Second CMDR Clear Save Mining (2020 LTD era) - PMC Elite Dangerous


Story about CMDR Snake Man PMC second account second fleet carrier Smiley ;)

This story also is a historical record of the 2020 Low Temperature Diamonds (LTD) era crazyness when commanders were making billion credits a day. That was fun.

Yesterday I cleared save on second account CMDR Snake Man PMC. Today my goal is to start with a sidewinder and mine myself up to fleet carrier, resurrection of PMC PapaBear here we go! Smiley :D

2020-06-29 Second Beginning

2020-06-29T20:46:10Z Started playing, a lot of new player nonsense to go through heh.

2020-06-29T21:27:59Z Shot some ships, got bounty vouches, had enough for an mining ship upgrade.

2020-06-29T21:48:11Z Docked at Ye'kuape/Bobko Hub. Sidewinder upgraded with mining outfitting. Now begins the long journey to Col 285 LTD triple overlapping hotspot system Smiley ;)

2020-06-29T22:55:32Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-2/G4Q-14Z. Finally traveled all the way to col 285 LTD triple system, it was a struggle in that almost stock sidewinder, had to stop and buy a fuel scoop to complete the journey. Arrived and docked with phat's ltd shop carrier which is the first one in system map orbiting body 1.

I noticed a mistake on my outfitting, forgot to buy detailed surface scanner even though it was listed in plan.

Finally found the DSS and then off to mine. Man it was eye opening experience to mine with such newbie equipment. Got whopping 4 LTD's mined before I ran out of limpets, then it was off to search for departing carrier.

2020-06-30 Sidewinder Mining

2020-06-30T00:22:41Z Docked at Col 285 Sector HI-I a39-3/JNF-95Q. Found one carrier announcing in system chat, docked ok, there was no route set as of yet but I was glad to be on board with my precious first LTD cargo Smiley ;)

This will get us started, although I believe I need to make one more run with PMC Starter 2 sidewinder, we'll see after these 4 LTDs are sold.

2020-06-30T00:34:39Z This carrier I docked on was a bust, the owning CMDR was nowhere to be seen, I left to search for another carrier.

2020-06-30T00:55:03Z Went back to mining and finished, 7t LTDs in cargo, out of limpets, now lets find a carrier.

2020-06-30T01:10:07Z Docked at Col 285 Sector JT-H c10-3/KFV-18W. Boaty McBoatface, it announced departure but when I docked the countdown hadn't even started yet, shiet man this is repeat of the previous carrier.

Carriers CMDR was not even in the system when I docked, still at 0122hrs he was docking and refueling, really slow and tedius delays. If you announce your carrier is leaving you better be ready to leave.

Man why is this mining getting started so slow, I had the initial 4t of cargo done like damn hour ago Smiley :(

Docked, sold 7 LTDs for 1.1m something, didn't check was in a hurry to get back to the carrier heh. When I got back to the carrier docking was denied, so I went to...

2020-06-30T01:51:15Z Docked at Neto/H8X-0VZ. Which is Bwanaboat, that Bwana twitch streamer dude.

2020-06-30T02:20:58Z Done mining, again 7t LTDs in cargo, that was fast! Smiley :)

Now begins the ever lasting hunt for the next departing carrier...

2020-06-30T02:25:30Z Docked at Col 285 Sector TZ-P d5-68/H8X-0VZ. Again got a ride in Bwanaboat, nice. This mining trip will be probably the fastest in the history of mining, I mean look at those times heh I spent like few minutes mining Smiley ;)

Credits now 8.604 million, so after the next sell I'm easily going to upgrade into next better mining ship and we can start to make some real credits. Hmm actually the cobra upgrade costs 6.7 million so I already had that kind of credits since the last sell, oh well, now I have more Smiley ;)

2020-06-30T02:34:02Z Docked at Neto/Ising Vision. Sold 7t LTDs for 8.1 million, credits now 16.720 million. Okay now we are going to upgrade into cobra mk3 Smiley :)

2020-06-30 Cobra Mk 3 Mining

2020-06-30T02:51:31Z Purchased and outfitted Cobra MK3 ! Smiley :)

2020-06-30T02:56:03Z Docked at Neto/H8X-0VZ. Bwanaboat again heh, this carrier is becoming my regular ride Smiley :)

Oh btw felt SO GOOD to fly Cobra Mk3 once again, what an awesome ship with so much nostalgia coming with it from original Elite 1984.

2020-06-30T03:24:37Z Got blown up by pirates, was too eager to get to mining and didn't notice they didn't come to scan me yet and then with all the usual system chat bullshit going on I missed what they said in comms, they opened fire and I was dead before I managed to hit boost button.

Oh well re-buy into Bwanaboat, lets now go buy that pulse wave analyzer as well and try again.

2020-06-30T03:34:57Z Docked at Neto/Ising Vision. Outfitted pulse wave analyzer, rearmed and bought cargo hold full of limpets.

2020-06-30T03:39:18Z Docked at Neto/H8X-0VZ.

Alright now we are heading back to LTD triple rings for some mining with everything in order and this time I'll watch out for pirates as well heh. Now we are going to start to make some credits. Got fifty two tons cargo capacity and few in the refinery bins so hopefully will be a nice load to sell and takes no time to mine it.

Cobra Mk3 with only one 1A collector limpet controller is atrociously slow to collect stuff Smiley :)

2020-06-30T04:34:27Z All done, 52t in cargo and refinery bins full Smiley :)

2020-06-30T04:36:06Z Docked at Col 285 Sector TZ-P d5-68/H8X-0VZ. Bwanaboat was scheduled to leave and I just made it, heh awesome. Was watching Bwana's twitch stream and hurried up when he spoke about plotting a route heh.

Cobra Mk3 gets full from single asteroid in sub surface deposits when there are 4 of them, heck I didn't even drill more than 2 I think and had to leave tons of fragments behind. Awesome stuff.

Now only question is... how long until we get to upgrade into sub surface/laser mining python with 224t cargo capacity. Anyways lets not get ahead of ourselves and still keep eye on cobra mining Smiley :)

2020-06-30T04:50:13Z Docked at Neto/Ising Vision. Sold 52t of LTDs for 60.2 million, then refinery bins processed 6 more and sold those for 6 million something, credits now 76.914 million. Making credz baby Smiley ;)

After the next load we get to purchase python, man this LTD mining pays crazy amounts heh. But then again fleet carriers upkeep costs money, maybe this is working exactly as FDEV designed it, carrier owners must mine to maintain the super high costs.

2020-06-30T04:56:27Z Docked at Neto/H8X-0VZ. Bwanaboat, got in again and this time looks like CMDR Bwana hasn't even plotted a route yet. Actually it took me no time to go sell my LTD load so.

2020-06-30T06:03:39Z All done, cargo hold 52t of LTDs and refinery bins almost full, one empty I think. Oddly enough I missed a lot because the asteroid got depleted as well.

Alright lets go find a carrier and make some credits Smiley :)

2020-06-30T06:28:12Z Docked at Neto/Ising Vision. Sold 52t of LTDs for 60.2 million, then 4 more were processed by refinery and sold those for 4.6 million, credits now 141.841 million.

I think its time to buy a python Smiley ;)

2020-06-30 Python and Elite Dangerous v3.7 Patch 2

2020-06-30T06:38:13Z Docked at G 139-50/Filipchenko City. Purchased python and sub surface/laser mining outfitted it, got 224t cargo capacity.

2020-06-30T09:41:25Z Was mining (forgot to write it down, heh) when Elite patch announcement came on. Closed Elite down just before the galaxy servers were about to go down. Good break and we see what they did to fix carriers and tweak mining, at least the ship launched fighter asteroid respawn exploit will be gone.

2020-06-30T10:11:09Z Elite Dangerous v3.7 Fleet Carriers Patch 2 upgraded, back in-game. Lets continue.

2020-06-30T10:40:30Z Docked at Neto/Ising Vision. Sold 140t of LTDs for 162.3 million, credits now 207.9 million.

Was looking at for a Lakon Type-9 sub surface deposit mining and I could easily affort it now fully outfitted, however I'm going to do one more mining session with python as I haven't done any yet (the patch stopped me).

2020-06-30T12:39:18Z Docked at Col 285 Sector AH-K a38-2/N1G-0TZ. Axis Trade was the carrier name, bought LTDs for 1.2 million per ton, I sold 163t for 197.3 million, credits now 405 million Smiley :)

?UTC Finished mining, quite exhausted. Searched around for someone to buy my diamonds.

2020-06-30T14:53:17Z Sold 203t LTDs in some carrier for 1.251 million per ton. Had to sell them in several batches as it would not accept whole load at once. Credits now 659 million Smiley :)

2020-06-30T14:54:43Z Been up dunno how many hours as my 16hrs timer went off like hours ago hehe, gotta get some sleep, Resurrection of PMC PapaBear continues tomorrow.

2020-06-30T23:07:06Z New Elite day has started, we got some LTDs to mine!

Dropped into LTD3 mines and went for 25.5km to the 4 sub surface deposit asteroid, got 68t of LTDs out of it even with few drill mishaps. Nice start for this mining day.

2020-07-01 Fat Cat Full Of Diamonds

2020-07-01T00:14:38Z Docked at Col 285 Sector DC-K a38-1/JLX-WKG. Tranquillity was buying LTDs for 1.5 million each, so sold them 68t for 102.4 million, credits now 761.4 million.

2020-07-01T01:39:27Z Docked at Parenni/Alvares City. Sold 81t LTDs for 133.5 million, credits now 895.6 million.

And guess what, nap time as I almost fell asleep mining previously, cant afford to slam my shield-less python into asteroid.

2020-07-01T04:14:45Z Nap over. Now can we finally do one full 224t cargo load with python or not?

2020-07-01T04:18:56Z Docked at Parenni/H5K-2QZ. Found a carrier departing pretty quickly, The Absolution.

2020-07-01T04:53:52Z Dropped into col 285 LTD 3 ring, now I am going to mine 224t of diamonds, full cargo hold, or die trying...

2020-07-01T07:04:14Z Ran out of limpets, got 184t LTDs and as by-product 4t tritium. I had like hmm 100 or so limpets when I departed, so hmm next time I need 150 limpets it might be a bit better reserve.

Now off to find a carrier who buys LTDs or regular carrier trip to Parenni.

2020-07-01T07:12:14Z Docked at Col 285 Sector DC-K a38-4/K1H-W3V. Anzi Miner Corp. Sold 184t LTDs for 276.1 million, credits now 1.171 BILLION Smiley ;)

Plan was initially to buy Lakon Type-9 sub surface miner as soon as possible for those crazy loads, however I am having so much fun flying this extremely fast and maneuvrable python (compared to type-9) and the fact that I haven't done single full cargo load yet in it... I am going to continue mining on the python. Once I start to haul full loads every time, then it might be type-9 upgrade time.

So back to the LTD3 rings and lets keep mining...

2020-07-01T07:29:19Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-2/V0L-04B. Docked Promethius and bought 160t limpets (went for one fifty but overshot).

2020-07-01T07:38:49Z Started mining. Now hopefully we get out of this will cargo full of minerals.

2020-07-01T09:08:17Z Cargo hold is full! Okay not full of LTDs but the inventory is now 211t LTDs and 13t tritium with refinery bins full of LTD fragments.

2020-07-01T09:13:08Z Docked at Col 285 Sector DC-K a38-4/K1H-W3V. Sold 211t LTDs for 316.6 million, then 10t more was processed by refinery and I sold those for 15 million, credits now 1.503 billion.

2020-07-01T09:35:18Z Back in the LTD3 ring, starting prospecting, lets get some diamonds.

2020-07-01T11:38:38Z Cargo hold full of LTDs same refinery bins, fat cat flies home Smiley :)

But now I need to take a lunch break, what a great timing after such nice mining session.

2020-07-01T13:02:12Z Lunch break over. But during feeding I made a decision to switch to real CMDR Snake Man and put a LTD buy order, then if miners sell to PMC Wanderer I could take the LTDs and go sell to a high paying station or park there and make a sell order. Anyways point being I'm quickly going to setup that now.

2020-07-01 PMC Wanderer Joins The Fun

2020-07-01T13:06:28Z Switched to CMDR Snake Man, PMC Wanderer. Its fully fueled, cargo hold 2151t LTDs and 2052t tritium. I put some millions into carriers bank account so its now 4 billion even.

Decided to put 1.5 million buy order for 2665 tons.

2020-07-01T13:37:04Z LTD stock 2151t so already 514t bought and its only been like damn ten or so minutes! Smiley :o

I put the advertisement on fleet carriers owners club discord buy-sell-orders channel and pasted ONCE into Col 285 Sector Cc-k a38-2 system chat, ONCE...

Also here is interesting thought, when CMDR Snake Man PMC is mining to "his" second fleet carrier... he would go to sell into PMC Wanderer, get credits and... CMDR Snake Man gets more sales/LTDs... umm yes? right, heh? what? huh? Smiley :o

2020-07-01T13:58:25Z Exited Elite, going to switch back to CMDR Snake Man PMC and go mine some more while advertising in system chat Smiley :)

2020-07-01 Pesky "Sell Bug"

2020-07-01T14:29:57Z Switched back to CMDR Snake Man PMC, lets mine some diamonds.

2020-07-01T14:35:21Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-4/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer Smiley ;)

Was trying to sell LTDs but ... nothing happened when I clicked sell button. I've had this reported to me back when refueling tritium to PMC PapaBear, the CMDRs had to sell like 20-30 tons per sell for it to work. So now I tried various amounts even 1t but nothing worked.

2020-07-01T15:34:12Z Finally got it working by switching back to real account and tweaking the buy order, had to set it well lower than what my current budget is. I'm suspecting the buy order creation bugs out if you allow the "slider" to go all the way to the right (difficult to explain). Anyways its fixed, PMC Wanderer is buying LTDs now.

Sold 224t LTDs for my own 1.5 million per ton price for 336.1 million, credits now 1.855 billion. Getting close to that two billion mark heh.

2020-07-01T17:14:19Z Was getting so tired I froze up few times when piloting, that is very dangerous in a asteroid field. Decided to call it a night, going to sell the load I have now and exit. Current cargo 140t LTDs.

2020-07-01T17:23:40Z Docked at PMC Wanderer, but all the demand was gone, heh all 1500 something there was left. Okay need to switch to real account and add more demand, I really hope I don't have to stay up to go sell this stuff tonight hehe.

2020-07-01T17:30:59Z Switched to real account and yeah all the LTD buy order had been fullfilled, ok time to add some more. Currently 4151t LTDs in cargo (heh).

Need to add tritium donate order as well, one CMDR asked about it in system chat.

2020-07-01T17:39:07Z Added all buy orders I could afford, for LTD demand 772t and 40t of tritium with galactic average price. Tomorrow when I wake up PMC Wanderer will be flown to the best selling station where I make sell order just below the station buying price, then annouce it on the system and obviously its shown in EDDN using sites too so hopefully stuff gets sold out quickly and then I'll be a rich man, ready to begin another day of LTD pimpin' Smiley ;)

Anyways for now, I'm off, time to get some sleep I cant keep my eyes open anymore, it was a great Elite day and hopefully tomorrow will be even better! Smiley :)

2020-07-01T23:18:10Z New Elite day has started. Okay overnight I got reports from friend CMDR that he cannot sell more than 4t at once, damn. When I got in-game and checked markets no tritium was sold and LTDs balance was 725t so only 47t got sold through, oh man.

Well in any case I'm jumping PMC Wanderer now to the selling station and most likely will haul this cargo for sale myself using PMC Trader, just so I can get back to business quicker, its its US gaming prime time now and actually few EU guys are still awake.

2020-07-01T23:38:03Z Well managed to shuffle back and forth with both accounts, CMDR Snake Man PMC sold from 140t diamonds down to 56t left when the carrier just would not accept any more sales.

Started real account and now its time to move this carrier into selling station and sell some diamonds there.

2020-07-01T23:55:16Z Plotted PMC Wanderer jump to Chel system. Going there now with PMC Explorer to scan it and prepare for carriers arrival.

I would have much more preferred to be in the sell system Parenni, but it was full, no free slots left for carriers. So Chel is the next system closest to it.

This jump from Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-4 to Chel consumes 92t of tritium fuel. Its probably because carrier is very light weight now, not much LTDs on board. Well not "much" but yeah. Anyways rule of thumb is one jump to sell/mining is 100t of fuel.

Then started to spam system chat with "selling LTDs for 1,548,553 cr/ton, supply 4503t. PMC Wanderer in Chel." heh.

2020-07-02 Fleet Carrier Business Man

2020-07-02T00:49:43Z Docked at Parenni/Alvares City. Sold 790t of LTDs for 1.302 BILLION! Smiley :D

Docked back to PMC Wanderer and updated system chat spam "selling LTDs for 1,548,553 cr/ton, supply 3713t. PMC Wanderer in Parenni B 1." aayeah, we're in business.

2020-07-02T01:35:22Z All diamonds SOLD OUT! I can't fucking believe this! haha this is awesome! Smiley :D

Switching back to second account, going to sell the python load of LTDs, then back to PMC Wanderer and real account, fly her to the col 285 mines again. Yeah buddy!

Announced departure few times, went to toilet and came back announcing some more. Then we were off to col 285 LTD3 mines.

2020-07-02T02:09:16Z PMC Wanderer status; 817t tritium in fuel depot, 2054t tritium in cargo. Carrier budget 7.691 billion.

2020-07-02T02:14:05Z Switch to second account, I'm gonna do some mining and advertising my 1.5m/4.5k demand buy order Smiley ;)

2020-07-02T02:18:33Z Okay finally back at CMDR Snake Man PMC piloting PMC Miner 6 python, 125t limpets on board, ready to go mining.

2020-07-02T02:25:23Z Started mining. Hopefully getting nice finds and yields, getting that cargo hold full quickly so I can get to sell for PMC Wanderer Smiley ;)

2020-07-02T03:54:11Z Done mining 224t cargo, PMC Wanderer buy order was fullfilled, had to switch CMDRs again to get orders fixed haha.

Had to do a real life chore here.

2020-07-02T05:02:09Z Back at Elite. PMC Wanderer tritium buy order is now 15t so pretty much sold, guess the CMDRs donated for that 40k something per ton, good to have always small amount of tritium to buy.

2020-07-02T05:12:16Z Set sell order for 5034t of LTD heh, now trying to get a free carrier slot from Parenni.

2020-07-02T06:10:33Z LTDs were flying off the cargo racks like crazy! It literally took mere minutes to go from 5034t to 26t last ones.

Not even a minute later when I typed the above, the last 26t was sold out. I then plotted route back to col 285 LTD3 rings and also set 20t buy order for tritium and massive 5100t order for LTDs.

2020-07-02T06:31:23Z PMC Wanderer jumped to col 285 LTD3 ring nearby. Lets switch to second account and go mining, but first... lunch break! Smiley ;)

2020-07-02T06:37:13Z Switched to second account, going to the LTD3 rings but thursday server maintenance is coming so only going to advertise LTD buying.

Sold 224t of LTDs for 336.1 million, credits now 2.412 billion.

2020-07-02T07:48:32Z Started mining.

2020-07-02T09:32:31Z Finished mining, docked at PMC Wanderer, I was suprised to see there was about 1400t demand left even though someone said in system chat that its almost empty, guess their empty is relative or that they were simply bullshitting, some people seem to have nothing better to do.

Sold 224t from cargo and 10t from refinery bins, didn't check the price but should be the same, credits now 2.763 billion. Half way through to get CMDR Snake Man PMC second account second fleet carrier Smiley :)

Going to switch into real account, hop back into col 285 LTD3 rings to announce more LTD buying.

2020-07-02T10:06:18Z At my real account, all of LTD buy order had been fullfilled, also tritium sold to only 6t left in the buy order. Market prices also came down to 1.3 million at best paying station, uh oh... now I'm sitting in a mountain of diamonds which are overpriced for the current market, wonder how long do I have to wait until the prices increase.

Current cargo is 5100t of LTDs, 2093t of tritium and few limpets heh. Carrier credit balance 268.5 million.

Guess I'm going back to mining with second account again, prices arent that good with 1.3 million but its better than doing nothing, hell some days back I happily sold at 1.1 so yeah.

2020-07-02T10:36:48Z Shut Elite down, need to decide what to do but most likely its continuing mining with second account. How many times have I switched today? Smiley :)

After mopping up some video merging etc I decided to call it a night on PMC Gaming, just felt like slightly exhausted and nothing I could do in Elite anymore today would make much of a difference so better end today here instead of forcing and perhaps getting really bad mood from the last few hours of game-play. More tomorrow.

2020-07-02T19:44:18Z New Elite day has started, CMDR Snake Man flying here. Today I'm hoping we could sell our 1.5 million credit LTD supply.

2020-07-02T20:01:25Z Docked at Chacobog/Trinh Enterprise. Checked the system out and it looked like filled with carriers already, good to see so many CMDR's using 3rd party community tools heh. LTD buy price was 1.597 million so I plotted route for PMC Wanderer to get here, set a sell order for 1.560 million per ton. Not a great profit but still.

Also its not a great profit for traders, but I bet these get sold. I was looking a bit scary situation when the market prices dropped, so just glad to get these off my hands now and back to trading. Was thinking about the profits a bit more and decided to go with lower buy prices now, I don't care if I won't get the same volume of LTDs sold, but at least I make a decent profit for each one. I'm thinking of paying like 1.1 million per ton now, so there is a nice good profit.

That price might get some flak on the system chat, but I don't care, that is what I'm going to try today.

2020-07-02T20:24:56Z Docked at Chacobog/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer has begun selling LTDs for 1.560 millin per ton, wonder how long it takes to offload these.

Advertised the selling in fleet carriers owners club and broken limpet discords and system chat of course.

2020-07-02T21:04:53Z Still not a single sell of LTDs, system chat is somewhat quiet, a lot of arrivals and departures but nobody is interested in trading. Inara shows few other carriers selling with lower price than me, that might take away some of my customers.

2020-07-02T21:32:17Z Still nothing, hmm. I wonder if this is just random luck, or is it about the profit, UTC, what... no idea. Yesterday the stuff flew off the cargo racks and now, nothing for over an hour. I'm already thinking of breaking out PMC Trader and go haul that stuff myself.

2020-07-02T21:37:16Z Enough waiting, decided to check inara, found few carriers selling with cheaper price than me, going to break out PMC Trader, buy from those carriers and selling to Trinh Enterprise. Lets make some credits while waiting our cargo to be offloaded heh.

2020-07-02T22:15:38Z All diamonds sold out. Actually what happened was I went out to buy from another carrier using PMC Trader and then to sell to Trinh Enterprise station, made 37 million per load, easy credits. During my first haul I checked my own carrier because I needed credits to my personal balance and THEN I noticed that like half of the LTD supply was gone already, the stupid fucking GUI just didn't update for me when I was sitting in my carrier deck.

Carrier balance now 8.340 billion.

2020-07-02T22:59:07Z Docked at Wikmeang/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer arrived to carrier administration system, here I purchased refuel service as that was really lacking, mining ships need to be refueled.

2020-07-02T23:25:51Z Plotted carrier jump to Col 285 Sector Ah-k a38-2 system, lets get back out there to buy diamonds. Set LTD buy order for 1.346 million per ton total of 3000 tons. I'm hoping by not exceeding 50% of my credit balance the selling by CMDR's works OK.

2020-07-02T23:39:56Z Nap time, just no motivation or energy to play at all, hopefully a bit of sleep will fix that.

2020-07-03 Python Up To The Gills In Diamonds

2020-07-03T03:37:05Z Got some rest, switched to CMDR Snake Man PMC, now its time to go mining with python again. Also advertising that cheap 1.346 million per ton buy price.

Got in-game and checked PMC Wanderer stats, I was really surprised to see LTD demand gone down to 2779t so someone had sold 221t already without me even advertising it yet, nice. Maybe there are CMDR's who arent fully aware of the current prices and how markets work. Was thinking of upping that back up to three thousand but decided against it, better to see how it drops down over time without getting the cant sell bug.

2020-07-03T05:21:43Z Finished mining full 224t cargo and 10t in refinery bins, visited two other cmdr carriers with high LTD buying prices... only to find out they are having "cant sell bug", market GUI just offered me 0/0 selling option. Then came to visit PMC Wanderer as I was in the system, its demand is now 1305t so pretty nice 1695t bought so far (since last visit 1474t).

Looks like there is no point buying with marginal profits, you have to go at least 250k profit per ton, absolutely no less than 200k. Yes other CMDR's offer better prices so you can't buy with that price very fast, but over time it looks like they trickle in. And its not that bad to buy more than half of the demand within one mining trip.

2020-07-03T05:53:19Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-4/K1G-4XQ. Carriers name was >>LTD1.5M FLEET FETISH heh. Again the "sell bug", could not sell even 4t at once. Sucks.

2020-07-03T06:00:34Z Docked at Col 285 Sector AH-K a38-5/KZZ-23Z. Sold 224t LTDs for 336 million I think because I had to sell them in small increments like 10t at once, then 10t more from refinery bin, credits now 3.115 billion.

2020-07-03T06:17:26Z Started mining.

2020-07-03T07:43:21Z Finished mining, python full up to the gills in diamonds.

2020-07-03T07:58:41Z Docked at Col 285 Sector FI-I a39-0/V0V-63Z. Sold 224t LTDs for 337.5 million and then from refinery bins 10t more for 15 million or something, credits now 3.467 billion.

Still a ways to go before can buy a fleet carrier, but we're getting there. But now I'm super hungry and neck is stiff from all the trackir5 looking up from pythons cockpit hehe, going to dock with PMC Wanderer to check the demand, then going to take a lunch break.

2020-07-03T08:04:33Z Docked at Col 285 Sector AH-K a38-2/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer, demand was low as 89t wow nice. Now I need to switch to real account and add another 2000t demand there hopefully that wont trigger the sell bug.

Updated buy order for 1600t, lets hope it works ok without "sell bug".

While having lunch I was thinking that python has served me well now its getting full loads + refinery bins on every run, cant remember how many runs now but its been several, I'm not getting bored but it just feels like now its time to purchase Lakon Type-9 multi role laser/sub-surface miner ship, this time shield-less and without fuel scoops etc, just hardcore mining ship. PMC Miner 7 Sub Surface Deposit Miner Specifications.

2020-07-03T09:26:06Z Docked at 14 Vulpeculae/Gurragchaa Terminal. Here we should find type-9 plus all the outfitting we need for her.

This ship name is PMC Miner 7 with ID PMC-08.

2020-07-03T09:55:25Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-2/G4Q-14Z. Phat's LTD shop, refueled and bought limpets. Time to go mining big and HEAVY Smiley ;)

2020-07-03T12:46:38Z Finished mining, cargo hold 630t of LTDs heh. Off to check where could I sell these to highest price as I know PMC Wanderer is pretty much full now.

2020-07-03T12:54:14Z Docked at Col 285 Sector AH-K a38-5/Q3L-95T. Sold 630t of LTDs for 945.3 million, credits now 4.244 billion.

2020-07-03T13:04:17Z Docked at Col 285 Sector AH-K a38-2/Q1L-19Z. At PMC Wanderer, its LTD buy order has been completely fulfilled. It was time to switch to real account and handle some carrier management business there. No idea how many more diamonds I can set as buy order before the "sell bug" appears.

Set 844t LTD buy order, it was half the credit balance so should be okay.

Then it was lunch break time again Smiley :)

2020-07-03T16:39:20Z Finished mining. Also noticed forgot to write this stuff down, dunno how many times already today as always too excited to get mining hehe. I really really need to improve EliteLog so it writes this stuff for me, it takes way too much time and focus to write these logs.

Okay not completely full cargo but feel somewhat exhausted (and hot, been a hot day today and didn't want to turn on portable air con yet), so decided to head to sell the LTDs. Got 622t total, pretty nice haul.

Going to take a look on inara and system chat if someone is advertising a high buy price, hopefully their carriers would actually work.

2020-07-03T16:52:18Z Docked at Col 285 Sector DC-K a38-0/V5Z-TKN. Tried to sell few diamonds in princess of the stars but it had the sell bug.

2020-07-03T17:05:54Z Docked at Col 285 Sector AH-K a38-2/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer, need to switch into real account and fly her to Chacobog/Trinh Enterprise to sell all the goodies including whats left in second account PMC Miner 7 cargo hold.

2020-07-03T17:10:56Z Switched to real account, getting ready to jump the carrier. Oh yeah, buy order for the LTDs was fulfilled, very nice.

Managed to plot a jump to Chacobog system, but could not get into close of the selling station as it was filled with carriers.

2020-07-03T17:45:17Z Created sell order for LTDs 5357t at 1.577 million per ton. This is 20k cheaper than in the station, not massive profits for traders but should be enough, my thinking here is that I want to haul that stuff for sell myself to get the maximum credits.

2020-07-03 Lost 1.2 Billion In Cargo

2020-07-03T17:58:34Z Docked at Chacobog/Trinh Enterprise. PMC Trader docked the first time bringing 790t load of LTDs, it sold for 1.261 million credit. I'm not going to write play-by-play on every docking, I'll try to count them from EliteLog as summary. Okay lets haul some LTDs and get rich Smiley ;)

2020-07-03T18:17:39Z Got fucking interdicted by scripted fake ass retard AI pirate and he destroyed me. There went 1.2 billion in cargo and few million in the ship re-buy. Fuck do I hate that fucking fake AI scripted bullshit system! Smiley :(

Guess I should just drive the carrier and let other traders take these risks, I mean fuck this one point two BILLION credits went poof because of this fake AI garbage. Fuck this sucks giraffe cock.

Last load sold for 985.6 million, credits now 7.291 billion in my personal account, will have to see what PMC Wanderer's balance is when I dock.

2020-07-03T19:07:55Z Docked at Chacobog/Q1L-19Z. Back at PMC Wanderer with all the hauling done. Carriers balance is 8.378 billion after I transferred all the credits from my personal account.

Oh wow, its pretty much the same as it was yesterday when going to Col 285 LTD3 rings to buy LTDs... because I fucked up that AI pirate killing me and losing 1.2 billion for no fucking reason.

Oh right and now I need to switch to second account and have the type-9 cargo hold sold to station, maybe he has enough credits to buy a carrier now.

2020-07-03T19:17:53Z Okay second account booted up once again, seems I have 568t of LTDs, lets go sell them Smiley :)

2020-07-03 Resurrection Of PMC PapaBear Is Complete

2020-07-03T19:22:18Z Docked at Chacobog/Trinh Enterprise. Sold 568t of LTDs for 907.3 million, credits now 5.234 billion! Wohooo! I can now buy fleet carrier for my second account, AGAIN! Buhahahaa Smiley :mrgreen:

2020-07-03T19:36:25Z Switched to real account so I can order PMC Wanderer to jump back to col 285 LTD3 rings and add another buy order there. I must say though, this switching of accounts is getting really old, I mean this is just ... excessive.

Plotted jump for PMC Wanderer to Col 285 Sector Gi-i a39-3 system, then set LTD buy order for 3167 tons at 1.346 million/ton. This was about 50% of the credits in my balance, hopefully its enough not to cause the "sell bug" again.

Aaaand you guessed it, switching back to second account so we can go buy him an fleet carrier hehe.

2020-07-03T20:03:05Z Docked at Lan Tzak/Jacobi Platform. Quite the long journey on mining outfitted type-9 but it was the ship I was flying heh. In this station we have fleet carrier vendor and I'm going to purchase one.

Resurrection of PMC PapaBear is complete! Smiley :D

2020-07-03T20:13:57Z Shut down Elite, was really tired almost running like with instinct / muscle memory, better get some sleep and continue tomorrow.

2020-07-04 LTD Markets Crashed 1.1 Million Best Price

2020-07-04T10:48:09Z New Elite day has started! Booted it up with real account as I need to go adjust PMC Wanderr LTD buy order, market prices crashed just hour ago and best selling station is only 1.1 million right now. So I'll set PMC Wanderer to buy LTDs at 1 million per ton.

LTD buy order 4247t for 1,000,553 per ton.

2020-07-04T10:54:34Z Docked at Lan Tzak/V4F-G4G. Booted second account CMDR up, hopefully I spend all day playing with this now. I want to do some mining to get credits for PMC PapaBear balance, hopefully in day or so I can activate those outfitting services with some mining equipment.

PMC PapaBear plotted jump to Trante system where it will refuel, cheap tritium in that system.

2020-07-04T11:37:56Z Docked at Trante/JLJ-3QK. Unknown tritium buying carrier, 38k profit per ton for tritium so I hauled a load. Sold 704t for 26.7 million, credits now (personal account) ? forgot to write down haha.

Docked to one carrier which name said buy tritium 50k / ton, but obviously there was no demand, so back to the first guy.

2020-07-04T11:56:36Z Docked at Trante/JLJ-3QK. Sold same load, credits 59.845 million. Then I went to bring in.. err two more loads, sorry I didn't write it down haha.

2020-07-04T12:54:45Z Quick lunch break was done just now.

This system had the cheapest tritium according to inara at 3880cr or something like that, but still it was very quiet, low activity, not many traders and system chat was almost dead. I saw one guy offering type-9 hauling services for refueling carriers.

2020-07-04T13:49:10Z Created tritium buy order for 2000t with 43,058 per ton. Announced it on system chat.

2020-07-04T14:37:13Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/V4F-G4G. Arrived to col 285 LTD3 rings, we are going to mine... mine A LOT Smiley ;)

PMC PapaBear cargo now has tritium 3854t plus whats in tritium depot 297t.

2020-07-04T14:44:40Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer, just came here to check things out and EDMC update EDDN feed with latest data, I believe our LTD buy order was not sent to EDDN last night.

The buy order I set last night was still there nobody had sold anything which is explained by the EDDN not having the data and me not being in system chat advertising it.

2020-07-04T14:58:46Z Arrived to the 4 sub surface deposit asteroid, but need to wait until AI pirates jump away.

2020-07-04T18:58:37Z Finished mining, ran out of sub surface deposit drill missiles. This felt like it took a long time, but I stopped few times to read chat and I also had a lunch. Anyways 701t of LTDs in cargo, pretty nice haul.

I would like to go sell these... but the prices are so awfully low that I need to just store in PMC PapaBear in order to wait for those 1.6 maybe 1.7 million crazy prices again. Now I finally have a carrier where I can store while I casually mine, no rush for anything, its like where would I need urgent cash right now... I have nothing to buy, already got the carrier, now only thing to do is enjoy mining and focus on the highest profits, no point selling LTDs cheap.

2020-07-04T20:36:20Z Been up 16hrs, time to call it a night.

2020-07-05 PMC Carriers Added To Inara

2020-07-05T04:56:45Z New glorious Elite day has started! PMC Miner 7 was parked in middle of cc-k a38-2 as I was listening to the system chat last night before crashed to bed. We are all rearmed and limpet up so lets head to the rings and start mining.

2020-07-05T05:02:15Z Started mining, well waiting until pirates disappear.

2020-07-05T07:55:29Z Full 704t of LTDs in cargo, aayeah, we are RTB.

2020-07-05T08:02:28Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer demand is 736t so 3511t bought at million per ton, if the market price goes to 1.6 or even 1.7 million... man we are going to make some crazy ass credits hehe. If price doesn't go that high today, no big deal I'll keep buying cheap because there is cargo and credits, I'll just mine with second account and advertise in system chat in the mean time.

2020-07-05T08:12:33Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear, refueled, rearmed, repaired and offloaded diamonds to cargo. LTDs in carrier now 1405t.

2020-07-05T08:21:55Z Switched to real account, need to add more LTD buy order for PMC Wanderer, man do I wish there was web interface to do this stuff heh, oh well.

2020-07-05T08:29:00Z Checked PMC Wanderer demand left stats, tritium 12t and LTDs 534t, nice. I updated buy orders tritium 20t and LTDs 1500t, hopefully credit balance is enough not to cause that "sell bug".

CMDR Snake Man balance for ARX is 3057, been thinking of buying that carrier layout and texture, its silly, but dunno looks kind of cool.

2020-07-05T08:40:25Z Switched back to second account. For some reason neither of PMC carriers show up in inara now, they do in eddb, strange.

PMC carriers did not show up in inara so I asked Artie, he helped me out and uh oh I need to have account in inara and download the frontier data from there, this goes for BOTH CMDR's Smiley :(

So I jumped though those hoops and now both PMC carriers show up in inara for the next 30 days, after that I need to refresh the frontier API thing from inara, uuh such an hassle, but hey gotta have them carriers in inara heh.

2020-07-05T10:27:28Z Dropped into LTD3 rings, back to mining.

On the first run at specific asteroid people call "The Egg" I got whopping 101t of LTDs, that was pretty nicely done.

2020-07-05T13:52:16Z Finished mining, 620t in cargo and only 11t limpets left so I decided to head back to PMC PapaBear, also PMC Wanderer has demand fulfilled so need to go there and figure out if I can squeeze in few more tons.

2020-07-05T13:58:01Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer as I saw from inara all the demand was fulfilled, very nice.

Here is some general mining with fleet carriers business info: when the bad market prices hit, miners are still mining and hungry to sell LTDs to carriers, highest station prices were 1.127 million, some carriers paid as high as up to 1.5 million for a while until their credits or cargo space ran out, rest were lowering their prices and were paying 1.2 - 1.3 million or so, I paid one million even with advertising no "sell bug" of course.

At these times when market prices go so low it would be a golden opportunity to have 23,000t carrier empty with 23 billion in cash to spend, then buy LTDs 1 million each and hold on to them until the price skyrockets to 1.7 and then just absolutely break the bank with profits.

If you'd get 700k profit per ton and you had 23k tons, it would be 16.1 billion profit!

But yeah with todays PMC budget that would not happen in a long time because the initial investment of 23 billion is crazy amounts, plus if FDEV wont fix the "sell bug" then you would need 46 billion total capital to pull that off.

Like they say, you need money to make money. But just fucking imagine that sort of deal, wow.

2020-07-05T14:13:11Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear cargo hold LTDs 2025t and tritium same 3857t.

I must say it feels like a lot of work for 2025t of LTD mining, my mood is that I should have more of that stuff by now, dunno maybe I have spent too much on the system chat although I am still mining and system chat monitoring is done by corner of my eye or during when collector limpets are doing their work, only very rarely I stop to write something etc there longer than 10sec.

This 2025t load of LTDs would pay 2.304 billion with the highest paying station Atlas/Cyllene Orbital with 1.137 million per ton. with those credits I could get very small buy order done, probably not worth the trouble. In any case 1.1 million is pitiful price of LTDs and I would never sell them at that price. I'll wait for days if necessary for the 1.6 hopefully 1.7 million market prices.

2020-07-05T14:19:18Z Switching to real account once again to check if anything can be done with PMC Wanderer current credit balance, I doubt it but gotta check anyways.

PMC Wanderer now has LTDs 5245t and tritium 2118t. With current prices these diamonds would pay 5.968 billion heh. PMC Wanderer current balance is 3.119 billion, so lets assume we hit jackpot with 1.7 million LTD prices, it would make 8.916 billion and then fantasy balance would be 12.036 billion.

Oh well stop this fantasy calculating, its much more fun to get the job done and then see how much your balance is.

I created a new buy order, tritium 20t and 1535t LTDs. Not sure if this will break the selling as while I did not exceed 50% of my current balance, dunno if it works. At least I cant advertise it as no sell bug.

2020-07-05T15:21:37Z Then once again, switched back to second account hehe.

2020-07-05T15:55:30Z Went to mining, forgot to rearm drill missiles, luckily had 56 left so did one round in the asteroid, got 84t of LTDs. Then went to check out highest paying carriers just so I can get some spending credits.

Docked on first and of course it was sold out.

2020-07-05T16:12:39Z Was kind of tired playing so went to cc-k a38-2 system to just sit in the normal space near the main star to monitor system chat if I might spot a high paying carrier there.

2020-07-05T16:39:20Z Docked at PMC PapaBear, back home at last. Rearmed and offloaded 84t diamonds into carriers cargo hold, its got now 2109t of LTDs.

I'm too exhausted of playing, need to call it a night here.

2020-07-06 PMC Wanderer Buy Order Fulfilled

2020-07-06T00:13:15Z Brand new Elite day has started. First I checked with real account PMC Wanderer and it had ran out of LTD buy order, all 1535t LTDs bought out. I'm surprised because after setting that buy order I basically logged out of Elite and went to bed, it completely sold out without me being in system chat pimping it, very nice indeed.

Also from tritium buying 20t it was down to 16t, someone emptied few of those as well, always good even though its meant more as donation thing.

PMC Wanderer now has LTDs 6780t, that is a nice load. I then added last buy order of 790t of LTDs.

Currently its sunday-monday night and its a busy one at that as always, EDDN server is all but dead, cannot send new price update.

2020-07-06T00:53:53Z EDDN was still down I could not just sit and wait in PMC Wanderer real account, had to switch to second account and go mine some LTDs.

2020-07-06T01:03:49Z Second account booted up, lets check all PMC Miner 7 systems and head off to mining.

Started mining, forgot to write down time. System chat was extremely offensive today at this time, it haven't been like this in days.

2020-07-06T03:17:13Z Finished mining, getting so tired have no mental energy to mine some more. Cargo 399t LTDs and still had 37t limpets left as well plenty of drill missiles, but had to call it here, will continue after a short nap.

2020-07-06T07:11:09Z Nap is over, back in Elite. Checked PMC Wanderer first, its LTD demand has been sold to 330t demand left, good. Then switched back to second account and back to mining.

2020-07-06T07:17:20Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear, repaired, rearmed and refueled. Offloaded cargo to carrier which is now 2508t LTDs. Then off to mining.

2020-07-06T08:09:50Z Got 174t of LTDs in cargo, now its lunch break...

2020-07-06T08:57:30Z Lunch break over, back to mining them diamonds.

2020-07-06T10:48:46Z PMC Wanderer last 330t demand for LTDs has been fulfilled, great. Now it doesn't have any more credit balance to add more buy orders, need to sell some.

I'm thinking... I might switch back to real account game-play so I can fully devote time building CMDR Snake Man credit balance up. Would mine some at first, sell which ever place pays the highest and then add some more buy orders for PMC Wanderer, to keep things rolling until the high market prices return.

Have to think about that...

2020-07-06T10:59:09Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear, offloaded 630t LTD cargo to the carrier, current status 3138t LTDs and 3857t tritium.

Perhaps I'm a bit bored of mining and waiting for better market prices, but now I just want to switch into real account playing for time being (besides the eventual market price increase when I need to sell PMC PapaBear cargo). Feels like I've done enough with second account for PMC PapaBear now, this 3138 * 1.5 million would come to 4.7 billion and I would not sell this load with one point five, so yeah, I'm looking for a good payout when the time comes, PMC PapaBear is all good man.

2020-07-06T11:24:36Z Shut down Elite, most likely continue with real account from now on until market prices increase.

2020-07-06T11:32:13Z Elite back up with real account, now we are going to maintain and make some credits for the real me, eh? hehe Smiley ;)

Used PMC Explorer and went to visit both corona and the new fake "LTD4" system, corona looked real nice with very clear asteroid field, I'd like to mine there. Also only one person in both systems greeted my greeting in system chat, very very quiet complete opposite what col 285 LTD3 rings are.

2020-07-06T13:31:39Z Back to PMC Miner 2 and some self launcher fighter (SLF) exploit mining Smiley ;)

2020-07-06T14:21:47Z Lunch break...

2020-07-06T14:45:36Z Lunch break is over, lets get back to mining.

2020-07-06T16:08:59Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer, offloaded cargo and invetory now 8279t LTDs.

2020-07-06T19:29:01Z Cargo hold full 704t LTDs and refinery bins 10t full as well. We are RTB.

2020-07-06T19:34:16Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. After offloading PMC Wanderer has 8991t of LTDs heh.

2020-07-06T19:38:21Z Decided to call it a night, not really tired or exhausted yet but doing another mining run would be a struggle, so better to end here with a good mood and continue tomorrow. Hey who knows maybe tomorrow we get a better prices and finally we get to sell to make some credits.

2020-07-07 Will We Get Good LTD Prices Today?

2020-07-07T06:42:11Z New Elite day has started, CMDR Snake Man in the pilot's seat, looking forward to a brand new day. Will we get good LTD prices today?

2020-07-07T07:07:39Z Started mining.

2020-07-07T08:20:15Z There were no carriers to buy LTDs and miners were getting desperate trying to find one. This is now third or fourth day of 1.1 million LTD market prices, all carriers are filled to the gills (or credits ran out) and miners have no place to sell except these 1.1 million paying stations.

If you have a lot of cash and two carriers... wait until prices go down and stay down for couple of days, then hit col 285 LTD3 rings and start offering to buy 900k per ton, you are making absolute fucking killing with such timing.

2020-07-07T10:05:36Z Finished mining, cargo hold full 704t LTDs and refinery bins 10t as well.

2020-07-07T10:14:57Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer, offloaded cargo and carrier now has 9702t of LTDs, so close to ten kay hehe. Shut down Elite for a quick break, not long but just didn't want to leave client running.

2020-07-07T15:09:52Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer, offloaded cargo and carrier now has 10,414t of LTDs. Well I broke the ten kay limit.

Then went off, but forgot limpets, docked at Phat's LTD Shop and got limpets, cooked food and had a lunch.

2020-07-07T18:41:53Z Finished mining, full cargo + refinery.

2020-07-07T18:47:02Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer, offloaded cargo and carrier now has 11,126t of LTDs.

Uuh I'm starting to get pretty exhausted again, its been 14hrs day already, I don't think its good idea to push into one more mining trip, better to call it a night and watch tv or something, continue tomorrow hoping to see those better LTD prices. I really want to get selling and get more LTD buying business going on with better credit balance.

2020-07-08 Purchasing Few Ships

2020-07-08T10:07:21Z New Elite day has started. I am really not looking forward to another day of LTD mining with SLF exploit, as LTD market prices are still 1.1 million.

Was thinking that maybe I would start this day by going to buy all the necessary PMC Wanderer ships for the eventual exploration journey.

In discord Cometborne let us know that khronos/evans hub is on the four correct states for the possibility of having good LTD prices but nobody had EDDN send from there, so I took PMC Explorer and quickly zipped there to scan it and walter refinery station as well.

2020-07-08T10:35:39Z Docked at Khronos/Evans Hub.

2020-07-08T10:44:50Z Docked at Khronos/Walter Refinery.

Its medium pad station with only 96t demand with 1.4 million per ton price, no good with that combination.

Came back to PMC Wanderer and really did not feel like continuing mining LTDs, I'd like to do something else, something more interesting.

Been thinking about exploration dry run to see how my ship selection works in real life situations. Like hopping maybe 1000ly from the bubble and conduct exploration, canyon NOP flying, SRV driving and mining with laser, sub-surface and core cracking ships. All this to simulate a real 50k ly out there deep in the black situations. If I find some ship is lacking outfitting etc, its easy to come back to fix, to tweak the ship/outfitting selections.

2020-07-08T12:31:09Z Dropped to col 285 LTD3 rings, lets mine one load.

2020-07-08T14:49:06Z Cargo hold is full 704t, refinery bins are full 10t, we are RTB.

2020-07-08T14:57:37Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. Alright this time I won't be dumping the LTD load into carriers cargo hold as I want to sell it directly to get some credits which I use to buy rest of the ships we need for full compliment. Now... where do we sell, the prices are still very very low, hmm.

PMC Wanderer now has 2127t tritium in cargo and 346t in the tank. Just trying to calculate route if I need to jump to selling point, near shinrarta dezhra and then to "explore" and back, do I have enough gas.

Decided to go sell to the chicken coop carrier in Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-2 system which pays 1.158 million per ton, still better price than the highest paying station. Now we only wonder if the carrier works...

2020-07-08T15:25:00Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-2/KNF-L0Q. Attempted to sell... and this carrier naturally had the sell bug, sigh. Checked out two other carriers, they were dud's as well, sigh.

Plotted jump to San Qin Gu system, stations there are buying for 1.1 million per ton, bad prices but what can you do I cannot wait any longer, I want to DO something (other than mining).

2020-07-08T16:16:57Z Docked at San Qin Gu/Sinclair Colony. Sold 704t of LTDs for 804.6 million, then refinery processed 8t more and sold those for 9.1 million, credits now 814.5 million.

2020-07-08T16:50:16Z Docked at Shinrarta Dezhra/Jameson Memorial. Now begins ship purchasing frenzy, I need to buy several ships and equip them properly.

2020-07-08T18:05:17Z Finished purchasing new ships (sorry don't have a list to show).

2020-07-08T18:11:06Z Docked at Eravarenth/Q1L-19Z. Back at PMC Wanderer where I set my ships to transfer into the carrier. ETA roughly 6mins, just next door to Jameson Memorial.

Ships arrived and then I plotted route towards Corona Austr. Dark Region OX-U b2-3 which is the second LTD triple overlap system. Oddly enough from Shinrarta Dezhra it is two jumps, annoyingly the second jump would be mere 16.7ly so I'm definitely just going to park PMC Wanderer just there and fly my ships rest of the way.

Type-9 might have to do two jumps but its fine.

2020-07-08T18:43:37Z Docked at Swoilz IY-Y d1-57/Q1L-19Z. Just 16.72ly away from the LTD triple overlapping hotspot system. Lets get to work.

First I want to test PMC Scout Prospector, to simulate it leading the way scouting nearby areas trying to find tritium when PMC Wanderer is out of fuel Smiley ;)

Well PMC Scout Prospector first test shows that it has pitiful 4t cargo capacity which is meant for prospector limpets, well 4 is not much... you wont be doing much prospecting with that heh. So hmm maybe I need to let go of the guardian FSD booster or something, I don't know?

Then Elite servers started to act up, could not get into super cruise after several attempts, so I decided to take a lunch break.

2020-07-08T20:49:36Z Lunch break is over, lets see if we can get in-game.

2020-07-08 My First Deep Core

2020-07-08T21:51:09Z My first ever deep core mining trip is done. I have to say yeah it was cool to blow up the asteroid, but it almost felt like after that nice explosion... you get absolutely nothing worth your time from the pitiful abrasion blaster shootings as one deposit gives one fragment.

When you compare deep core to sub-surface mining, oh my you cant compare them they are nothing alike. One sub-surface deposit drill missile hit ejects like 3-7 fragments and you can get several of these from this deposit, it is just not comparable to deep core at all.

Also finding the deep core asteroids is very difficult, you can fly around for ages not seeing any. While like laser mining you find some percentage of content on every other asteroid, at least.

Deep core looks great, but thats all it is, make little kids go "oooh aaah!" and clap their little hands.

Most likely this was my first and last deep core mining session, I just see no reason doing it again.

Anyways I got 56t of LTDs out of this deep core trip, PMC Wanderer now has 11,229t of LTDs and 1745t of tritium.

2020-07-08T23:22:17Z Tested PMC Cobra with SRV, drove like 45min on planets surface trying not to get motion sickness. Then took PMC NOP (nap of the planet) eagle and went to the smallest body in this system, well the un-engineered eagle speed which is 266m/s is just awfully slow, it felt like driving miss daisy heh.

I have to say I'm somewhat disappointed with PMC NOP, I expected stock eagle to be much better I mean this is not much difference to PMC Explorer which is stripped down gas can basically heh. If I really want a cool nap of the planet flyer I need to engineer the thrusters in this eagle, unfortunately.

2020-07-08T23:27:40Z Time to end playing for today, getting a bit tired and don't have anything specific to do now as I'm sure wont be starting a regular mining session. Tomorrow I'll most likely return to the bubble or perhaps visit the fourth LTD 3 system, dunno.

2020-07-09 Waiting For LTD Prices To Rise

2020-07-09T07:40:52Z New Elite day has started. Well actually I logged in 06:55 hrs just to suspend carrier services before thursdays weekly server maintenance. I enabled them again now heh.

Was looking at yesterdays agenda, I did basically all but returning and doing tweaks for the current ships. Like said PMC NOP eagle is too slow, way too slow, and deep core mining is useless waste of time. I'm going to keep seismic charge launchers and abrasion blasters in PMC Wanderer outfitting just so I can use them if I get so bored, but I definitely will not be doing regular core cracking.

Todays agenda? Uhm I don't know, waiting for LTD prices to increase and perhaps take a look how much grinding would engineering PMC NOP's thrusters be. Guess I'll go back to sub-surface deposit mining in col 285 LTD 3 rings, back to hammer some diamonds.


PMC Wanderer stats, tritium depot 384t, cargo hold 11,229t LTDs and 1745t of tritium.

Plotted route back to col 285 LTD 3 rings.

2020-07-09T09:42:55Z Elite back up, lets go check out new possible LTD highest selling location on Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5.

2020-07-09 LTD Prices Back Up

2020-07-09T10:03:00Z We found it, 1450t demand with 1.6 million per ton price, awesome. OK its not full 1.7 million but I'll take one six any day of the week as its been so long mere one point one.

I quickly sent PMC Wanderer and PMC PapaBear to this system heh.

2020-07-09T10:31:23Z Set sell order for 11,229t of LTDs for 1.628 million per ton. I don't think many will take that offer, but its there anyways, I'll start to manually haul stuff for sell.

2020-07-09T10:41:20Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Took PMC Trader with 370t of LTDs to sell, did hit the 25% bulk tax mark just a bit so got only 1.636 million per ton so total of 605.4 million. Will have to take next load with less than three seventy.

2020-07-09T10:52:43Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Now with 360t cargo I got the full 1.648 million per ton price, total sell payout 593.3 million credits.

I'm going to be hauling these 360t loads now ... until I get bored or ran out of diamonds Smiley ;)

2020-07-09T10:59:28Z Switched to second account so I can set sell order for PMC PapaBear as well, maybe even jump it nearer to the sell station. Created LTD sell order for 3138t for same 1.628 million per ton. Also jumped it to planet 2.

2020-07-09T11:07:25Z Switched back to real account, now lets continue hauling until we have nothing to haul! Smiley ;)

2020-07-09T11:10:14Z Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 10,139t.

2020-07-09T11:14:29Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T11:19:38Z Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 9,779t.

Picked up one load here but forgot to write it down, too excited hehe.

2020-07-09T11:40:36Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T11:45:30Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 9059t.

2020-07-09T11:51:19Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T11:55:38Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 8699t.

2020-07-09T12:01:22Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T12:06:31Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 8339t.

2020-07-09T12:11:47Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T12:17:21Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 7979t.

2020-07-09T12:27:57Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T12:32:23Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 7619t.

2020-07-09T12:37:29Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T12:42:18Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 7259t.

At this point I tried to advertise PMC carriers selling LTDs for 1.628 million per ton, but the system chat was completely dead, there was nothing but my adverts and one other guy commented few words. So I stopped advertising, the carrier info is on inara/eddb so if someone wants to trade they'll find them. Its just that, there are nobody here.

All the other carrier CMDR's jumped ship (pun intended) to the new 1.6 million system which has 3200t demand so there is no bulk tax penalty for large ships. Carriers just disappeared in mass from system map and system chat went dead after about 20min. Sad to see.

Next time when new high selling price comes along, check the demand. If demand / 4 is less than your cargo capacity... its a bad place to sell.

Sure I understand that if you have been waiting for days before good sell price comes its tempting to go for it, but man hauling 360t per load is just brutal torture as there are NO other CMDR's trading in this system, I've had 0 tons sold from PMC Wanderer so far and by the looks of the system chat... it wont sell any before I've hauled everything away myself, and then I do the same for PMC PapaBear.

Next time, don't hesitate to go for better selling system as too low demand system just is not worth it.

2020-07-09T12:53:09Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T13:02:01Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 6899t.

2020-07-09T13:08:25Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T13:13:24Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 6539t.

2020-07-09T13:21:52Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T13:26:33Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 6179t.

2020-07-09T13:31:12Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T13:35:55Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 5819t.

2020-07-09T13:40:42Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T13:45:28Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 5459t.

2020-07-09T13:50:45Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T13:55:31Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Still the same 5459t, no cmdr is trading here, system chat is dead.

Going to take a lunch break now.

2020-07-09T14:43:48Z Lunch break over, lets get back to hauling diamonds. Decided to try to install Elite on PMC DevSurf (my editing / surfing main computer), run CMDR Snake Man PMC from there, wing up with... err me, then second account cmdr would get 5% wing dividends every time I sell half a billion worth of diamonds.

Picked up 360t, remaining in carrier 5099t.

2020-07-09T16:18:29Z Got CMDR Snake Man PMC to join me in multi crew, sold 360t of LTDs and he got 29.6 million dividends hehe.

2020-07-09T16:22:09Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Someone has bought some diamonds as current cargo is 5099t. Good.

Saw on system chat that CMDR Drumline from Vitsol Orbital is selling LTDs for 1.25 million per ton, well hell I'll take those profits, quick hop into his carrier and indeed he had like fifteen hundred tons of them, I bought first 790t load then went to pick up the rest, like 433t remaining. Called him on local chat but no reply, guess he was not in the system or playing.

2020-07-09T16:49:22Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Dumped second load of LTDs to PMC Wanderer so that I left 360t onboard, lets continue our regular selling operations. Carrier current cargo 5962t.

2020-07-09T16:57:49Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T17:02:28Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 5602t.

2020-07-09T17:06:54Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T17:10:43Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 5242t.

2020-07-09T17:14:59Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T17:19:38Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 4882t.

2020-07-09T17:23:49Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T17:28:12Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 4522t.

2020-07-09T17:32:16Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T17:36:22Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 4162t.

2020-07-09T17:40:43Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T17:45:15Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 3802t.

2020-07-09T17:50:06Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T17:54:30Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 3442t.

2020-07-09T17:58:48Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T18:02:57Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 3082t.

2020-07-09T18:20:29Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T18:24:41Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 2722t.

2020-07-09T18:29:27Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T18:33:46Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 2362t.

2020-07-09T18:39:07Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T18:44:34Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 2002t.

2020-07-09T18:59:50Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T19:03:51Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 1642t.

2020-07-09T19:13:22Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T19:17:20Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 1282t.

2020-07-09T19:21:46Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T19:26:33Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 922t.

2020-07-09T19:34:38Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T19:39:39Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 562t.

2020-07-09T19:45:10Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T19:49:34Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked 360t load, remaining in carrier 202t.

2020-07-09T19:54:33Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T19:58:44Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Picked up remaining 202t, now PMC Wanderer is all empty! Smiley ;)

2020-07-09T20:08:50Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/V4F-G4G. Bought 790t of diamonds from PMC PapaBear, was a mistake of course only meant to buy 360t heh.

2020-07-09T20:14:26Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Dumped extra LTDs into PMC Wanderer.

2020-07-09T20:20:05Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot. Sold 360t load.

2020-07-09T20:24:16Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z. Back at PMC Wanderer. Restarted Elite client as trade dividends got getting smaller and smaller.

Below is stuff I did not write down as I played, was really tired and CMDR Fido was on multi crew so didn't feel like stopping to write a lot of notes.

2020-07-09T20:34:52Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot.
2020-07-09T20:38:58Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z.
2020-07-09T20:42:04Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/V4F-G4G.
2020-07-09T20:46:40Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot.
2020-07-09T20:50:56Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/V4F-G4G.
2020-07-09T20:55:22Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot.
2020-07-09T20:59:49Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/V4F-G4G.
2020-07-09T21:04:17Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot.
2020-07-09T21:08:21Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/V4F-G4G.
2020-07-09T21:12:55Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot.
2020-07-09T21:17:16Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/V4F-G4G.
2020-07-09T21:21:35Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot.
2020-07-09T21:26:03Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/V4F-G4G.
2020-07-09T21:30:00Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot.
2020-07-09T21:34:16Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/V4F-G4G.
2020-07-09T21:38:29Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot.
2020-07-09T21:43:08Z Docked at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Q1L-19Z.

2020-07-09T21:48:12Z Time to shut it down, I'm absolutely exhaustd of hauling diamonds ALL DAY today... uuh.

I was so tired I didn't even bother to check how much credits do I have, there is time for that tomorrow. Now I'm going to take a nice cool shower and get ready for a good night sleep, I feel like I'm going to sleep forever after this exhausting hauling session.

2020-07-10 Diamonds Sold Now Back To Mining

2020-07-10T05:54:13Z New Elite day has started. Today starts by moving PMC carriers back to nearby of col 285 LTD 3 rings.

2020-07-10T05:59:11Z Plotted a jump to there for PMC Wanderer. Moments later with PMC PapaBear.

2020-07-10T06:19:26Z PMC Wanderer has arrived to Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3. Status tritium depot 870t and tritium in cargo 756t. CMDR Snake Man has 19.613 billion credits, darn didn't break twenty heh. PMC Wanderer had seven hundred some millions. Then I deposited all personal account money to carrier and now PMC Wanderer balance is 20.392 billion credits Smiley :)

LTD highest paying station currently is Areklici/heinlein dock with 1,648,986 credits. We should keep up with current trends so not too many CMDRs bad mouth us in system chat if we offer to buy with one million, so lets say 50k for the traders at the selling point, 250k profit for us, that would be 1,348,986 credits per ton.

I created LTD buy order for 14,327t paying 1,348,553 credits. This was done maxing out credits then deducting 794t which is the max cargo capacity of imperial cutter largest cargo ship in the game currently.

Pasted buy order announcement for broken limpets and fleet carriers owners club discord servers.

Switched to second account PMC PapaBear, its current balance is 5.106 billion, oh nice. My second account balance was like sevenhundred million something, deposited all the personal credits to carrier and now balance 5.583 billion.

I created second LTD buy order for PMC PapaBear, 3345t demand with 1.348 million per ton.

2020-07-10T06:51:56Z Aaaand finally switched back to real account where I'm hoping to stay at least until carriers are full of diamonds Smiley :)

PMC Wanderer now has 756t of tritium left in the cargo, its plenty for todays activities if it would happen that we need to go sell quickly, but need to keep an eye on the gas tank as refuel trip might happen somewhat soon.

Then I was off to mining again Smiley :)

2020-07-10T07:03:42Z Started mining, well to wait until pirates leave. Here we are again, mining. On next tuesday the 15th FDEV releases fleet carriers patch 3 and I am positive they will fix all the mining exploits and who knows reduce LTD profitability once again, so I'm going to milk this thing all weekend no matter how burnt out I'd be. Now we go hardcore motherfucker.

2020-07-10T08:27:09Z Checked carrier management and seems 665t of LTDs have been sold there, nice start.

2020-07-10T09:34:55Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer, CMDR's have sold 1720t of LTDs, wow very nice. I then offloaded my full cargo 704t plus 8t from refinery bins when it processed those. Carrier cargo now 2432t.

2020-07-10T10:21:05Z Started mining few minutes ago, but for the first time 25km asteroid was depleted, no sub-surface deposits. Damn. Also in system chat "franzy" guy was bad mouthing PMC carriers, some ridiculous kiddie crap that we support antifa and we have sell bug, err what? Fucking idiots that have nothing better to do than to run their mouths. Was really difficult to not get caught by his "trolling" or whatever you can call it. Its really sad to see people struggle with mental health issues like franzy, hopefully he seeks help soon.

2020-07-10T10:44:43Z Small break here as I got note from mail slot that needed a phone call. Now we continue.

2020-07-10T12:11:44Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. Was wandering aimlessly and then got hungry, so decided to come to offload what I got now. And its not much, pitiful 96t of LTDs and 17t of tritium, damn without the 25km asteroid you really have slim pickings.

2020-07-10T12:16:46Z Jumped to a38-2 system, want to copy-paste PMC Wanderer buying LTDs adverts while I'm having a lunch, so lunch break ...

2020-07-10T12:41:32Z Lunch break over. Back to mining.

2020-07-10T15:00:38Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer demand for LTDs was down to 7405t, thats close to 50% fulfilled now. I dumped my LTD load and now whole amount in carrier is 8442t. Getting to those crazy numbers again Smiley ;)

Took an extended restroom break here to review previously merged video and then merged another one, so much video footage to go through heh.

2020-07-10T15:45:30Z Was ready to head out and when I checked demand for LTDs it was down to 6490t so carriers whole cargo 9357t. Goooood.

2020-07-10T16:00:58Z Started mining, pirates are gone, the 25km asteroid awaits!

2020-07-10T18:14:37Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer buy order demand has gone down to 4503t, cargo hold total of 12,056t Smiley ;)

2020-07-10T18:20:30Z Another lunch break...

2020-07-10T18:45:42Z Lunch break over, back to mining.

2020-07-10T18:49:29Z Started mining. The 25km asteroid did not re-spawn, had to go look for pitiful yields elsewhere.

2020-07-10T20:51:20Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear demand was down to 2147t, nice.

2020-07-10T20:56:24Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer demand was down to 2358t, great. Soon we will have fulfilled both orders Smiley ;)

PMC Wanderer total LTD load now in cargo is 14,311t heh, hmm how much was it yesterday cant remember. But man when I sell this shizzle, its going to be so much credits ooh my.

2020-07-10T21:32:53Z Servers started to give yellow sidewinder errors when attempted to enter super cruise and it has been 16hrs day already so I decided to call it a night. Tomorrow we are going to sell some diamonds.

2020-07-11 Murderous LTD Loads

2020-07-11T05:42:55Z New Elite day has started.

We are now going to do mining hardcore style until wednesday 15th when fleet carriers patch 3 will be released which surely will fix the self launched fighter exploit and "The Egg" craziness. I am going to mine every day as many hours as I can, trying to use both accounts as well, maybe switch between The Egg farming if it goes into that 2hrs timeout/cooldown thing.

2020-07-11T05:45:01Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear had no EDDN updates for hmm several hours so it dropped out of inara best sell list, now I updated it so its back in there.

2020-07-11T05:48:58Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer demand down to 992t, carrier cargo LTDs 15,677t cool. It wont be long now until we are ready to send her to selling system which currently is (unfortunately) Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5/Rix Depot.

2020-07-11T06:19:51Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer now has 827t demand left, wondered if I could have added some more, but no... it was maxed out and surely would have activated the sell bug if I added more.

2020-07-11T06:30:04Z Started mining, dropped into the ring.

2020-07-11T08:20:20Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear LTD buy order has been fulfilled. Someone reported that in system chat so I came to check. Too bad I cant run two clients at the same time so I could check in real time. Well "cant" I mean havent tried it but I cant imagine its being possible even if the second one would run in 1080p details low preset.

2020-07-11T08:24:58Z Docked at Col 285 Sector GI-I a39-3/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer LTD buy order has been fulfilled, I knew this already from carrier management when mining. Emptied my 450t LTD load and carrier status now 17,119t of diamonds holy moly! Smiley ;)

2020-07-11T08:34:13Z Set buy order for 100t LTDs for lowest price possible, for donations to carrier ride to sell. Switched to second account and will do the same.

2020-07-11T08:39:43Z All done and real account booted up. Next I'm going to start Elite on PMC DevSurf to control second account from there.

2020-07-11T09:04:46Z Plotted course to Rix Depot nearby system for both PMC carriers. I was in cc-k a38-2 system, then jumped to carrier... except had huge server connection issues getting into super cruise, had to do hyper jump... but that went to wrong system EVEN THOUGH I SELECTED IT FROM CARRIER BOOKMARK, FUUUCK. I finally managed to dock into PMC Wanderer and lockdown was issued probably 20sec later, haha.

2020-07-11T09:16:12Z Docked at Pleiades Sector RO-Q b5-0/Q1L-19Z.

Created LTD sell order for 17,119t for 1.628 million/ton. For PMC PapaBear created same for 3345t supply.

Situation looked grim as I have 20,464t of LTDs to sell 362t per load, that would be sheer murder with type-9 to get done alone. My sell orders in this system... man they are not going to work, at all, I guarantee you that Smiley :(

I really do not want to haul these on my own, it would be fucking ridiculous 56 loads! fifty fucking six! No way man, I fucking refuse to do that shit Smiley :(

I think today will be spent watching tv, coding and just hourly updating EDDN by visiting both PMC carriers so they are listed in web sites.

EDDB did not take PMC PapaBear market price, its odd because it did take an update of some sort as the price update mentions mere minutes, but no LTDs show up in it, on inara both carriers show up fine.

Felt very frustrated, I knew that if I want to get these LTDs sold I need to do it myself, but man 56 loads is fucking insanity.

2020-07-11T10:09:13Z Arrived to Rix Depot, system chat was completely DEAD, nobody said nothing. So its pretty sure there are no traders in the system, even if I put up some silly good prices for them there are nobody to take that offer. Looks like I need to haul all the fucking 56 loads by myself Smiley :(

Okay I'm so depressed I'm off to sleep...

2020-07-11T13:35:51Z Nap is over, back in-game. Jamanu is a new high selling station, got both PMC carriers jumps plotted there, dunno which body will we orbit but hopefully it will be all good.

Jamanu/Stefansson Orbital buys LTDs for 1,648,986 and has 2,458 demand which means we can haul 614.5 tons at once.

Added PMC carrier LTD sales adverts to discord, worked out issue with PMC PapaBear on EDCD #eddb channel, all good.

2020-07-11T16:37:48Z Started to buy from PMC Wanderer and sell to stefansson orbital, carrier inventory transfer is not working so yeah. Oh well this is going to take a long time and I will not write play-by-plays as they just cause more stress to the trading runs. So I'll just write down if something significant happens during hauling.

2020-07-11T19:15:37Z Was hauling diamonds having CMDR Snake Man PMC as my multi-crew, because there was a odd inventory bug I had to buy diamonds from myself so the selling profits in multi-crew were very low.

I got quite a bit of idiotic comments on system chat about PMC carrier prices, trading from PMC gets you 20,000 credit per ton profits, which is awesome for trading, but because some stupid CMDR's are offering sick 200k/ton profits, of course the idiots make retard comments about lower profits.

This low profits for traders mean that nobody trades on our carriers, I was so exhausted by the idea of hauling fucking 20,000 tons by myself that didn't even keep track but I assume nobody bought any.

Was thinking that because the previous days 14.3k ton hauling was utter torture and now I'm repeating basically the same thing... I really need to either stop or start to pay more in col 285 rings and sell less in the highest selling station to get good bulk trading going on with nice volume of buy/sell action. While it is great to buy with 1.348 million and haul yourself to sell in the station at 1.648 million... it is just way too much work, it takes basically a day in each end, optimal scenario would be mere hours in each end so you could do at least one full trade loop from rings to selling station.

Guess I have to re-calculate my profit plans to get more active stuff going, I am not going to fucking repeat same shit tomorrow, I am fucking done.

2020-07-11T21:41:45Z Lunch break in progress...

2020-07-11T21:52:47Z Feeding time over, lets get back to hauling. Oh right I just realized I haven't actually specifically mentioned how I advertise PMC carriers in system chat, so here is my selling station copy-paste list:

selling LTDs for 1,628,628 cr/ton, supply 11,229t. PMC Wanderer at star.
selling LTDs for 1,628,628 cr/ton, supply 3,345t. PMC PapaBear at star.
selling LTDs for 1,628,628 cr/ton, high supply. PMC PapaBear and PMC Wanderer.

As said, the profit is 20k/ton from that price and it will get a fair bit of flak from the idiots in system chat. You aren't winning any hearts and minds with those prices that is for sure.

However the question is... if you want to be a wealthy business man, you cannot be everyones friend, you have to be bitch to be rich, or how did the saying go. If I start to run my carriers as charity... what fucking sense would that make? Anyways.

2020-07-11T22:54:11Z Another lunch break was over. Someone asked if anyone needs trucking service, so a trader offered his services, but I didn't feel like replying with PMC carrier prices because I was so angry/disappointed to this selling day that my mood was just not there, I just angrily traded this mountain of diamonds all by myself not giving a fuck what other CMDR's are doing. I really didn't like this situation at all, I much rather would take the happy "o7 greetings cmdr" mood.

2020-07-11T23:20:14Z PMC Wanderer is now sold out, picked up last 266t of LTDs. Small victories, still have over three thousand tons on PMC PapaBear where I'm heading next to get a full 614t load for the station.

2020-07-12 Back To Triple LTD Ring

2020-07-12T00:26:10Z PMC PapaBear is now sold out (few minutes ago actually, went to toilet and stretched my legs). Now its just sending both carriers back to col 285 LTD triple rings to start this loop all over...

Hell no! Smiley ;)

Yeah as I said above this hauling of selling station end cargo will not stand anymore, I need to make more profit for miners and traders as I cannot do either of them anymore, I have been playing fucking non stop before fleet carriers were released, I don't want to continue this 16hrs mining/trading anymore.

2020-07-12T00:47:10Z Jumps plotted, PMC carriers are returning to col 285 mining.

Oh right, PMC Wanderer credit balance now is 29.874 billion Smiley :o

PMC PapaBear was like... ugh already turned off PMC DevSurf monitor and wont bother to turn it on just to check, but... 5-6 billion I think.

2020-07-12T01:00:20Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer has arrived, not our regular system so need to remember to make proper copy pastes for system chat heh.

Set PMC PapaBear LTD buy order for 3736t for 1.448 million per ton. Then PMC Wanderer buy order 19,829t heh. And new system chat copy paste:

buying LTDs for 1.448 million/ton. PMC Wanderer in Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5. no "sell bug".
buying LTDs for 1.448 million/ton. PMC PapaBear in Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5. no "sell bug".
buying LTDs for 1.448 million/ton. PMC carriers in Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5. no "sell bug".

Then posted adverts to broken limpets and fleet carriers owners club discord servers. Went back to a38-2 to system chat advertise. Chat was busy, saturday night UTC 0200hrs.

Went out for quick mining with sub-surface deposit mining python.

2020-07-12T03:17:44Z Had to call it a night, dead tired cant focus, more carrier action tomorrow.

2020-07-12T09:35:05Z New Elite day has started. It begins by returning PMC Miner 3 sub-surface deposit python back to the carrier, then go EDDN update PMC PapaBear as well.

2020-07-12T09:51:38Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear docking shows 990t LTD demand left, oh nice.

Its sad to see how few CMDR's truly use EDDN sending software. Just docked to my second carrier which had 5hrs old data with only few dozen LTDs bought, well the actual status is almost three thousand diamonds bought. I really need to start promoting EDMC in system chat to improve the community data coverage.

2020-07-12T10:22:53Z Started mining with PMC Miner 3.

2020-07-12T12:48:53Z PMC PapaBear LTD buy order was fulfilled, a cmdr called me a "prick!" in system chat as I advertised buying but there was nothing to sell when he docked, even though I clearly spammed that only 177t demand left that hurry up. This is the problem on dealing with people, you always get the idiots, most people are fucking idiots.

I think in a long run... I wont be doing this, meaning keeping system chat open, helping CMDR's and buying/selling and taxiing CMDR's to sell systems. I'll just go back to my pre fleet carriers era of playing in solo with system chat turned OFF. No discord, no interaction with idiots.

My life is really relaxed, I am laid back happy relaxed dude, but these idiots really get me angry as they are so fucking stupid and cant fucking read etc, some are even plain out trolls bullshitting me and bad mouthing PMC name. Why the fuck would I want to hang around in surroundings as that.


Plotted route for PMC PapaBear to nearby jamanu system as sell system was full of carriers.

2020-07-12T12:59:50Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer is full, oh my that was great! Smiley :)

PMC PapaBear got 13t donated LTDs. I created LTD sell order for 3749t at 1.548 million per ton.

2020-07-12T13:20:34Z PMC Wanderer jump plotted to nearby jamanu system, jamanu itself was again full, I did manage to jump PMC PapaBear there though.

PMC Wanderer cargo is 20,314t of LTDs hehe wow 20k bitches! Smiley :)

After just saying those dealing with idiots things above, now I feel really good as I'm departing to selling system and offering there very cool 100k profits for traders and would be fucking crazy if someone would shit talk PMC there.

If the selling goes nicely and I can do another so successful mining buying round, that would be great, after that we would have enough cash to fill whole 23k of carriers cargo hold, then we would be fully bulk trading heh.

One thing is for sure, I will not be doing any manual labor myself anymore, ZERO trading in selling system and only mining would be done as recreational fun.

2020-07-12T13:35:20Z Docked at Hyades Sector AQ-N b7-6/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer arrived, only got whopping 2t of LTD donations, oh well.

2020-07-12T13:51:37Z PMC PapaBear was selling LTDs for 1.548 million per ton and the shit was just flying off the cargo racks. I only got into the system and refreshed EDDB and supply had gone from original 3,749t to 2400t and once I loaded commodities market up after docking it was already down to 1,725t. Maaan this stuff goes like crazy.

What a difference from yesterday, oh wow. Okay so mark down the time now because that MUST have something to do with it as well, so sunday 13:30hrs UTC. Obviously sundays are always really busy so that might be it too. Maybe its the no bulk tax price and just overall good / lucky system selection, previously we were in systems with completely dead chat.

Well I cant complain as carrier gets emptied like the Lord Of War movies weapon laden aircraft in afrika hehe.

2020-07-12T14:06:59Z Unfuckingbelievable, PMC PapaBear is sold out, all 3749t of LTDs! Amazing!

2020-07-12T14:14:31Z PMC Wanderer arrived, announced the 20,314t LTD selling at 1.548 million per ton. Now lets see how fast that goes.

2020-07-12T14:26:05Z Hmm maybe PMC PapaBear selling was one time fluke, still nothing not a single diamond sold yet...

There was another carrier, by the star so 400+ ls away, which was selling its 8000t load for 1.5 million, not sure what the exact amount is because technically I'm selling at the same price too... except higher if he really sells 1.500 them.

2020-07-12T14:34:24Z PMC PapaBear created LTDs buy order for 4008t at 1.448 million per ton.

2020-07-12T14:39:40Z Selling has started, supply now 19,908t.

2020-07-12T14:49:52Z Supply 19,294t. It seems to go very slowly like one single trader hauling, there definitely ain't more than two small cargo ships doing it now. Of course everything needs to be in context, yesterday ALL DAY didn't sell shit, today only sell few hundred in ten minutes heh.

BTW strange thing, PMC PapaBear was updated on EDDN even though I do not run any tool in PMC DevSurf.

Supply down to:

2020-07-12T14:56:21Z 18,568t.
2020-07-12T15:13:07Z 17,442t.
2020-07-12T15:16:22Z 16,508t.
2020-07-12T15:20:53Z 15,382t.
2020-07-12T15:35:23Z 13,374t. Another big carrier finished its sales, probably few more traders come to my way now.
2020-07-12T15:42:46Z 12,584t.
2020-07-12T15:45:56Z 11,584t. Yes definitely the other carriers departure expedited our sales.
2020-07-12T15:53:38Z 11,072t.
2020-07-12T16:00:01Z 9,893t. And sure enough at this time some imbecile commented that I'm not exactly paying premium with this 100,000cr per ton profit, hah.
2020-07-12T16:03:13Z Couple of CMDR's, even the above commenter, announced they will join the hauling. I assume now the shit really flys off the cargo racks.
2020-07-12T16:08:13Z 7,357t.
2020-07-12T16:16:26Z 5,395t.
2020-07-12T16:18:32Z 3,413t. I actually had to double check so during that small time dialog was closed, supply dropped again heh.
2020-07-12T16:20:21Z 2,997t.
2020-07-12T16:25:18Z 1,153t.

2020-07-12T16:27:18Z PMC Wanderer sold out, all 20,314t of diamonds! Whohhoo! Smiley ;)

Then I plotted a jump to col 285 LTD 3 rings, gotta get back to mining end of this loop Smiley :)

I am really happy now, feeling good to have both carriers sold out in record time. This is awesome. I just still wonder what part does sunday primetime EU playing time have with this and how much it is that crazy 100k per ton profit for traders hmm.

2020-07-12T16:33:30Z Then it was lunch break time...

2020-07-12T17:02:42Z Feeding over, back to mining. PMC Wanderer credit balance 32.608 billion hehe, cool.

Created LTD buy order for 21,716t at usual 1.448 million per ton. Darn didn't get the full capacity of the carrier but very close, next loop we will max out the carrier capacity with a buy order heh.

2020-07-12T17:34:21Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear LTD demand was down to 3884t, hmm so quickly, I havent even advertised it anywhere heh. Checked eddb and it was not listed but on inara it was, so that must be it.

2020-07-12T17:40:05Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer, took a quick break here but 20min after there was 410t LTDs sold here, nice start. Then I went off to mining with PMC Miner 2 again, gotta exploit that SLF thing until wednesdays most likely fix.

2020-07-12T18:14:46Z Started mining at "The Egg".

2020-07-12T20:26:37Z All full, we are RTB.

2020-07-12T20:31:00Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5/Q1L-19Z. Sold 704t cargo and 8t refinery bins to PMC Wanderer, so ... to myself... umm, yes? HUH WHA? Smiley :bender-eyes:

2020-07-12T21:15:30Z Lunch break finished, back to mining I guess and advertising PMC carriers. Wanderer is now 15,419t and PapaBear 544t, pretty good but I wouldn't mind if it sped up a bit now.

2020-07-13 LTD Market Prices Crashed, Again

2020-07-13T00:09:35Z Cargo almost full of diamonds, limpets expired just after I abandoned the rest in cargo heh, so almost full.

2020-07-13T00:15:35Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear sold some diamonds there, now is full.

2020-07-13T00:19:39Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer sold rest of the LTDs here, still 11k demand left, ways to go.

2020-07-13T00:51:44Z Felt not tired or exhausted, but kind of like "hmm don't really want to continue mining.." and then alarm went off on phone that 16hrs is up, oh right time to call it a night then Smiley :)

PMC DevSurf: PMC PapaBear jumped to hyades sectorwhatever system, I created LTD sell order for 4011t at 1.548 million per ton. Tried and got a carrier slot for jamanu 1 so plotted jump there, great. Then shut down Elite client for second account.

2020-07-13T0829 New Elite day has started, two days before fleet carriers patch 3 which most likely will fix mining exploits and ruin all the credit making fun.

PMC DevSurf: 2020-07-13T0829 launched second account, PMC PapaBear is orbiting Jamanu 1 and LTDs for 1.548 million/ton have been sold out. Awesome. Asked in system chat if anyone needs a ride, nobody did so I plotted a jump to col 285 LTD 3 rings again, lets get back to mining.

PMC PapaBear credits balance 7.362 billion, oh nice. Once jump was completed I created LTD buy order for 4288t at usual 1.448 million per ton price.

Also installed EDMC v4.0 elease candidate to PMC DevSurf and updated PMC PapaBear with it. Now, why didn't I think of this before? So simple matter to just install EDMC on PMC DevSurf which solves all wonderings about if EDDB/inara etc is up to date on our demand/supply Smiley :)

2020-07-13T09:33:24Z Todays gaming session already started above but now I launched PMC Gaming real account and updated with EDMC. Checked eddb/inara... and PMC Wanderer was sold out and PMC PapaBear was selling out super fast, half of the demand was already met (4011 to 2075), was wondering wow that was fast... until I realized from inara best selling station page... that LTD market prices had crashed and PMC carriers were among the top-10 highest paying carriers in the galaxy Smiley :)

I mean PMC carriers pay now more for LTDs than ANY station, of course all miners jump to a chance to cash in. Yes we are paying insane amount, but prices will go up again so then we continue our business.

After writing this text... PMC PapaBear had sold out, all fucking 4011t haha! That is crazy beyond belief! Smiley :D

2020-07-13T09:48:07Z PMC Wanderer created new buy order for 538t at 1,000,553 credits.

2020-07-13T09:59:06Z PMC PapaBear created new buy order for 355t at 1,000,553 credits.

PMC Wanderer cargo hold got 21,716t of LTDs and 882t tritium. And after writing this & refreshing the page its 21,723t LTDs now heh.

2020-07-13T10:15:09Z Arrived to LTD 3 rings, started mining few minutes later (had few real life chores to do quickly). I'm with The Egg, with SLF exploit on PMC Miner 2. Lets milk this cow dry until patch 3 makes it all go away on wednesday, two days from now.

2020-07-13T12:28:05Z Was dead tired and needed to take a nap so had to cut mining trip short, LTDs in cargo 532t, going to fly off the ring a bit and then just shut down Elite.

2020-07-13T15:40:56Z Woke up from nap, PMC Gaming was on, I see a new 1.731 million buying station, Nivati/Chamitoff Enterprise with 2604t demand.

Saw discord broken limpet advertisement for buying LTDs 1.5 million so decided to go sell my half full load there (ok 532t is pretty full).

2020-07-13T15:51:03Z Docked at HIP 104182/QLF-L8G. Carrier name was hard to spell heh, sold 532t LTDs for 798.2 million credits. Sure I could have stored these and sold for the highest paying station at 1.731 million, but this was pretty good deal for half full load.

2020-07-13T15:56:57Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer dumped that LTD sell money to carriers balance then created 794t (heh max no sell bug deduction value as well) LTD buy order for 1 million. Okay its old price, but yeah.

PMC Wanderer cargo now 22,254t of LTDs oh wow.

Nivati/Chamitoff Enterprise with 2604t demand so with bulk tax avoidance it comes to 651t per load. Yeah I'm going to move PMC Wanderer there for sell this monster load of diamonds.

2020-07-13T16:08:16Z Plotted jumps for both PMC carriers, Wanderer got straight at the selling station body but PapaBear had to jump blind and will need a in-system jump to get closer. Alright soon we will be swimming with credits, our first 1.7+ million sell Smiley :)

Chamitoff Enterprise buys at 1,731,578 credits so I created PMC carriers sell order at 1,631,553 credits, traders will get 100k per ton profits. Wanderer 22,254t and PapaBear 4288t.

Plotted jump for PMC PapaBear to Nivati A 1 as well, now we are in business Smiley ;)

2020-07-13T16:33:07Z First announce in system chat, here we go, lets sell! Smiley ;)

2020-07-13T16:59:19Z Finished lunch, now I'll start to haul 651t of LTDs to sale per trip, aayeah credits gimme some.

2020-07-13T17:50:57Z PMC Wanderer supply left 3929t oh wow that is amazing rate of unloading. Cant tell what PMC PapaBear is but EDDB shows 3680t 39mins ago.

THIS is the bulk trading I'm liking even though there still was one miserable bitter little cunt of a CMDR who commented that 100k is not enough profit for traders that they deserve more, I don't care about his miserable comments I am having time of my life as diamonds are flying off the cargo racks Smiley :)

Oh and I'm also making huge profit by trading this stuff myself, have done hmm three loads now, CMDR Snake Man PMC just joined me in multi-crew and got 3.6 million trade dividend (too bad its so low).

2020-07-13T18:08:29Z PMC Wanderer LTD sell order SOLD OUT. Haha awesome! Heading over to PMC PapaBear to check its status.

2020-07-13T18:20:30Z PMC PapaBear LTD sell order SOLD OUT. This is crazy.

Fleet carriers patch 3 patch notes were published, they will reduce the effectiveness of overlapping hotspots and they fixed the SLF exploit, hopefully it works this time.

PMC Wanderer credit balance 40 billion! ;-)

Created LTD buy orders for PMC carriers maxed out at 1.431 million per ton. Yes this is slightly lower than before but I'm using my new 200k profit formula. PMC Wanderer got maxed out 23,752t buy order!

PMC PapaBear credit balance 8.158 billion, created LTD buy order for 4904t.

2020-07-13T19:04:35Z All the carrier logistic work was done, now its time to go The Egg SLF exploit mining and advertising PMC carriers. Wonder if we get flak from CMDR's in system chat who notice our prices dropped like 17k or something, heh.

2020-07-13T19:32:26Z Started to mine 5min ago or so.

2020-07-13T23:10:29Z Lunch break is over, also I started to create fc.php as The Egg did not respawn and I was just sitting there waiting while advertising PMC carriers in system chat.


2020-07-14T01:00:05Z PMC PapaBear got full, plotted jump to nivati a 1, docked at PMC Wanderer, rearmed and started mining. Yes all in this timestamp, honest.

PMC PapaBear created LTD sell order for 4904t at 1.631 million per ton. Updated EDDN and hoped people will pick the prices up as I'm mining on PMC Gaming computer heh.

2020-07-14T01:08:35Z Started mining, pirates were gone, I was by The Egg, lets do this.

2020-07-14T01:49:32Z PMC PapaBear supply down to 4712t (from 4904t) which is very very slow progress, last night with the exact same prices we had this amount of cargo completely unloaded already. I think the locally advertising really means something. This time I am not going to advertise, it will be a nice test how much eddb/inara can do alone. Maybe some CMDR's are just in the system chat and don't even know what 3rd party sites are, who knows.

2020-07-14T02:10:34Z PMC PapaBear supply down to 3880t, really slow going compared to yesterday...

PMC PapaBear sold out. Credit balance 9.138 billion Smiley ;)

2020-07-14T03:34:50Z Finished mining, PMC Miner 2 is full.

2020-07-14T03:37:27Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5/Q1L-19Z. Sold 704t + 8t of LTDs, PMC Wanderer demand down to 13,764t. Hmm I am somewhat surprised how slowly miners are selling to PMC carriers now, ok its about ten thousand sold now so, dunno yeah.

Now I'm going to PMC PapaBear service outfit some mining stuff. I'm somewhat unsure if that business will work, but gotta try it for the experience, also its second account so who cares right.

2020-07-14T03:56:46Z Finished purchasing outfitting packs for PMC PapaBear, quite interesting setup. I was pretty tired too heh, almost skimmed through them and then sent her back to col 285 LTD 3 rings. I noticed that the cargo capacity was reduced greatly, dunno how good trading ship it will be, maybe I'll do most trading in PMC Wanderer dunno.

2020-07-14T04:02:13Z In PMC Wanderer switched to PMC Miner 3 (python sub-surface) and headed out to mining/advertising. I just wanted some change and relaxed python flying for the end of the evening here.

2020-07-14T04:10:31Z Started mining, pirates were hovering over me, waiting a bit. PMC PapaBear looks like jumping back to col 285 mines as well. The Egg did not re-spawn, oh well lets go just random mining then.

PMC PapaBear credit balance 7.471 billion after purchasing all those service outfitting module packs. Created LTD buy order for 4425t at 1.431 million per ton.

2020-07-14T06:30:04Z Dead tired cant concentrate mining anymore, gotta get some sleep, time to call it a night. Tomorrow last day of The Egg, we are going hardcore.

2020-07-14T13:35:56Z New Elite day has started, the last day before Fleet Carriers Patch 3 which will fix SLF exploit and overlapping hotspot goodness.

Was very disappointed about the LTD buying numbers, demand in wanderer 10,399t and papabear 2969t. This has been taking extremely long, of course PMC PapaBear went to sell in between here so yeah guess we have to say PMC Wanderer has been taking really long to buy.

In system chat several CMDR's now are advertising buy prices just above 1.5 million so that might be the cause of it, selling miners are looking "1.4 vs 1.5" and its obvious where you should sell... or is it? Remember the other carriers which were offering LESS than me but they were a "clown" in the chat (meaning bullshitting a lot, kind of like used car sales men) so stupid miners went to sell for them instead of the highest price which was PMC carriers, so yeah go figure that shit out huh.

Note: I did not discord advertise at all this time. I could be a factor, dunno.

2020-07-14T14:30:15Z Lunch break was over, I was by The Egg, mining starts now.

2020-07-14T17:11:23Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer offloaded 704t + 8t LTDs, demand now 8820t. Felt little bit exhausted from mining, I should go back out to fulfill my "we go hardcore!!1" promise, but... I just don't feel like it. Was thinking that at bare minimum I would switch to second account and mine something for him, but hmm dunno. At least I need to take a small breather, actually cooking food for a lunch break sounds very good.

2020-07-14T17:26:42Z Started mining... except The Egg did not re-spawn, so I just left PMC Miner 2 there so I can advertise PMC carriers and then started to cook food, its lunch time.

2020-07-14T18:19:07Z Lunch is over, lets switch to second account and bring its The Egg abusing setup here.

2020-07-14T18:24:38Z Exited Elite and shut down EDMC by unselecting the update edsm/inara settings, time to mine some with second account.

2020-07-14T18:44:04Z CMDR Snake Man PMC arrived at The Egg, now waiting until pirates disappear before we start to mine. I'm thinking this will be one full load from The Egg and then we are off to sell our carrier contents because... I want to be sure that all diamonds are sold by tomorrow 1000hrs when fleet carriers patch 3 servers go down and LTD mining/prices/thing wont be the same anymore.

2020-07-14T20:32:19Z Had enough of mining, quite exhausted for MINING and just wanted to leave the annoying / offensive col 285 system chat as PMC carriers were filling up so slowly, if at all, I wanted to go sell already and be done with this. Was thinking its better to go there in good time, maybe try to haul as many loads I can before putting sell order in place if the hauling is too much for me, heck I don't even know do I have more than 20k load right now.

So I left col 285 sector cc-k a38-2 LTD triple overlapping hotspot for the last time before fleet carriers patch 3 and headed to PMC PapaBear.

2020-07-14T20:37:43Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5/V4F-G4G. PMC PapaBear I had 338t of LTDs from this trip, was pretty blah experience I'm just too exhausted for mining and the system chat bullshit right now. Glad its finally over, well besides the selling station... dunno, if its too annoying I'll just turn it off.

Sold 338t LTDs to PMC PapaBear and the carrier demand is down to 2305 (cant even remember where it started), cargo now is absolutely pitiful 1782t LTDs and 1883t tritium, wow I didn't realize it was this bad, but then again PMC PapaBear did do extra selling trip while PMC Wanderer has been buying all this time.

2020-07-14T20:41:25Z Shut down Elite in PMC Gaming for CMDR Snake Man PMC for the last time in this 2020 LTD craziness.

2020-07-14T20:44:33Z Elite booted up with real account, also started to boot it up on PMC DevSurf for second account. PMC carriers will jump into nivati a 1 and LTD selling begins.

2020-07-14T20:51:09Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5/Q1L-19Z. PMC Wanderer LTD demand was down to 7449t which is okay-ish, I guess. Cargo has 16,303t LTDs and 198t tritium.

2020-07-14T20:56:06Z Increadible at first attempt got carrier slot in nivati a 1 for PMC Wanderer AND PMC PapaBear! Alright selling is about to start soon. These jumps give me good time for a small breather, maybe I muster some energy and motivation to continue that LTD selling all by myself.

Combined LTD count from both carriers is 18,085t which is really a lackluster number, I would have wanted full loads of course or at least twenty kay, but hey this is what we got, me trading hauling that alone is plenty enough work heh.

2020-07-14T21:12:20Z Docked at Nivati/Q1L-19Z. PMC carriers arrived to nivati a 1. Was thinking what should I do, just put the LTDs on sale with usual 100k or should I just try to sell them myself by using some "nobody wants to trade" amount like 20k profit.

I cannot or rather too afraid to pick the cargo up from the carriers hold myself as the damn dialog is on RED warning that too much cargo, I bet if you try to take the cargo it just magically disappears due some bug, so I rather buy the cargo from my own carrier.

Also if I put 20k price so that nobody would dip into my trading I would definitely not advertise it to anyone as that would get a lot of shit in the system chat. Probably nobody would even notice if I turned EDMC off and did not announce or dunno if inara picks the info from frontier api directly, eh anyways.

2020-07-14T21:24:37Z With these buggy fleet carriers looks like if I don't have any sell order I can then pick up from inventory -> transfer just fine without any red dialogs, ok this is good so I'll start by selling from PMC Wanderer cargo with second account as multi-crew, this will be cool with great profits as I'm not buying the stuff from anywhere.

2020-07-14T21:34:54Z Docked at Nivati/Chamitoff Enterprise. First haul sold, got like 1.1 or so billion, CMDR Snake Man PMC in multi-crew got (unless I counted the zeroes wrong) 56 million trade dividends Smiley ;)

Now I'm continuing this selling as long as I get bored or I ran out of diamonds in PMC Wanderer. Not going to write play-by-plays but just mention if something significant happens.

BTW system chat has been rather quiet now, couple of familiar names said few words about trading and giving 150k per ton profits for traders, thats why I'm not going anywhere near that with some 20k profit deals.

2020-07-15 Selling My Last Diamonds

2020-07-15T00:18:49Z Feeling good, not exhausted or bored, was watching some youtube music video on the side while trading, system chat was very very quiet but everytime there was something going on I read it of course, overall was just happy mood while haulin' some diamonds for 1.1 billion per load.

Lunch break...

2020-07-15T00:46:32Z Feeding time is over, now we finish this 2020 LTD mining craziness...

2020-07-15T03:51:41Z Docked at Nivati/Q1L-19Z. Finished hauling LTDs from PMC Wanderer and PMC PapaBear with CMDR Snake Man PMC as my multi-crew member Smiley :)

2020 Low Temperature Diamond craziness is finally over! No more! Good bye mining in this context! No more re-spawning "The Egg"! heh, aah feels good Smiley :D

2020-07-15T04:06:22Z Plotted jumps back to col 285 LTD triple rings for PMC carriers. Yeah I'm not planning on going mining, hell no, but after the patch I want to go check to see how badly FDEV tweaked the triple overlapping hotspots for LTDs and how much single hotspots were buffed. Also... I don't know what else to do and I want to vacate nivati a 1 so other carriers can jump there to sell cargo.

2020-07-15T04:21:22Z Docked at Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-5/Q1L-19Z. Both PMC carriers arrived. I think now I'm going to take a nap before UTC 1000hrs when fleet carrires patch 3 servers go down, hmm.

2020-07-15T04:28:04Z Shut Elite down, going to sleep a bit before patch 3 release.

2020-07-15 Elite v3.7 Patch 3 The Death Of LTD Mining Business

2020-07-15T10:00:00Z Upgrade was available, goodbye The Egg, goodbye SLF exploit, goodbye LTD craze era.

2020-07-15T10:24:13Z Elite booted up, in-game. Now we see what happened to LTD mining and The Egg.

The EGG is dead, its now 4 bromellite sub-surface deposits without any LTD content, at all. Oh my! 2020-07-15T1036-Elite-Screenshot_0001.jpg.

2020-07-15T11:39:29Z Docked back to PMC Wanderer, 2020 LTD craziness era is over, I'm about to cry ... Smiley :(

After doing that small prospecting run on col 285 sector cc-k a38-2 LTD triple overlapping hotspot "middle" hotspot by where The Egg used to be, it became clear that FDEV COMPLETELY fucked up patch 3, LTD's are simply gone, they are not there anymore, I did not find a single fucking one laser mining LTD asteroid. FDEV really messed up this patch, carriers also have some 2 billion credit buy order bug, it wont allow you to create larger buy orders, heh this is just silly Smiley :rolleyes:

Looking forward of seeing an hotfix, they simply cannot leave patch 3 like it is now.

Fuck this, I'm going to sleep...

2020-07-15T18:00:00Z about this time was already up and reading discord that how has the dust settled from patch 3 and it doesn't look good. LTD mining is dead, there are no LTDs to be found, fleet carriers are broken with the fucking 2 billion buy order limit etc. Situation looks grim, at best.

Merged all remaining video clips, it was emotional to even watch my last departure from col 285 LTD 3 ring in the video, heh oh man.

Now my feeling is that mining is dead, fleet carriers are useless for trading purpose... I might as well go back playing Farming Simulator 19 now, I'm seriously considering it, would give some time for Elite to be fixed and dust really settle from cruel execution of LTD mining. Dunno, will have to make decision after reading a bit more discord/frontier-forum.

DSSA Gnauty posted frontier forum topic about tritium being 90% reduced, stranding carriers as it takes insane amount of time to mine tritium now, it was horror before and now its sheer murder, its just fucking ridiculous. There is no fucking way anyone could explore with fleet carriers anymore Smiley :(

Was reading discord and forums, people were outraged by this.

I made my decision, I'll stop playing Elite until this has been fixed or FDEV announces it works as intended.

2020-07-15T18:52:00Z Muted all elite discord servers, shut down elite launcher and started to think launching FS19 for some nice farming.

The End.

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