to plot a route because everything is within jump range. Once in system I honk and everything is already discovered by other CMDRs because this is only 600ly from sol and its 2021 already. Then I check system map and if there are any icy rings I super cruise to them and surface map them to see if there are any tritium hotspots.

Why is Snake Sector undiscovered and visited stars cache wise not even visited on my part? Well I cannot remember back to 2015 but when I discovered Snake Sector the first time, started to code Elite Log and explore this system... sometime after that I had bunch of exploration data in first iteration of PMC Explorer asp and I got destroyed losing all that data. That is all I remember. So now I have huge gaps in discovered by tags because of that lost data. None of the visited stars cache systems I've been yesterday and today have had my tags in them, which kind of makes sense assuming visited stars cache is synchronized properly to where I have actually been. Maybe some Elite re-installs could have broken it dunno.


2021-03-23T06:24:38Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector FH-U b3-0 a 1 ring.

2021-03-23T06:28:26Z Found two tritium hotspots at Snake Sector FH-U b3-0 a 2 ring.

2021-03-23T06:33:31Z Found four tritium hotspots at Snake Sector FH-U b3-4 9 ring.

2021-03-23T06:39:30Z Found two tritium hotspots at Snake Sector FH-U b3-4 12 ring.

2021-03-23T06:42:40Z Found three tritium hotspots at Snake Sector FH-U b3-4 13 ring.

2021-03-23T06:56:10Z Found two tritium hotspots at Snake Sector BQ-Y d72 4 ring.

2021-03-23T07:00:27Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector YZ-Y c6 1 ring.

2021-03-23T07:14:35Z Found six (6) tritium hotspots at Snake Sector BQ-Y d45 5 ring.

2021-03-23T07:25:44Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector CG-X c1-7 3 ring.

2021-03-23T07:34:22Z I'm starvin'... gotta take a lunch break.

2021-03-23T08:05:04Z Feeding time is over, back to exploring icy tritium rings.

2021-03-23T08:51:51Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector FW-W d1-37 11 ring.

2021-03-23T09:15:56Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector GW-W c1-17 1 ring.

2021-03-23T09:38:26Z Was snoozing off while flying so decided to stop for a moment, not taking a break or a nap, but just throttling back for a bit to get over this snoozing feeling. Don't want to crash PMC Explorer to a star or something ;)

2021-03-23T10:01:24Z Back in action, heh looking at how many minutes it was, I must have dozed off ;)

2021-03-23T10:14:55Z I had to call it, was snoozing off constatly and that gets your ship destroyed faster than self destruct.

2021-03-23T10:15:43Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 100 traveled distance: 1674.67Ly, planets smallest: 505.286km, largest: 76502.3km, detail surface scans: 686

2021-03-23T13:53:11Z Elite back up after taking a few hours break and nap. Lets continue... to ... do, hmm, something. Not sure what to do really.

I was thinking about trying to mine for credits, which looks like alexandria is the highest paying mineral currently, but I have 48 billion in my real account and dunno how many single digit billions on second account, so I don't really need the credits.

Starting a long exploration journey now just less than a week away from Odyssey alpha release ... doesn't sound very smart either. The alpha is still far away from final release that a lot of time to explore but I'm just fearful that odyssey release might bring in something which would require me to be in the bubble. Not sure what that might be, biggest thing in odyssey for me is the new planet textures, so that shouldn't require for me to be anywhere near the bubble. But dunno.

I'll continue exploring rings for tritium mining now...

2021-03-23T14:18:12Z Found tritium hotspot at Ophiuchus Dark Region B Sector UJ-R c4-15 a 2 ring.

2021-03-23T14:53:08Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector UE-P b6-3 13 ring.

2021-03-23T14:57:56Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector UE-P b6-3 14 ring.

2021-03-23T15:09:02Z Found four tritium hotspots at Snake Sector DL-Y d110 6 ring.

And now it was lunch break time.

2021-03-23T15:33:22Z Feeding is over, back to... well dunno what exactly, I think I need to switch from exploring tritium to something else now.

2021-03-23T15:44:49Z Docked at Snake Sector QI-S b4-3/Q1L-19Z. Back at PMC Wanderer, EDMC started to send 2500 messages to EDDN.

Now I'm not sure what to do... what do I want or can do, hmm, good question. Wanted to go mine some minerals for credits, but I already have 48 billion so WHY would I do that. Wanted to go exploring 10k maybe 20k ly away... but that would be like one day of traveling with fleet carrier. Hmm.

Really not sure what do do next. I guess I'm ready for odyssey alpha but that is still 6 days away, next monday (now its tuesday).

Hmm not sure if I could take out CMDR Snake Man PMC and PMC PapaBear to see whats its budget, it could perhaps actually need some credit making so mining a bit minerals and selling them would be fine. Hmm yes that's what I'm gonna do next.

2021-03-23T15:58:56Z Elite Log session systems visited (FSD jumps): 39 traveled distance: 990.483Ly, planets smallest: 387.736km, largest: 74741.5km, detail surface scans: 251

Shut down elite even though EDMC is still sending data, 750 messages to go so I wait before starting second account CMDR Snake Man PMC.

Second CMDR Mining 2021

2021-03-23T16:22:25Z Switched netlogs and journals, backupped etc etc, then started CMDR Snake Man PMC account for mining operations in the bubble.

CMDR Snake Man PMC personal account has 100k credits, PMC PapaBear carrier balance 9.651 billion, tritium fuel depot full.

PMC PapaBear modules/ships: 6719 units, markets: 1883 units, installed services: 2680 units, free space: 13718 units.

My ships are starter sidewinder, mining cobra, lakon type-9 miner, python for sub-surface deposit and laser mining outfit.

2021-03-23 CMDR Snake Man PMC Mining

2021-03-23T17:05:22Z Docked at Col 285 Sector UZ-P d5-90/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear is now on system for painite overlap hotspot ring, got this from victic's miner tool.

Plan is to go mine some painite, just to see how it feels, then try to sell it, probably wont do even a one load for testing purposes. I have my doubts about selling stations working at all, I mean for anykind of proper good profit selling.

This system was in the bubble, there was maybe two dozen carriers or so, didn't count. I sent greetings cmdr's into system chat and nobody replied.

2021-03-23T17:16:09Z Dropped to Body: Col 285 Sector UZ-P d5-90 A 6 A Ring, started mining.

Oddly enough this is supposed to be barely painite overlap, but all I found was platinum heh.

2021-03-23T18:23:15Z This didn't feel like overlapping location, got 13t platinum, 107t painite and 16t palladium.

2021-03-23T18:28:07Z Docked at Col 285 Sector UZ-P d5-90/V4F-G4G. Offloaded minerals to carriers cargo, its contents now as above plus 1883t tritium and 51 limpets.

I really don't like this place as its in the bubble and spawns fake AI pirates to scan you. I'd like to hop outside bubble, but that would be tomorrows thing as its getting very late for me.

2021-03-23T18:31:40Z Shut down elite for CMDR Snake Man PMC, time to call it a night. Probably continue tomorrow to conclude this painite/platinum/etc high price mineral mining.

2021-03-24 Mining Platinum Triple Overlapping Hotspot

2021-03-24T05:12:34Z New elite day has started, elite up with CMDR Snake Man PMC second account selected. Now what are we going to do today...

Decided to move PMC PapaBear into the platinum triple overlapping hotspot system, hopefully there are better mining opportunities. This will be 40min task with all the jump timers and cooldowns, the joys of owning a carrier.

2021-03-24T05:32:21Z Docked at Corona Austr. Dark Region AM-L b8-4/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear first jump towards triple platinum overlap hotspot system.

2021-03-24T05:53:19Z Docked at Parrot's Head Sector EL-Y d83/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear arrived to mining system, lets see what we can find from here.

2021-03-24T06:01:24Z Dropped into platinum triple overlapping hotspot, lets mine some.

First asteroid prospected 53% platinum content, nice. Looks like we can mine some good tonnage here.

2021-03-24T06:54:00Z Cargo hold and refinery hoppers full. Cargo 205t platinum, 5t painite and 14t palladium.

2021-03-24T06:59:58Z Docked at Parrot's Head Sector EL-Y d83/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear transferred cargo to carrier, then from refinery bins 6t more platinum and 2t palladium. Carrier now 224t platinum, 112t painite, 32t palladium, 1883t tritium and 51 limpets.

Then went back to mining right away.

2021-03-24T08:01:19Z Cargo and refinery hoppers full, RTB. 205t platinum and 19t palladium, plus whatever comes out of the refinery hoppers.

2021-03-24T08:06:41Z Docked at Parrot's Head Sector EL-Y d83/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear transferred cargo to carrier, etc. Carrier now 437t platinum, 51t palladium, difference since previous listing.

And now I was bored, I really didn't want to go back out to mine some more. Not sure what else to do either though.

After short break it was time to continue playing, I still don't know what to do that mining doesn't interest me much because even second account has 9.6 billion credits so where do I need any more heh. But decided to go do one more mining trip while I plan what do I do next.

2021-03-24T09:04:08Z Had to shut down elite for restart because detailed surface scanner did not show hotspots, I could lock onto them but the visual graphics circle was not shown so it was impossible to tell what was the triple overlapping navigation panel item.

2021-03-24T09:09:14Z Dropped to ring and lasers hit the first platinum asteroid.

2021-03-24T09:59:06Z Cargo and refinery hoppers full, we are RTB.

2021-03-24T10:04:19Z Docked at Parrot's Head Sector EL-Y d83/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear offloaded all cargo, carrier stats now 645t platinum, 112t painite and 75t palladium.

Alright now I'm done with mining, sorry but I'm just bored with it now as it wont change a damn thing with 9.6 billion not to mention if I did this with real account which has 48 billion. I just don't need the credits and my time is better spent doing something else.

Taking a short break to stretch my legs and check out how my apartment building repairs are progressing (no further details on that, sorry).

Decided to not continue mining. Started to research how much platinum buy order I could create for PMC PapaBear and leave it to this system. The system chat was completely dead so I highly doubt nobody would sell here, but hey the buy order wont cost me a thing so why not.

One carrier in this system was buying for 250k/ton and he had over 5.8k demand.

So I created platinum buy order for 7998 tons paying 250,047 credits per ton.

2021-03-24T10:27:30Z Shut down elite for CMDR Snake Man PMC. Guess I need to continue using real account but still need to decide what can I do or want to do.

Shuffled elite log/journal files around to CMDR Snake Man again, yet I have no clue what to do.

2021-03-24 Back To CMDR Snake Man

2021-03-24T10:34:50Z Launched elite back up with real account CMDR Snake Man, no idea what to do but I'm ready for it ;)

2021-03-24T10:45:03Z Found tritium hotspot at Snake Sector AV-Y c4 11 ring. This is my home system as there is PMC Home World earth like world :)

So I had to order PMC Wanderer to jump here orbiting PMC Home World and then go check out how good percentages of tritium those icy asteroids give me :)

2021-03-24T11:06:13Z Docked at Snake Sector AV-Y c4/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer arrived to PMC Home World and I docked there to pickup PMC Miner 3, python sub-surface deposit and laser miner ship.

2021-03-24T11:14:28Z Dropped to the tritium hotspot and shot first prospector limpet, tritium 23% nice. Time to mine a bit.

2021-03-24T12:37:30Z Cargo hold and refinery hoppers full, we are RTB again.

2021-03-24T12:43:22Z Docked at Snake Sector AV-Y c4/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer transferred mining cargo to carrier which now has 15t LTD and 844t tritium.


I will not mine tritium anymore as it needs to be bought in the bubble.

Yes its crazy to mine that mineral because it costs only 51k on average in the bubble while it takes you hour or so to mine 100t of it. Instead you need to mine some platinum or other expensive mineral and then sell that in the bubble and buy tritium.

Also exploration trips should be planned so that you can go there and back without needing to refuel. Now obviously with hardcore explorers 30k ly or more out there this is not always possible, but any exploration journey should be carefully planned before hand almost like aircraft flight plan so there are no deviations to it, to save fuel and keeping into the plan.

In some very long exploration journeys you have to mine tritium, but that... that... is something I don't even want to think about right now because it really is so painful and useless to mine because you need to buy tritium instead.

2021-03-24T13:12:00Z Lunch break...

2021-03-24T13:35:11Z Feeding time over, back to elite. Now I want to setup buy order for tritium to start filling cargo reserves for upcoming exploration journey. No idea what this journey will be or when it starts, but I seriously don't know what else could I do now, not in elite or in real life otherwise.

Buying tritium is setting the buy order, then announcing in system chat and hoping traders will start to bring that fuel in.

Checked EDDB for tritium prices and looks like Pongo/AntonelliCity has 49.5k / ton and 32.5k ton supply. I'm going to head there in my fast PMC Explorer ship and check out system chat, is it active, are there many carriers, traders, etc.

2021-03-24T13:59:47Z arrived at Pongo system and... nothing, not a single one fleet carrier here and system chat is dead. What is this, huh? :?

2021-03-24T14:04:25Z Docked at Pongo/Antonelli City. Prices were correct in EDDB, cheap tritium with supply over hundred thousand but there is nobody in this system.

2021-03-24T14:35:43Z Docked at Panoi/Garan Hub. In hopes to find carrier refueling system, but supply was hundred, heh guess nobody refuels here ;)

2021-03-24T14:51:18Z Docked at Alcor/Macdonald Settlement. Same here, tritium supply is hundred hehe.

2021-03-24T14:59:30Z Docked at 61 Cygni/Broglie Terminal. This station has 1.2k supply heh oh wow, I guess I'll stop going through this list and rely on EDDN sent data like EDDB/Tradedangerous.

Was considering just hauling tritium myself but man noway, like 23,000t is 30 trips with trading lakon type-9 ship haha, yeah NO.

Got bored to mining and small time exploring, now got FRUSTRATED with tritium buying / hauling, so decided to just shut it down here. I am going to switch to CMDR Snake Man PMC and remove platinum buy order just in case I wont return anytime soon.

This was not a rage quit, but rather quick end to my relatively quick elite start for 2021, as explained above I was bored and didn't know what to do because tritium loading for a exploration trip that I would have wanted to do... would be insane 30 loads of trading by myself as apparently in 2021 there is nobody else helping refuel fleet carriers.

It was fun little quick elite play through for few days, brought back fond memories from 2020 LTD craze mining and fleet carrier operations, but I guess in a way I really don't want to go back to that mining grind at least not this soon (not even a year has passed yet).

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